The Twilight Saga

Alec, Volturi P.O.V

Chapter 1

The Greece coven is dominating !! we need to do something ! Aro demanded
We’ll attack them, we got more guard... Caius replied
And more power!!! Jane added with a smile
But aren’t you tired of fighting? Marcus asked
They are dominating Marcus , we should do something.. Caius said
Alec what do you think? Aro asked me
I don’t think we should attack aro… I replied
I want to attack,I don’t like them dominating .we will win we got more power more guard we are stronger ,we attack by dawn.. aro said

Im sick of fighting. I don’t even meet the Greece , they don’t disturbed us., they are just dominating .i don’t want this. I killed many humans and vampire .I’ve live for centuries and all I see is the suffer of my victim the torture I’ve made. that’s all I seen since I became a vampire.
I wonder how other nomads live outside , Volturi had been my home for centuries .I wanted to go out from here i don’t want to fight anymore.

It’s midnight I think Aro is planning for the attack,so I decide to wait in his room

Alec what are you doing here ? aro asked me
Aro, I want to go out from here, I want to know the outside world.. I replied
I want you to be here alec, and jane will be upset if you leave.
Yea I know but im sick of seeing people suffering, I want to know what is outside
Is this your final decision alec? Aro asked
When are you leaving Alec?
Tomorrow at dusk just after sunset
So this is goodbye then my friend , you should know that you can come back whenever you want.i need you in here Alec.i want you in here
Thank you aro.i’ll come back .im sorry I’ve disappointed you.

Now the hard going to talk to my sister Jane.she love me because im her only family. I wanted to persuade her to come with me but I know she doesn’t want .Even though we are twins our like and dislike weren’t the same .I hate seeing people suffering from the pain I gift but Jane love it , she love seeing her victim shout for help and look at her victim beg her for forgiveness.

Jane im going tomorrow, out of volturi
What alec? You cant leave, you should stay in volturi .this is our home
But im bored jane sick of killing all those people , those innocent people .you can follow me if you want. I replied
No , im staying here .you don’t even know where are you going.Stay!! aro need you, I need you
Jane I cant never change my final decision, you know that.
I know that what suck about you. im going to miss you alec .you should come back here gooedbye alec .i love you.. jane said then she hug me
Good bye jane , I love you too you are my only sister, goodbye I will see you again I promise. I said then I kiss her forehead

Jane , Aro ,Marcus ,Cauis and the guard had gone.I’ve never been alone before , jane was always with me, and I ‘ve been in volturi since I became a vampire.i already said goodbye for everyone and its time for me to go.

Where am I going? thirsty so thirsty. killing human is easy for me its just like breathing for human.
I saw one women walking alone ,I ran to her and brought her with me to a abandoned place .she was scared ,suddenly I fell pity for her guilty run inside me .who am i? I ever been human before.what if its change what if im the human and my victim is the vampire. I’ll be dead by now. but I cant think about this right now I’m so thirsty. I put my mouth in her throat and suck her blood.

Chapter 2
I was running from last night , the fear of my victim was still in my head. But I am a vampire. I should drink blood.
Then suddenly I remember the Cullen.
Cullen are vampire , but they are different .i still remember where they live so i could go there.i went there a few years back with the volturi.

I was still running then I reached the cullen’s’s beautiful .it’s just like human’s nice.

Hello alec.. Carlisle said.. alice told me that you are coming
Hello Carlisle. I answered with a smile.
How can I help you alec.?
I want you to teach me about your diet, can you help me carlisle. I said
Yea sure alec,but you should tell me first why do you want to follow our diet
Im sick Carlisle im sick of seeing my victim crying for help, I don’t like it carlise
Okay alec, I’ll call Edward, Emmett and jasper .they will company you for your first hunt.

We were running in the forest.the Edward told me to stop.he told me to smell.all I smell is just the disgusting , horrible , nasty smelly smell. I don’t even know what smell it is , its every where even inside the cullen’s just awful..

What else alec? Edward asked me with a laugh

Oh yea he is a mind reader.i smell an animal.not as good as human smell…

Okay alec watch me!

I watch Edward sucking the animal blood.i learnt every step .then I follow him, I’m fast at learning something so its not hard.just the taste is not that good.

Alec do you like it?its a mountain lion

Its not that good, I prefer human blood but im trying to change so I think I could adapt.

Good then, you still thirsty?

Yes im still so thirsty.

We run again,we hunt for the big grizzly was fun so fun, we were like teasing the bear until it get mad.and when it’s mad it was exciting it’s like game , a vampire cant never have this is volturi .you should even fight to eat the bear.emmet is so strong but jasper is good so good and Edward he always win.

After we finished messing up with the grizzly bear we went back to the Cullen. it’s smell. even worse..

Alec you remember bella , alice , esme, roselie and renesmee.

Yea, wow renemee you are big now.

Yea..nice to meet you alec, call me nessie ..renemee answered

Alec, this is Jacob, he is a warewolf Edward said

Wow warewolf, im always interested in them I want to know how they exist ..

Chapter 3

It’s been week I stayed with the Cullen, I got along pretty well. they all are good. Emmett is fun and Jacob id kind of funny. Cullen are a nice family they remind me of a real family they I used to have. it’s not like the volturi.the Cullen work , go to school and most of all they don’t harm human.

I like to see my eyes these day, its kind of changing but its still red. so maybe I should wait a few more week.

Carlisle and the other went home from work, and he said that we are going to Alaska because one of the Denali is going to be marry. He asked me to join and Emmett added that eleazar is there. so I said yes, and I still need help with the diet anyway. they all pack there cloth and Edward give me his tuxedo. My height and Edward is the same and his cloth fit me.

Eleazar and me was such a good friend when we were in the voturi since he went away aro doesn’t want me to meet him or talk to him, aro think its stupid for us to fall in love and all those stuff. well I think its not , I could see the different , how Carlisle look at esme and Edward look at Bella. I still remember 300 year ago Carlisle wasn’t this happy, now he seem so happy now and Edward, when he went to the voturi and ask aro to kill him just for bella , now I could see that he love her so much. they are so lucky .its been my 400 year and I don’t find anyone. I don’t even know will it happen to me or not.

We were running to the Alaska
Carlilsle introduced me to Cameron, eleazar wife. Carlisle asked were are the other she said that they are helping for the wedding..
Eleazar was surprised to see me

Alec? Eleazar asked with confusion
Hello are you.? I replied
Fine , what happen with you? Where’s Jane?

So I told him the story. he was shocked, how I changed. He seem so happy with Cameron, I remember last time when aro wanted to separate them with chealse power but he cant they’re bond id so strong and that wasn’t easy to really curios about this loves stuff. so I asked him

You really love Cameron do you? I asked
Yea ,I love her so much its been centuries I’ve been with her but I still love her with all my heart alec.
Im glad that you’re happy eleazar
Thank you alec ,I think we should go now or we’ll be late

Chapter 4
I went to the wending with Eleazar. I never been to a wending before, even when I’m a human . there‘s many flower.i sit with the Cullen , there’s no many people at least no human. The brides look so happy.

After the wedding finished.eleazar introduced me to Garrett , kate and Tanya.Tanya is so beautiful, she got really beautiful smile and her strawberry brown hair is so gorgeous. I felt different but good different, its weird but I felt happy .
Alec? Emmet shout
Yea.. I answered
Aren’t you going to answer her… Emmett ask
Im Alec , nice to meet you Tanya
Nice to meet too Alec.

I went outside , I don’t know what felling is it.for once I felt hope .what isit? It’s`weird , so weird.
Am I in l-o-v-ee with Tanya?

Dudewhat’s wrong? Emmett ask
I don’t know em
I know… he said with a laugh
What? I Ask
You are in love with Tanya..he said with a giggle
No im not. I replied
Don’t lie to me !!! im an expert..
Ok em, I don’t know , I feel different,but in a good way.for once I felt hope.. I said
Ohh,you are just like don’t know what feeling it is , do you?

I keep quite,im kind of a little embarrassed.

Ok alec , if you like her , go talk to her. Be brave.. go!!! He pushed me
No , Emmett.its new to me , I don’t know what to talk to her..
Tanya!!!!!!!!!!! Emmett shout
No em, no , im going to kill you Emmett. I scold him
What Emmett?! You don’t need to shout. You know how big your voice is..
Yea yea I know but alec want t to talk to u ..emmett said

Hey alec how can I help you.. Tanya said with her beautiful voice

Im leaving,rose going to be upset if im not with her.bye..goodluck boy..emmett said

Hello Tanya.. I said nervously
Hello alec, what do you want?you’r from the volturi right?tell me why do you want to change?
Yes im from the voturi,I don’t like to see my victim crying for help , I don’t like it.the pain I sick of seeing that.i don’t like it
Well alec, I could see the different in your eyes, it must be hard for you drinking animal for the first time. she touched my hand
Tanya , I really like you, it think you are the most beautiful person I ever seen.for once I could feel my heart beat again.. I said embarrassingly, im really bad in making conversation so it just slip in my mouth
Haha,alec you are the most honest person I ever met, I like that about you.i like you too alec.

Then she touch my face..i felt my heart beat faster.then suddenly we moved closer to each other I don’t know who started and what happen next but our lips touches and we couldn’t stop

Hey guys take it slow…. Emmett laugh
SHUT UP, EMMETT!!!!!! Tanya shout
Im gonna kill you Emmett. I said
Uuuuuuuu im scared…

Tanya show me her favorite place.its so beautiful , we sit in there and talk . I want to kiss her again so when she look at me I kiss her .this time our kiss is stronger, we were rolling in the snow, we don’t even realize that we were covered with snow.
I love you Tanya.. I whispered
I love you too alec…

Time passed so fast we don’t even realize that its already morning again maybe , I don’t know how many day has passed.
we go for a hunt ,first we drank the blood of penguin its not that bad ,elk is much worse,its disgusting.then we went to drink the blood polar bear,its nice ,its Tanya’s favorite.we talk a lot and laugh, but today our conversation is interrupted with our kiss.we are so happy, but I think we should go back soon, as soon I entered the house I saw one human.he made me thristy.i don’t want to kill him,I work so hard this few month and I don’t want to break this, but the thirst is torturing me.i don’t want to push my gift to everyone in this house but its like coming by itself.then suddenly bella pushed me outside.

Im sorry bella , I don’t mean it..sorry
Alec are you ok? Tanya ask worriedly
Im so sorry Tanya, I mean it, im sorry so sorry.. I said
Its ok alec,you are new to this diet, its ok. She said with a smile then kiss me

When the human went home, we come inside .everyone didn’t blame me, but I feel guilty.the Cullen are leaving tomorrow, but I decide to stay in here.i thank them for helping me with my diet. And I promise to see them soon

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