The Twilight Saga

Emmet is so nice with her, so attentive and lovely and she is so egocentric and vain!!!!
What do you think??

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I Love Rosalie to Death!
But I do have a problem with them together...
Because He should be with ME!!!
me and only me! :D!
NO, HE SHOULD BE WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol.. Emmett is mine !!!!
I'm not saying I dislike her, just that he is better :D!! (L)
I think that if he choosed her it means that he loves her no matter what.
no he doesnt deserve her because shes always so down and because i hate her:P
Rose & Emmett 4 ever!!
they are perfect...
i agree they r perfect together leave them alone
i like but don't like them together.
Emmett usally agrees with her and calms her down
I think that hes kinda happy with her.........
i sure dislike her A LOT
but not the actortress
I think their great together! I think he sees something in her we don't plus I think she has a sweet side that we don't see cause were seeing her through Bella's eyes & then even after they become friends she's really protective of Renesmee & she's always bickering with Jacob!! Plus it did take them 10 years to control their...need!!!
I think they are great together. They are both beautiful ppl....if you ask me their both egotistical. So they are perfect for each other! I wouldn't want it any other way.


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