The Twilight Saga

What would you have done if you were in Bella´s place?
Would you have hurt Edward by being in love with the mongrel of Jacob?
Do you think you´ll love Edward more than Bella did?

Comment and make other questions in your replies, please.

My answers:
I would have loved Edward more than Bella did because I would have never fall in love with the mongrel and I would treat Edward as if he were a God ( which he is for me).

Do you really love Edward?
How can you show that you are a true fan?


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Who doesn´t? Edward is marvelous.
i know hes just so hotttttt!!!!!!!!!!
I would never Have fallen for Jake in the first place. Edward would be my heart and soul always. I know I love Edward more than Bella did. She seemed to want to have her cake and eat it too.
I know. Jacob is stupid.
I would love to be Bella and I would love Edward more than she did. I don't really care for Jacob because he forces a kiss on her and later makes out with her just to get a little something. Edward wouldn't have to worry about me cheating on him. What would you tell Edward if he said it would be better for you to be with Jacob? I'd say I don't care, I'd rather be with Edward.
well bella is so WRONG for falling in love with a..DOG! even if edward hurt her if she truly loves him she would never love jacob .
if i were here i would never ever fall in love with jacob 'couse i wouldnt never ever forget about edward even if he hurt me i would love him forever and be faithful to him forever till death!!
Yeah!!!! That´s the spirit! Boo for Jacob! Bella was a fool, I kindd of hate her too and I´ll always hold a grudge on her for making Edward be in pain.
That´s right! You are a true fan!
If I were the real Bella I'd love Edward more than anyone eles ever did
I'd never even love Jacob
Edward would be the only one for me
He would be my world and I would do anything to be with him and anything to protect him
He would be the only thing I think about (which he is now)
Oh and if Edward ever left me like he did to Bella in New Moon I would go to the Voulturi ask if I could use Demitri to track Edward down for me
I wouldn't go to Jacobs to try to get over Edward or do dumb things to hear his voice cause that was stupid enough to get Bella killed
Wow, you truly deserve him. =D That´s the kind of Bella that should exist.


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