The Twilight Saga

(A)be turned into a vampire by the Cullens because that's the last choice for keeping you alive.

(B)be turned into a vampire by the Volturi because they know that your will have a great power as a vampire.

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I think that one of the greatest things about being a vampire is having a special ability therefore I am turned in making a desicion.

The good thing about the Volturi is that they will train you ro immideatly perfect your abilty yet the cullens will take care of you and truly care. I guess being a vampire you have eternity to learn =)
I'd pick A. Because I don't want to drink human blood. And, the Volturi are into all this war stuff, and that's just not me. Also, I'd rather learn to perfect my gift on my own, I like feeling independent. :D But that's just my opinion. And if the Volturi were a little more peaceful, I might pick B....or i'd be like Eleazar and just leave. Haha. I'm not sure.
same here

Lol I feel the same.
I would choose A because it seems that Volturi don't really seem to believe in freedom of choice. Especially if you end up having a really cool power. If you choose A you can stay with them or not or go join the Volturi later or do whatever you want.
Yes you right. Aro is very possesive over great power.
b. be turned into a vampire by the Volturi because they kno that you will have a great power as a vampire.

or so i could scare the hell out of ppl and not care less
Lol in that I agree. I just wouldn't want to bite the people I don't like because I don't want no part of them in me.
Yea you write.
I pick A also. I would trust the Cullens turning me into a vampire more then the Volturi that might not be able to stop drinking all my blood .
A) because the volturi R mean!
They will stop drinking your blood if you have a power


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