The Twilight Saga

A Twilight And House of night Fanfic. 
1 World 2 types of vampires, What could go wrong ?

*Disclaimer* I dont own any of Stephanie Meyer, Or P.C cast And Kristen cast's Characters.

Chapter 1


"Hey, Zoe, What are you thinking 'bout ? You've seemed to be gone to space Latley." Stark said.
It was true, I've been very worried about going to forks. I just have this feeling, That something is going to happen. And along with our last battle with Kalona and Nefret.

"Oh, Nothing, Just Thinking about forks." I said, As I looked up into stark's Gorgeous, Brown eyes.

I looked into the front Where, Darius Was driving. He had a blank expression. Across from him ,was Aphrodite. She was looking in a little compact mirror. As always. In the back, Were, Me, Stark and, Stevie-Rae. She seemed like she was in space alot too.

In the veichle following us, Were, Damien, Jack, The twins, And professour P.

"Zoe, Somethings wrong, Isn't it? , Dont lie to me, You know I can sense it." He said, Smiling.
I sighed, He was right, I couldn't lie to him.
"Its just that, I have a feeling that were going to meet, People." I said, Utterly confused myself.
"What? What kind of people?" He asked.
"I dont know ! Just , People, Kinda like us, But not." I said, More sure of myself.
"Oh, Zoe, Dont be silly" He said, And kissed the top of my head.

We past a sign that said.
You are now entering, FORKS.

The sign gave me the chills. Whats the matter with me ? What could be so bad about forks ?

Anyway, Like it ?
Should I write more ?

Commentss pleasee (:

Okay, And if your wondering, Something bad happend in forks, Real bad. It will be explained more in the story.


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Thanks (: And i'm Gonna write as soon as I get home. I'm at my cousins, And i'll be home tomorrow (:
Chapter 3.- Could it be Evil ?


We pulled up to our hotel. I have to say, It was beautiful.Taller than any building i've ever seen.
I stared at it abit longer. Then looked around at the others, They were captivated too. Well, Aphrodite was more captivated by her relection in the window.
I laughed. She turned to look at me, Her blonde hair flicking.
"Whats wrong with you ? " She asked. I just shook my head.
"Okay everyone, Were here for a reason. So lets go get a good Night sleep, okay ?"
"Oh, And our rooms are, Me,Stevie-rae & Aphtodite" I said smiling.
"I want to be with Darius" She said, Giving glares.
"Aphrodite, We need you to SLEEP, Not, Do other things."
"Fine" She grumbled.
"Okay, The twins". They exchanged glances.
"Stark & Darius" They looked at each other and nodded in agreement.
"Damien & Jack" I said smiling. Jack looked up at me, huge grin on his face."
"No fair ! Zoey, There boyfriend & Boyfriend. Not fair. I should be allowed with Darius." Aphrodite said, Literally about to rip head off.
" No, Aphrodite, Just, No." I disagreed.
"And professor Has a room to herself." I said. She smiled.
"Okay, lets go in and get a good nights rest."
We all walked into the hotel. It was just as beautiful on the inside.
Darius went up to the counter and got our rooms.
"Okay guys, Here's your room keys, Go sleep." He handed me a little card. It said room 101.
I started walking in that derection, Being followed by Stevie-Rae & Aphrodite.
I opened our door, The room was HUGE with 3 queen size beds. I ran in and hoped on one of them.
"Mine!" I said Throwing my bag beside the bed.
"Your so childish" Aphrodite grunted.
"Whatever" I said and tucked under the blankets. No even bothering to change.
I was asleep within seconds.

Like it ? (:
Comments pleasee !
Love it!
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