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So i have read all the twilight books and i think that stephanie should write a book about Rosalie and Emmett's life or like the midnightsun through emmetts persepctive

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emmet is cool but i think alice or roselie would be better because the we can find out about her visons and fashion and rose becuase then we can understand why she hats bella so much
yeah i just think that she should play up the other cullens more it doesnt matter to me really who she writes it from ya know?
I would read it over and over if it was from either Emmett's or Rosalie's perspective...
So much better than Edwards -.-
i think she should do more on the cullens not just edward and bella.
I wrote a story about Em and Rose that you might like to check out.
im def. gunna read it tonight ill let ya know what i think prolly tomorrow thanks
okay so i just finished reading that it was sooo cute!!! i think you def. got their characters right with the night before the wedding lol
I just read your story Cullenhalelover and i loved it! it was cute.
Emmett is so hottttt
He is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like that idea!!
That would be cool but we do have to think about Stephanie.I mean it's probably really hard for her to meke Midnight Sun through Edward's perspective.


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