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Okay, I was just do you guys picture the Volturi? I mean, Stephenie only gives us their hair color. Any actors you think should play them? And how the hell do you pronounce their names?

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ben barnes should play aro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HE"D BE PERFECT
I really don't know...I picture Aros with Long hair though...Like really long,...
Stephenie give more than just there hair color, she describes there skin as well as their height and the sound of their voices.
there names are said as spelled. Aro, like Arrow, Caius and Marcus like the long verson of Mark.
Yeah, it gives us more clues, but you see, even in this film, Stephenie didn't said about Eric that he was Chinese, and still he is!. I really don't know what this should be. It's hard to guess. As Jane it should be a woman with much presence, cuz she's like powerfull. And for Aro should be a very good actor, cuz he's practically faking what he does with all his familly, all the murders and stuff like that.
guys i tought this waas the EMMETT cullen fan club not voltri this is way off topi9c
yea i think that one of them (aro marcus or caius) wuld be that guy of ov the underworld who created da main character bcuz he has white hair and papery lookoin skin thats wat i think
this is the EMMETT fan club
so i think im gonna close it for now and if the admin desides difrent then her or i will re-open it.


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