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Emmet is so nice with her, so attentive and lovely and she is so egocentric and vain!!!!
What do you think??

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Okay yes I know we all want Emmett with us.....that's a given.....but seriously they belong together. They are total opposites just like Alice and Jasper and they feed off one another because of it. Rosalie and Emmett are an amazing couple.
Yes I think they make a great couple. Even thought Rosalie is vain she does care deeply for Emmet
NO WAY!!! Rosalie is awesome, but she doesnt deserve Emmett. He should B with me!!!!
i think Rosalie ans Emmett r perfect
and there love is 4ever!! u always Emmett!!!
I think that like all people Rosalie is good deep down. She just got cheated out of her humanity and is now a bloodsucking immortal!!! She just wanted a normal life!!! A husband, a nice house, kids, and a happy life and she got it all taken away from her in one night!!!! Emmett is one of the only good things in her life!!! She deserves something good in her life!!!! Emmett is perfect for her!!! I think people should stop beating up on Rosalie because she doesn't like Bella!!!!! Plus Rosalie SAVED Emmett!! yeah she deserves him!!! If Rosalie hadn't saved him then he'd be dead!!! Think about THAT Emmett lovers!!!!!

Peace Love Twilight ;)

I couldnt say it any better and for all the replies talking about she shouldnt be with him because he should be with you.....thats getting a bit old. Yes we all love Emmett but come on now.
that is one of the best and most thought throught replies i have seen so far
thats what i was thinking
I strongly believe she does. She isn't that bad. She just has a very strong character because she is used to having it all and even with that she is still not complitly happy. But Emmet does make her Smile and she does make him happy too. I don't think he would be as cheerful as he is without her.
i think that emmett and rosalie belong together!!! she is egocentric and so is he!!! he depends on his muscles and she depends on her beauty and they make an amazing couple!!! Emmett loves rose i read some of the outtakes of twilight on stephanie meyers web page and Emmett explains when he got changed into a vampire and he calls rose his angel you should read it!!! He said he didnt even care that he got changed as long as he got to keep Rosalie
Rosalie and Emmett compliment each other.
*Team Emmett*
Thank you! Finally an answer that isnt something lame like "he is mine" or "no she cant have him because he belongs with me"


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