The Twilight Saga

Emmet is so nice with her, so attentive and lovely and she is so egocentric and vain!!!!
What do you think??

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I agree! I think they are the perfect balance for each other!
i think he deserves better but i think he is the best for rosalie not that shes good enough for him
I think that they were ment for each other, go to and look at the outtakes from twilight, she explains everything in Emmett and the Bear
there both very beautiful especilly emmett but i kind think emm and roser kinda oppisites like rose is kinda mean but i stillove her and emm is strong and funny and my big huggable teddy bear and hes sooooooooooooooooo cute!
I dont think that he should b with her cos she is 2 much bout herself nd he seems to care more bout others
No, but love is kinda funny that way... it works out.
perfect point. We only get the jellous part of rose cause the book is writen in bellas point of veiw. She would be the most cheerful person in the world if it was written in emmetts point of veiw.
thats what i think to she should def. write one from his point of veiw
well not the MOST cheerfull...
Rosalie will never be able to deserve Emmett. Cause I believe Edward said this "Rosalie would give up to be mortal again, even Emmett." How mean, how heartless. She is so haughty.
they are so great together!!!xD perfcet match!!made for each other definately!!!


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