The Twilight Saga

A Twilight And House of night Fanfic. 
1 World 2 types of vampires, What could go wrong ?

*Disclaimer* I dont own any of Stephanie Meyer, Or P.C cast And Kristen cast's Characters.

Chapter 1


"Hey, Zoe, What are you thinking 'bout ? You've seemed to be gone to space Latley." Stark said.
It was true, I've been very worried about going to forks. I just have this feeling, That something is going to happen. And along with our last battle with Kalona and Nefret.

"Oh, Nothing, Just Thinking about forks." I said, As I looked up into stark's Gorgeous, Brown eyes.

I looked into the front Where, Darius Was driving. He had a blank expression. Across from him ,was Aphrodite. She was looking in a little compact mirror. As always. In the back, Were, Me, Stark and, Stevie-Rae. She seemed like she was in space alot too.

In the veichle following us, Were, Damien, Jack, The twins, And professour P.

"Zoe, Somethings wrong, Isn't it? , Dont lie to me, You know I can sense it." He said, Smiling.
I sighed, He was right, I couldn't lie to him.
"Its just that, I have a feeling that were going to meet, People." I said, Utterly confused myself.
"What? What kind of people?" He asked.
"I dont know ! Just , People, Kinda like us, But not." I said, More sure of myself.
"Oh, Zoe, Dont be silly" He said, And kissed the top of my head.

We past a sign that said.
You are now entering, FORKS.

The sign gave me the chills. Whats the matter with me ? What could be so bad about forks ?

Anyway, Like it ?
Should I write more ?

Commentss pleasee (:

Okay, And if your wondering, Something bad happend in forks, Real bad. It will be explained more in the story.


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I already read half of yours, But i didnt get time to comment or anything :(, I'll g read more now, And suree, I'll keep you updated (:
sound good, write more and keep me updated
Thanks (:
sound ghud team stark! lol plsz keep me updated
Thankss (:
loved it
That's interesting. I like it very much. You should continue and please keep me updated :)
If you are interested please read mine (I hope you don't mind me asking). I would loved to get new readers. Thanks :)
The beginning of a new life
Chapter 2


It's been 13 years since the accident in forks.Unlucky 13. But even then, Everyone remembers it clearly.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* FLASHBACK *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

I looked over at the children playing with Renesmee. They were quite cute. Then I looked at the parents. None of them seemed to be paying attention to there children. A little boy with blonde hair walked up to renesmee and asked her something. She just smiled and nodded.
He took her hand the they went to the top of the jungle jim. She went down the slide first. She waited at the bottom for him.
On his was down the slide, He seemed to get squirmy , And he fell of he end of the slide. And thats when Hell broke loose.
It all happend very quickly.
He stood up with a huge cut on his knee, Blood running down his leg,Nessie jumped at him, Hissing.
People crowded, Screaming " Monster ! Vampire" I ran in, Some on tried to rip nessie of of him, Then she attacked that person. Everyone was screaming.
"Renesmee !" I shouted. She looked up at me, Then down at her victums. She dropped to her knees crying.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* FLASH BACK ENDS *~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*

I sighed, And walked into Renesmee's room. She was sobbing.
"Mommy," She said. I walked over to her and took her in my arms.
"I didn't mean to do it. I really didn't. Oh, mommy." She said and broke into tears.
"Its okay hunny, None of us blame you for it."
"But why are we moving back then ?" She said looking curiously into my eyes.
"Because... We have too." I said. Not even knowing what I meant
"Fine."She said And stood up, But besides getting in and out of the car to move. Im not goign outside AT ALL today." She said crossing her arms.
"Dont worry, We wont make you." I said, And walked out of the room.

I walked out of Renesmee's room, Into the living room of our cottage. Edward,Jasper, And Emmett went hunting, So I have the cottage all to Myself, And Nessie.

"Who are you ?" No,No !" I heard alices voice, She was sitting in the corner, on the floor, Eyes dazed. She was having a vision.

"Alice, Alice, What is it ? " I said trying to wake her up.
Her eyes regained normalness And she looked up at me, with a scared face.
"Others, sorta like us, But not." She said. What could she be talking about ?

Like it ? (:
I love it. It's captivating :)
Thank youu ! (:
i love it already... i love it becuz it includes house of nights and twilight hurry with more =P
luv iht


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