The Twilight Saga

10 years later for Bella and Edward.PLZ read! PG-16 just to be safe!

All right I was bored so I just started writing. This takes place in New Moon, Edward left already and Victoria got to Bella and Bite her (not kill her).The wolf pack killed Victoria while Bella was changing. Bella is a vampire. The wolf pack decided to trust her, so they are still friends. Also, a bus of high school kids crashed so Bella changed 7
(Tom/ Jess<3) (Jimmy/Mary<3) (Joe/ Georgette<3) (and Samantha is with the werewolf Seth<3) of them, they all married in to each other and the wolf pack too. Bella and her new family are vegetarians. Bella now runs a hotel in a small town with her family. Bella has not seen Edward since the day she changed (10 years ago); she still misses him and his family. But she thinks that what she has is the best she’ll ever get. Until some unexpected guest come………….

Bella P.O.V.

“Yes Mr. Murry, I will have your bags sent up right this minute, sir.”
God some times humans are so lazy.
“Tom,” I yelled. I could hear him in my office trying to hide from his wife Jess. Jess realized he was hiding something from her and she is trying to find out what. So he had to hide so she could not get the chance to ask him. I knew it was not going to be good news when she found.
“Ya, mom,” Tom whispered.
I hate it when they call me mom. But it is the right word I guess; I do the laundry, work, pay the bills, and take care of them.
“Could you bring these bags upstairs before you go to school?”
“Sure, mom,” Tom said while making sure Jess was not in the house by sticking out his nose and taking a big breath.
“She’s out hunting Tom.”
I felt bad for him he looked truthfully terrified to face her.
“What are you hiding from her that is so bad?”
Tom searched the area before answering me.
“I got a dog,” Tom whispered.
“WHAT!? Tom do you have a death wish?”
Jess hates all animals. She said if he ever got a pet she would gladly kill him.
“Mom, please don’t tell her,” Tom begged as he grabbed the bags. I’m so going to regret this.
“I won’t tell her Tom, but how would you like your funeral planed?” If Jess ever found out even if she was married to him she’ll kill him.
“Thanks, and don’t make any plans yet I’m still breathing.” Tom said as he headed up stairs.
Barley, I thought.
Tom’s P.O.V

I finally got to school after helping mom with the bags. I was acting as a 17 year old boy. Jess was already at class so I don’t have to worry about telling her we have a puppy in our room. She’ll probably kick me out of the room forever. I hope mom dose not tell her. I got out of my car. Jimmy and Joe my brothers were with me within seconds.
Hay, bro some new kids in school today,” Joe said all pumped.
“So.” I could not see anything good about that. It’s just more people we might kill.
“Dude, their like us,” Jimmy said trying to make me understand.
“What!? How do you know?”
My family has only ever met nomad Vampires not ones that stay in one place like us. Mom said there are others like us but nerve imagined seeing them.
“Their smell is all over the place,” Joe added.
Jimmy, Joe, and I al started smiling at each other. We where all wanting to know the same thing, do they have a male with them for MOM?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Tom’s P.O.V.
Latter that same day.

“Their coming,” Georgette announced.
It was lunch time at our school. And the new group of vampires have to be coming any minute. The plan was from me and my sis Georgette to go up to them, welcome them and ask if they would like to come over for a game of baseball. It would be great to have bigger teams.
We found out that there are 7 in all. 5 go to school and 2 stay home and act as the parents. The father we heard is a sergeant. This shocked me I thought that vampire’s can’t be near human blood, but I remember mom saying some have a lot of self control. Georgette elbowed me in the ribs. That was the sine to go greet them.
“Hi I’m Georgette and this is my brother Tom,” Georgette said the second we got to the table they where sitting at. Come on I wanted to say hi first. All of them looked at us. There was a girl with short hair that looked like a pixie. A boy who was covered with battle scares all over. A girl with blond hair who looked like a model, with a guy next to her with more muscles then the Hulk. And then their was a boy with messy bronze hair.
Yes that means it’s an odd number. Maybe mom dose have a chance.
“Hi I’m Alice,” the pixie said. “And this is Jasper, Emmet, Rose, and Edward.”
Okay, I already had them memorized.
“Nice to meet you, so welcome to our little part of the world.”
Alice got all perked up and Jasper was eyeing her nervously.
“We would love to join you for a baseball game, Georgette,” Alice said.
How did she know we where going to ask her that?
“Alice can see the future, Tom,” Edward said.
Okay what, did I ask that question out loud?
“Nope, I can read minds,” Edward added.
“What?” Me and Georgette yelled.
“We’ll explain to you tonight,” Alice said.
“Okay,” Georgette said.
Georgette and I started to walk away when Georgette asked me “oh, tom did you ask mom if it was alright?”
If she know we where trying to find her a mate she would kill us.

Edward’s P.O.V.

Georgette and Tom where walking away when I heard georgette ask tom “oh, tom did you ask mom if it was alright?”
An image of a girl who looked just like my Bella filled her head. Could it be her? I was blinded by georgettes images. It looked like my Bella but there was something different about her. She was a…..vampire! What, how could this happen? WHO BITE HER? I would kill them. I left her so this would not happen and after 10 years of hell I find out she was change anyway.
“Edward,” Jasper yelled.
“Your emotions are all mixed up are you okay?”
I looked to Jasper and then to Alice.
“I think I saw Bella in Georgettes mind. And she is a…a…vampire.”
Jasper gasped and Alice had shock written all over her face. Rose was now really pissed she always hated Bella, and Emmet mind was completely happy now. He always loved Bella, she was like the little sister he always wanted to have.
“Edward how come I can’t see her?” Alice asked sad that she could not see this coming.
“I don’t know Alice.” I answered her but my mind was a mile away. Bella was alive, she was near. The only question I had was where? I had to go find her. NOW!
“Bye, see you later,” Alice said to me.
I did not even response; I was already running Alice gave me where Bella’s hotel was located. I had to find her. I would never forgive myself for leaving her. I will beg her to take me back. I need her she was my love for ever and more. As I got out on to the main road I was following the direction Alice gave me to find her hotel. As I traveled through the forest at the speed of light I caught a sent. Not human but a...Vampire! I changed my course to the sent. It had to be her. She was the only other vampire that was not at work or school.
Bella’s P.O.V.

Finally, a good smelling sent. I think it is grizzly. I crouched down and got ready to attack when I heard something behind me. I spun around and attacked…..Edward? When I attacked him I knocked him to the ground so my body was on top of his. My whole body froze. Why was he hear?
“Bella,” he whispered. A huge smile appeared on his gorges face. God he must be sick, he gets a kick out of breaking girls hearts over end over. My body finally started to move. I got off of him and extended my hand to help him up.
“Sorry,” I said.
What more could I say to a person who tore my heart out and left me for a vampire to kill me. I turned to leave. His hand grabbed my elbow and spun me around.
“Bella, I’m sorry. But lisen I LOVE YOU!”
“What?!” I yelled. “Edward I can not believe you. You tell me you don’t love me, leave me for Victoria. And 10 years later you tell me you… you... love me.” He really is sick.
“Bella, I had no idea about Victoria. It makes me sick to think about what I must have done to you. But please understand I left to give you a chance at normal human life.”
“You left me to give me a chance at normal human life. Dose this look normal to you?” I said as I pointed to my body. He scanned my body a little to long.
“Bella, I swear I’ve only loved you. Even when I was away. I could see you in my mind every day.” He said as he pulled my body to his. God, I can not think striate when I’m near him. My whole body wanted to be closer to him, I wanted to kiss him. The only thing that was stopping me was the thought of him not loving me. “Prove it,” was all I could say.
“Ask anyone, I’ve been miserable for the last 10 years trying to find you. But when I went to Forks you where gone….Bella I’ll do anything to prove to you I love you. Anything.”
What do you say after a speech like that? He really meant it. And I believed him. I missed him so much. I needed him. He was staring straight into my eyes. I forgot he was waiting for my response.
“Bella, please, take me back. I’ll never leave you again. You can chain me to you if you would like, as long as I’m with you.”
I giggled at the thought of Edward chained to me. His eyes where burning into mine, begging for an answer.

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im so confused....
i just dont get it?
is she dying?
i feel like a five year old stuck in a collage seminaur.
K explaining time.
Edward is scared because it is an old trick
It basicly almost kills you but you are hanging by a thread.
That is way she canot remember anything because her body is using every energy to stay alive, so it is using her memories as fuel.
Are you okay now?
just got back from vacation
so i will read the rest and then see if i understand...
Awwww...he's starting 2 believe he has a soul!!
Yep. Had to add that in.
I hope they are able to find out who's blood that was, I really don't like Matt and his little game. He is one cocky little @ss, who else is dumb enough to do something like this with all the Cullens, plus Bella's "kids" around. Once they get the answers they need, I'm hoping the head ripping and bond fires start.
Yep lol!
awww so sweet and sad.... plus he's starting 2 believe, that he has a soul...
Yep love that part.


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