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Ask An If...Emmett..anything... for the next person to respond to...

If today is the End of the world How will you make Emmett spend the day with you...

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I'd follow him around no matter what he did to me.And I would try to get him to give me a hug...maybe a kiss.
take pics with him.

If Emmett breaks up with rosalie in front of you, what would u do??

I wouldn't have to make him because he would be obsessed with the fact that it might be his last day with me lol. As long as I was with him, I wouldn't really care what we did but there would be a few feather pillows involved *wink wink*


If Emmett and you were the lead characters in Twilight instead of Bella and Edward, would you change any part of the Saga?

Yea, I would make it so Emmett and I were not in high school so we could spend all day together having fun. ;)
If Emmett was single and started going to school with u what would u do?


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