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Johnny is off pirates of carribean and his character's name is Jack.Robert is totally a better edward!They say he is hotter ,too.Uhhuh, Robert is so hotter!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you agree with me or them?

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i agree with u!!
there is no one better suited 4 Edward than Robert
u cant get any better than that!!
i cant imagine johnny depp as edward ,i think rob suits it better
i soo agree, he looks completely wrong for edward..rob all the way!

I have read the books, seen the series over and over, and the conclusion is Rob as his role character Edward, is doing a damn good job. Oh I do love Depp, and all his movies are favourites of mine, I've watched pirates, and chocolate factory ( way better than the first one with Wilder) a good many times. Rob as Edward, in body language towards bella is perfect, he wants her; his despair expression towards bella cocerning the wolves want to put you on the same emotional strain for him. His radiant love expression in the meadow just have you panting (I replayed that little portion over and over in eclipse). His frustration towards bella of her hardheaded ( telling her to stay in the car) makes you want to tell her off. So if I offend people here am sorry. His anger towards Jacob, he wants to protect his mate from abuse and violence( although it was Bella who lash out), yet he held himself in check for her sake. Rob has all the right modes, and attitude for portraying Edward. LOL Rob!!!!!!!!! 

I disagree.

Logan Lerman would make a Better Edward.

Check this out

My ten favorite actors and actresses:
Actors:                                             Actresses:

1.Logan Lerman                       1.Alexandra Daddario

2.Bradon T. Jackson                2.Catherine Keener

3.Jake Abel                              3.Maria Olsen

4.Leonardo Dicaprio                4.Kate Winslet

5.Johnny Depp                        5.Christina Applegate

6.Justin Long                           6.Anna Faris

7.Matthew Gray Gubler           7.Amy Poehler

8.Jesse McCartney                 8.Zendaya Coleman

9.Roshan Fegan                     9.Bella Thorne

10.Robert Pattinon                 10.Kristen Stewart

right now i can't imagine anybody that is not robert pattinson as edward! but if i had to choose another person to be edward it would be johnny depp. although i'm very very very very very glad that robert was edward, he is so much hotter than johnny and younger, i think, how old is johnny depp anyways

Younger than Robert that's for sure

robert is most definatly the better edward i cant imagine him as not being edward and hes sooooooo much hotter than johnny depp
i think johnny depp is as hot as rob ,
No way Depp is only hot as jack sparrow have u seen him as the mad hatter in da new alice in wonderland? SCARY!!
nah sis rob is definaty sooooooooooooo much hotter than johnny depp fact lol


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