The Twilight Saga

Tell me who you want and I'll add them

Heidi: Lilian
Jane: Me
Renata: VampireLover
Chelsea: Micheila Voltury
Marcus: Marcus Of The Volturi
Athendora: Christine Cullen
Or make your own
Extra Info:

Name: Isis
Age: 17
Personality: She keeps fighting until the very end. Isis is extremely hard to beat and she is not afraid to take you down if you get in her way. She is determined and is a very driven girl. Just by looking at Isis, you know you are going down. She is loyal, doesn't trust people easily, Strong, Independent, short tempered, brave, courageous, funny, nice to her friends, can kick any ones butt, and knows when to be funny and when to be serious. She is still trying to learn how to control her temper. Sarcastic. A total rebel
History: She is the volturi member that the other clans were never told about. When she was six years old Isis's dad would whip her in the same spot every day. Then one day her mom was killed, so she ran away from home. When she was 17 she was framed for the death of her mother and ordered to be burnt alive at the stake. Aro saw this and saved her. Isis and Jane are like sisters in the Volturi and they look out for each other.
Power: Controls and creates all elements (Fire, ice, earth, water, light, darkness, ect.)
Extra Info: She is an amazing singer

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I'm Marcus.
Why aren't you fishing, Heidi? Did you forget your duties, as a member of the guard. You are meant to be gathering humans, not frolicking around with Felix. *turns to Felix* And as for you, you should be with Caius, you know that he will be pissed that you are not inside the Castle.
Can I be Renata? She is Aro's bodyguard, and has the power to create a physical shield, if you don't know. :) I hope its all right for me to ask?
Thank you!
Can I please be someone?
can i be aro? ((i am a girl thought just rp guys))


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