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Ask An If...Emmett..anything... for the next person to respond to...

If today is the End of the world How will you make Emmett spend the day with you...

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Unspeakable answer... :)

If Emmett showed up at your door, whats the first thing you would say?
id say u r hot
There won't be words exchanged (that's all im gonna say) :D!

If Emmett lays dying in your arm, What will you do?
i would want to take pics with him duhh
give him a big hug and promise him i'll always be there for him :D

If emmett and his family came to your school what would you do?
I would say hi then run over to hug Emmett and ask him to come home with me

What if Emmett showed up in his jeep and said hop in?
I would hop in and drive away in the sunset duh lol!

If u found out Emmett watched u sleep, what would you do?
I would get up hug him and ask him to be mine.....then so on hopefully

What if Emmett asked you to go to a party with him?
oh yeah easy i'll cheat- Emmett bite me- newborn vampire muah can beat Rosalie dead! an Emmett is mine!

You find out Emmett is gay. What do you do?
i suport him even though im secretly heart broken

You tell Emmett you love him but he's still in love with rosalie. what do you do?
Still be his friend and secretly lust after him.

If you were stranded on a desert island with Emmet what would the one thing you would want with you?
arm wrestling: an excuse to touch his arm.... and then when he beat the crap outta me i would mock punch him and we would laugh LOL!!!!


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