The Twilight Saga


100 Days of Winter

by Just~Believe~It



I'm not usually the kind person you would call "extreme", but when the situation involves others, people I love mainly, I am capable of more I'm aware of. Some people call it an adrenalin rush, you know... in times of need, you get some sort of super strength and speed and your brain works super fast. It was Edward's first excuse when I asked about his true identity, after the incident with Tyler and his van; some others call it 'being special'. Me? I call it being strange. That's what I've always been, and I'm not going to change that neither today, nor tomorrow, nor ever.

This time wasn't going to be any different. With Charlie gone, and Jacob who knows where, the only one I could rely on was myself. And again, it was a tough thing to do... Trusting strange people is not the best decision to make, or so they say. I don't know anymore. My head works in a different way now. Not because of the venom running through my veins, but because the two people I love the most are missing, and it's not only them, but also the only family I have left. What's even worse? Their kidnapper is at large, and he's upset. Very upset.



It was a pretty cold morning, nothing out of place. It's always rather cold in Cleveland.

Oh yes, didn't I mention? We moved. The people in Forks were beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable around us. We were just too young for the age we supposedly had. The only exceptions were, of course, Jake and my dad. We stayed two more years after my marriage with Edward, but we got to the point where Nessie's quick development couldn't be hidden anymore. Neither could we hide the fact that Carlisle, a man who was "in his late fourties" now, still looked like he was in his early thirties (which he was). So we moved, we chose Ohio because it's covered in clouds most of the times. Just like old, good Forks. We don't interact very much with the people who lives near us, since Cleveland is not a tiny town where everyone knows everyone, and we don't need to buy any food, or toilet paper, or linens, sheets, pillows, etc. we decided to keep our house empty and spacious , that way Jacob could be himself in the house without breaking anything. Oh yeah, that too. He moved in with us. Not like... in in with us, but he bought (actually we bought him) a little house nearby so he could come over to be around Nessie. He almost kills me when I told him about going away. Charlie decided he didn't want to come. He loved Forks too much, he cared about his job, and the reputation he had got along the years. Also, he would miss Billy... oh, and Sue, who was now living with him. Seth and Leah are still deciding what to do. 

Well... it's actually just Leah. You know what I mean.


Last night had been a mess. Most people would say so when they can't get any good sleep, but I say it because I couldn't stop thinking about my dreams.

Yes. I have dreams. They are not like the ones I had when I was a human, since I don't ever go to  bed now. Well, not to sleep at least. They also aren't daydreams; those are supposed to be conscious and nice. Mine appear when I blink. I don't do it very often because I don't need it, but sometimes the human I used to be resurfaces in me and I blink a couple of times within an hour. In those unconscious times I blink, an image forms in my brain. It looks and feels very real, and the voices in it are very clear too, although that doesn't mean I fully understand what I'm hearing.

At first they were blurry scenes, short words and low noises. But after three months they have developed realism. I can see the red eyes I feared for so long in such a way I tremble. Even after all this time. Even after having "defeated" him. Aro was still my worst nightmare. Literally.


Should I go on? Pleease let me know. Thanks a lot!


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Sounds pretty interesting. Please write more I would love to see where you are going with this story:)
tanks so much doll, I was planning to AT LEAST finish the intro, but thanks a lot for reading ♥.

good job tis was really inteenting i hope you update soon

nice....i like it....

This is a great start and I'm looking forward to more.

I like your writing style, you have put some good work into this first chapter.

Best wishes



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