The Twilight Saga

What do you guys think?

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both!....not a the same time! no eww! gross!

but if i had to choose just one...Bro
i wish he was my brother =(
he would be an awsome brotherr because he is hilarious and seems like he would be nice other then when he crossed the lines, but he would also be an amazingly hot, funny, he also seems like he would be really sensitive and pationant.!!!!!.
me and my friend say boyfriend i wonder who he'd choose
brother.. cuz he would be the coolest bro ever!!!!
Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Edward is my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!)
BrotherOr mabe bofriend? I am undecided! =)
i think he's the best bro
while i want a boyfriend like him, I have two younger brother who annoy the noodles out of me and i rlly would like and older, protective, supportive brother.


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