The Twilight Saga

just random but if u had 2 choose who would u pick , most girls only think about edward and my hawt boo jacob but i like emmet and jasper 2 wic one would u have?

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I will like EDWARD because he is the HOT!! one in the movie and jacob not too much!!..
i love jacob of course and i think jasper is hot 2 i dnt like ed that much tho but hes hawt
I love Emmett. I think about pick him or Jacob if he inprinted on me. I love the imprinting thing.
Emmet love his humor playfullness:) but still protective
Demetri. I feel like I say that too much. :D
i like edward, jasper, and emmett.... not jacob.... he annoys me.... except taylor lautner is HAWT!!!!


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