The Twilight Saga

in new moon what did u do when edward left my friend cryed and me and her love the books so what did u do when edward left

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I don't like to talk about that part of the saga. It was very painful.
I cried my eyes out. And felt like a sharp knife was plungged inside my heart a thousand times. I felt like there was no more reason for anything in the world and that there was no more reason to live. the whole in my chest was so huge and painful not even jacob can sew up.It was so painful that I cried the whole night.
I cried. I know why he did it, I am just glad he came back
I cried a little but was more upset cause he left her. And I thought he wasnt gonna be inthe book anymore...for me the books are no fun without Edward
When Edward left, I was in shock for alittle while and then when Bella found Edward i was happy.
I cried and what how could that happen? how could he left her like that
I CRIED A LOT... I can fill tht Edaward was jst leaving 4 good of Bells.. I cud blv that bells didn get that... I was so sad 4 her...


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