The Twilight Saga

hey guys i dieing to knw wat u guys think abut this video??

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he looks so freaking hot in this wounder he has the sexys body..!! lol...:)
I think nothing but him *grins*
Right everyone says jacob is cute and edward r cute but emmett is hot but dont get me rong edward is cute but emmett is wow..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
exactly, edward is hot but Emmett definitely is wow!!
right they did i good job picking kellan to be emmett..
He is sooo hot!
he is way stronger than me WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND he is a great pick for emmett
lmao i knw...
WOW he is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love this
Oh my god, he is amazing!! And daaaaaaaaaamn!


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