The Twilight Saga

This is 100 years after Edward leaves Bella.Bella is now with the Volturi. She is with Alec.All charcters are Stephenie Meyers.
I hope you like. Please tell me what you think.

Chapter 1
Bella's POV

Edward left me. He doesn't love me or want me. I walked out of the woods.Thinking about Edward. The hole in my chest keep growing bigger. 1 week after Edward left i was ready to die, but i promised Edward I wouldn't hurt myself. Then I toke all my money and bought a ticket to Italy, to see the Volturi. Then I saw vampires leading a group to the castle, I joined the group, knowing that we are all goin to die. Once we got in the room, one of the guards, looked about my size, used his power. I was the only one standing without pain or no feeling. Aro saw this and luunged for my neck and bite me.

It has been a 100 years since that happened. 75 years ago Aro said that me and Alec( his about my size a little taller) would make a great couple. I toke his advice because I needed to get over Edward, so now I guess we are mates.I am happy now cause there are going to be lots of tourists here today. Time to feed. Me and Heidi are going fishing today. Me and Heidi are like sisiters and best friends. Heidi's mate is Felix.together we had 65 fish, or humans.The acients are going to be happy and the guards because when we left they were very thirsty.When we got home Alec gave me a kiss. We lead the tourist into a room. We started feeding. It was sooo wonderfull.


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yeah...write more!!!apparently i havent read the other one they were talkin about so im curious with ur story...i think its really interesting...can u send me one when ur done writing the next chapter....thankz!!i think its really great!!
Plz write more... PLZ???
i like it
Chapter 3
Edward's POV

I wanna die. Bella is gone. Alice can't see her. Demetri just delivered a invitation to a party. Alice is hopeing I meet a female at the party. Correction she wants me to find a mate. But Bella is the only one for me. Even though she is dead. Hey, maybe at the party I can ask one of the Volturi to kill me. Right after that Alice barged in and Said " You are not asking to die! DO YOU HEAR ME??" She must of saw me asking the Volturi to die.In her mind she was thinking "Please no Please no Please no, don't ask to die please?" Alice is dragging us on a shopping trip. Why does she have to love fashion? When we were done packing, each of us had 5 suitcases for a 2 week trip.We are headed to tthe airport now.

Bella's POV

Jane, Alec,Renata, Felix, and me are going to buy decorations. We are spending like 2,000 dollars on decorations.It's CRAZY!! But, I guess if you have been alive for over 3,000 years you are probely going to have a lot of money. It is a 2 week thing. The party is in the middle of the 2 weeks. It's kinda like a vampire vacation.

Alec's POV

After we went shopping for decorations, I went to sit in me and Bella's room. I was really worried about Bella seeing Edward Cullen again. I mean they loved each other until Edward left her 100 years ago. Now Bella loves me.I hope he has a mate, because he may want Bella back because she is HOT!!!!
I know but since Alec is in love with her he thinks she is the most beautifull person in the world
please keep me posted :}

i love this story
I like it very much! Can you send me an update when the next is up???
let me know when you post more
and keep me updated

i really like ur story
you have been out for months!
please!! please!! post more!!


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