The Twilight Saga

if you could have the special ability of anyone in the volturi which ability would you take?

-Aro: see every though that has gone through someones mind

-Marcus: see the ties between people


-Heidi: make people desire you.

-Chelsea: break ties between people

-Didyme: makes people feel extreme close to hear. Want to protect her.

-Alec:makes not be able to see or move

-Jane: can make people feel like they are burning alive.

-Renata: shield her self and anyone around her.

****Sorry guys I'm sure I'm forgetting some people but I will add them as soon as I remember******

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alecs i mean he could actually kill u with a simple smile
Yea his power is incredible.

I would want to have heidis power because you could make people do what ever you want with that.
jane! duh! i mesn c'mon people! she can burn you mind! and not only that but she can do it from a DISTANCE! seriously! that has to count 4 something!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree!
It does is an incredible power! It can be great for controlling people. I would like to have that power too.
I think my favorite would be Alec's. Its just so cool!!
Heidi or Didyme's power.
either jane's or alec's power. being able to burn someone's mind with a smile is awesome(i know sadistic right?) but alec's power could actually be used for good if someone was in extreme pain he could make it go away.
i would have to say heidi's and renata's
there powers r so awsum!!

Alec I guess... though each of their talents are very tempting but Alec's comes more handy.

It 'a tough choice, but it is tempting to Jane to Alec it is more, there is also the option to read the thoughts of Aro, however ... a good mixright? : D


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