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i like edward the most cause he can read minds and has the ablity to move very quicky

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Idk who I like the best...

I love ALICE foe her senses of style and ability to see the future

I love EDWARD because he is perfect.

I love BELLA because I can relate to her.

I love JACOB because of the impringting thing.
Aro. He has the most depth and displays the truth behind what a vampire is suppose to be. He's mystarius, you never know what he's really thinking, not even Edward and he's fierce. *snap snap snap*

But, I like all the Volturi for the simple fact they are "real" vampires, not whimps
i like alice...and edward and jacob and bella!!!!and of course rosalie and emmett
I AGREE! but i have some whys...

Alice for her insight and personallity (i want her to be my best friend/sister)
Edward for his undaniable love of bella and mind reading, (also because i love him)
Bella for her unselfishness (and because i wish i was her)
Carlise for his compasion and resistance
Esme for her motherly love
Jasper for his power and shyness that only alice can see through
Emmett for being like the big brother that everyone wants
Rosalie for never changing who she is (even after becoming a vampire)
Jacob for...just being a sick friend/ werewolf
Charlie for being the father of the year
and last but not least
Jane and Alec the most frightning and beautiful twins this world has even seen they all shall live on forever in our hearts.
i cant choose one faviorte but i looooooove edward, and i really like janes power, and i like bella sometimes *smiles*

I love the Volturi... every single one of them because... becausebecause!! That's why!

But really I love them because they're so imposing and regal and interesting... And my favorite among the Volturi Guard is Renata... She seems so sweet and lovely. And Felix seems to be a cool guy to hand out with.

I also like Esme, for being so caring and sweet as she is and Carlisle... He's so fatherly and understanding.

I am a fan of the twins bewitched! Alec and Jane, but especially for Alec! As they say the Cullens themselves its power is stronger than that of Jane, he is the true highlight of the Body Guard. It 's thestrongest vampire in Volterra in my opinion


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