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Do you want that Stephenie Meyer write more books for The Twilight Saga?

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I'm craving for it!!!!!!!!there is still too much to happen in the story....I hope that Stephenie Meyer will still published books next to breaking dawn or even just Edward' s point of view of all the books.......
I agree I would like more Twilight books to find out more about Reneseme and Jacob and of course the rest of the Cullens.
I really would love to see Nessie and Jacobs future, and what happens with Charlie, Sue & Billy
Yes, I want Stephanie to write more books. I'd like to know more about Bella and Edward after she's a vampire. How Jacob and Renesemee are after she's all grown up. I'd like to know more about Jasper and Alice, Emmett and Rosalie.
I think she should write one in Alices Perspective
One about the Volturi
Finished midnight sun
One about Renesmee getting older
Lastly one in their perspectives on how they died or were born like their own chapters
i wish to read the book about a life jasper n alice to cullens.
i want.
i really want 2 know what happens 2 reenesme after jacob dies(he isn't an immortal. righht???)
jacob stays the same age till he stops phasing and bcuz he imprinted on a girl who lives with vamps, its not gonna happen anytime soon


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