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What does everyone think about him and Annalynne Mccord that chica from the new 90210. She is also rumored to be the new Heidi in New Moon. Any opinions?

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Who is Heidi in New Moon? I don't remember that character at all.
heidi is the "bait" you knot when edward gets bella out of the hall and she sees all those humans and behind then she sais there was a more beautiful vamp , more beautiful then rose . thats Heidi...not a very big character
oh.... i dont like that!!!
= (
i dont like it either - :(

*looks at picture in attachments* ..... does anyone else have the urge to snap her neck??
that's gross
which chick from 90210?
Hmm, she's pretty enough to fit in with the rest of the cast.
I don't really care if Kellan wants to have a life.
Just like how I don't care if Rob smokes.
The rest of the cast for the Volturi is really weird looking though.
um emmett fan club remember!
not heidi!


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