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Johnny is off pirates of carribean and his character's name is Jack.Robert is totally a better edward!They say he is hotter ,too.Uhhuh, Robert is so hotter!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you agree with me or them?

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I definately think that Rob made an excellent Edward Cullen. Although I think Johnny Depp is a wonderful and accomplished actor, I prefer Rob for Edward. If you would like to see Johnny Depp as a vampire, you won't have to wait long. He has bought the rights to Dark Shadows, and intends to play Barnabas Collins in a Dark Shadows Movie.

Of course Robert is a better Edward. They said in his audition that he was litterly PERFECT. He had that pained look and had the look of a true vampire. Who could even think Johnny Depp would be better?!
i rate johnny depp as an actor,and he is pretty hot,but hes not even in the same league as robert,nobody could play edward as well as rob,and nobody is as hot either....end

Hey some actors are very much suited for the role they would currently hold, and they would do a damn good job about it if they really like the script and feel they can play the role.

So far Depp has done very well in all the roles he has played and I love all his movies, from nightmares to lawyers to pirates, he has done well. Think I would want to put Robert as Jack in pirate. Naa! so why would I want Johnny to be Edward. It's not about being hotter! The Edward character is doing a good job as a vamp going against all vampire ethnic rules, fighting within himself to protect a human not of his world. The restrain, the tolerance and the role has suited Robert very well and he has done a damn good job.

cheers to Robert! 

WHAT??? Rob is way better for the part


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