The Twilight Saga

which voltori guard is your favorite? and why?
who's power do you like best among the guards?

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I love Janes power because people don't know what hit them.
thnk u for ur reply
mine is the same as lilians
i like alec's power... i can cut off your senses...that rockss...also demetri's power to track down some badass vampires who breaks the law...i'll tear you apart and burn your body!!!
i agree. i also like janes power.
jane, jane jane and JANE!!
i wouldnt mind alec's power either.....its delayed but pretty darn powerful ;]

Jane can give someone the illusion of the worst pain imaginable, within seconds....but can only affect one person at a time. (that makes me think about the pack....if she attacked sam or jacob, the entire pack would feel the pain.....and edward!!)

Alec is the exact opposite of jane. He dulls EVERYTHING....ansethetic, you know? That means that his power will make it so you cannot feel anything! This can affect ALOT of people at a time....however it is slower then Jane's. His power "creeps".

WOW i just rambled alot, telling you peoplez what you already know. Just trying to explain things better....
i would still want to be jane because her power is instantaneous. Alecs power may be stronger, people dont fear him as much because A) nothing hurts and B) its pretty slow. His power is only pretty much useful in battle. Janes power is better with everything else.


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