The Twilight Saga

Show us your Favorite Pic of our Teddy Bear :D
Or any New ones you find!

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omg i love that football pic <3
whats the link... that NEEDS to be my background!

OMG I do to he looks so hot in that pic <3 <3

those some hot pic of emmett
i love the football pick of him all of them really
Wow, guys these pictures are amazing, I have HUNDREDS of Kellan pictures i'll put them up as soon as I get home.
i love him! ill upload all the ones i hav wen i get home from skool...omg i love tht he like doesnt wear a shirt half the time!!!! sexiest man alive!
From mah Sista Mybel!!
Thankeee muahs!

I love that first pic >.br /> <3!!!!!


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