The Twilight Saga

Who would you pic if you could go on a date with him?

I am undecided between Emmet and Edward.

I will let you know when I make my decision.

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Lol cool
Great =)
aaaahhhh that's a really hard question!!!!the 3 of them have a great style of their own so i guess i would go out with all of them!!!i couldn't choose easily!!!!!
hmm but if i had to make a priority list i would put first Edward then Emmett(almost at the same point!) and then Jasper!!hmm nah i don't think so!!!it's really difficult to decide!!!
Your right
Its a really hard decision between Emmett and Edward! I cant choose between those two.
Lol allright I will check out that fanfic!
that is a hard secision but it would be emmett
my family only knows him as my boyfriend
(i sooooo wish)
and cause he is cute and funny
Lol yea. Being with Emmett seems like a lot of fun.
Hm... That's a hard question. =/
From the book.... Edward.
From the movie.... Emmett.

But either way... Emmett seems like so much fun. He's nothing but a big teddy bear and that's so adorable.
Emmett or Jasper??
Hard to pick
they are both hotties
Lol ok cleo
if i had 2 choose i would go with either Emmett or Jasper
but all 3 r pretty much at the same point!!
i"ll let u know when i choose 4 sure!!


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