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what do u think...? Volturi are good or dad?

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some times are good dut some times are bad
They were but they are now corrupted by power. So I think they are bad.
i agree but they are still the ones that keep the world of vampires from being exposed .if they werent corrupted by their power so much they could actually be kinda good. but they are corrupted by their power so i say they are bad.
I think they do their job sometimes, which is to keep the vampire world secret; but they're bad when they try to obtain new recruits at any cost.
sometimes good sometime bad.... it depends on what the situation is......
the are some of both

I bet that if some of them wanted to they could choose to be Good or bad.

id say bad cuz they want power

they enforce law.........but sometimes they are cruel... but they have to be to not be overruled... so overall they are okay!

Well I'm not saying they are angels, but they're not really evil, either.

Sure Jane and Caius are a bit -Ok, VERY- sadistic, but imagine the world without the Volturi: CHAOS! Everywhere vampires killing people and well just simply chaos describe it.

About the Cullens situation, well, they are kind of a threat to the Volturi... and they are vampires for the God's sake! not fluffy Teddy bears!

The Volturi are vampires real, are not that bad comply only contraryto their nature Cullen!


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