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Do you want that Stephenie Meyer write more books for The Twilight Saga?

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It would be nice to find out more about what happens to them, Do they move and go to college, what happens with Nessie and Jacob and Where does Emmett end up?????? I would love to know more about all of them...
I would just be happy if she actually finished Midnight Sun.
I think she should definatly finish Midnight Sun too. But I would also like to know what happens to the rest of them after Breaking Dawn. What happens to Charlie and Renee? What happens to Nessie and Jake? What happens to the wolves.... Quil and Claire, Embry, Sam, LEAH! SETH!???
Twilight is my WHOLE life now
every time i leave the house i see someone who looks like one of the cast members
or i see something that remindes me of the movie and books!
hahaha me and my friend are the same way and i need to find out what happens to everybody
and by the way
could someone PLZ send me the pic that is at the top of the pg?
i LUV it!!

:) Hannah
I'd really like her just to do all the books from Edward's Point of View!!!! I was really getting into Midnight Sun when it stopped and I really did start crying I was like "How can she NOT finish this!!!"!!! Does she realize how much money she could make by publishing at LEAST Midnight Sun???!!!! Plus I kinda feel like she cheated us Twilight fans cause she said she was going to publish Midnight Sun, then she decided not to for the most ridiculous, stupid reason on Earth and is now just keeping us hanging!!! I would write her, but she doesn't care!!!
she is going to finish midnight sun but she took the 2008 year off and shes gunna start writing this year again so i will probably come out the begining of next year
yesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of course i would i really hate being left to wonder what happens to them...............
but i totally agree that she should write some more and maybe play up the rest of the cullens in the newer ones cuz they r kinda sidliners in these twilight books
That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!We could read more about my monkey man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but of course! the world could use more twilight!


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