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in new moon what did u do when edward left my friend cryed and me and her love the books so what did u do when edward left

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I cried...and thought he was a heartless jerk... but I still love him.. I cried.
i know i thought her was being so mean, but you can't just stop luving edward!!!!!!
i was sad cuz i thought he wouldn't come back and happy cuz he was single
i cried cause he left and i thought that he was never coming back and bella just found someone other than edward i was really sad even just reaidng wat he was saying to her and how he was leaving i did not want to cry cause my mom and sis were in the room with me but i still did
i was REALLY SAD!!! i thought that reading the book was useless if he wasnt there
but i knew he would come back......sumhow ,sumway
i didnt cry tho..cuz i knew that he'll be back nooo matter wat happened
I cried when he left and was really sad about it.
i cried the second time i read it... not the first
first i cryed to then i looked through the whole book to see if edward came back in the book when i read a little and read he came back i skipped to the chapter the funeral then when i read all rest of the books then i read new moon all over again
I freaked out, I thought he was being a buthead.
I screamed at the book and wonder what in the world Meyer was thinking when she wrote that. At the same time it made me love Edward even more because he was willing to torture himself just to make sure Bella was safe. We all know that Bella was hurting during the time but what about Edward? He was willing to let Bella move on and be with a human just to make sure she was safe from the dangers of his world. It was killing him too but he did it for her. Being able to let someone go if you think it is best for that is true love. Even if he didnt come back, Bella would live with that for years and then probably let Jacob manipulate her into a relationship. They would both eventually die but Edward would have to live with that pain forever. He was willing to spend an eternity heartbroken just to make sure Bella was safe. That is the ultimate love.
but Edward ever planned to outlive Bella by long.... he said this to Bella.... because he cant live in the world where she does not exist....
Gasp, u threw the book!!


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