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Bella's POV
I snarled at the hover-car. Resisting the temptation to smash through the bonnet and rip out the dieing engine, I cleared my throat, testing it to see if it was controlled and called for Rosalie. She was by my side in a flash of loveliness.
"Hover-car broken again?" she said lightly, but with a badly concealed hint of annoyance.
I snarled an affirmitive, and narrowed my eyes at the contraption on the floor. "It's still flying at a lean", I hissed and growled under my breath.
She sighed. "Emmett!"
"Allright?" Emmett winked at me then turned with a more serious expression on his face to the hoverless-car. "Want a carjack?"
"Yes, Bella has managed to bust the engine AGAIN."
"Well it is the latest model and you know what Bella is like with the *in* fashion" he said with a low chuckle.
I just snarled under my breath at him.
"Ooh scary" he retorted before booming a laugh.
"Want an armwrestle?" I said sweetly, and had the pleasure of watching his expression sour. I really liked Emmett but sometimes he could be a real pain in the ass.
I turned with a smile. Renesmee was nearly a hundred years old now but she still had the looks of a 16 year old.
"Hey honey".
"Hover-car broken again?"
I groaned. Why was this becoming the most-said thing in the Cullen family? I couldn't help it - I repelled this new technology.
"Yesss" I hissed between my teeth, and glared at the hover-car again.
"Edward's back."
A smile spread on my face. Edward had been out hunting with Jasper and Carlisle for the day. "What a relief!"
Rosalie's voice drifted from under the hated piece of metal, "what's wrong with us?"
"Of course nothings wrong with you" I laughed, "I'm just glad he's back that's all". Renesmee drifted off to the door.
"Where are you going?" I asked.
"Jacob." That was it, and she was gone - running down past the lake.
I sighed but didn't press on it. Then I ran in the opposite direction to the front door and Edward.


I slowed as I got near the hall, then stopped completely. I could hear Edward's musical voice, Carlisle's calming one and a completely new voice. It was deep but quiet, and had almost a faint rasp to it, like the sea on a windy day. It had that wooshing noise too. It was almost definitely vampire. Raising my head, I inhaled deeply and the newcomers scent hit me with a blow that left me reeling. It was a fusion of crushed pine needles, the taste of the air before a storm and jasmine or honeysuckle. It was delicious. The door swung open and Edward stepped in with a beam on his voice, my favourite crooked smile. I grinned in response and he strode over to me and placed an arm around my waist. Carlisle entered, followed by the newcomer I was so curious about. I stifled a gasp, knowing that it would displease Edward. The newcomer was infinitely beautiful. More beautiful than Rosalie or even Edward! I was glad he couldn't read my mind just then. His skin was a flawless tribute to stone, and even though it was raining outside his skin glimmered with an iridescent glow. His hair was dark, like what I would imagine the treetrunks of a secret forest would look like, and his eyes were a warm shade of butterscotch. He was tall, and leanly muscular, with slender fingers. As he looked at me, the corner of his mouth turned up in a breathtaking smile.
"Hello" he murmered, and his voice washed over me like the warm sea tide, "the name's Silas."
I recovered quite quickly, which I was astonished at, though it was probably because of Edward's furious snarl. I stared at him, shocked. His face was livid, his lips pulled over his teeth in a threatening grimace and his eyes were swirling black. I wondered what Silas had been thinking. Even more curious, I wondered what EDWARD was thinking. I had been his mate for a century and he thought that I would up and leave him as soon as I found a better-looking guy. I placed a hand on his shoulder and he relaxed a bit. But just a bit.

I had all but forgotten about Carlisle until he stepped forwards and spoke. "Bella, this is Silas. He has my friend for my 4 centuries".
I nodded, then turned to Silas. "It is nice to meet you" I said, and I meant it. Edward tensed.
"And you" he replied, his golden eyes sparkling. I turned away with difficulty and looked again at Edward. "How was hunting?" I asked.
"Interesting" he replied shortly, his expression dark.
I didn't reply, I was too afraid my voice would wobble. What was with him? Silas was gorgeous, but I was married to him, we had a CHILD for gods sake, so he should just ease up.
"SILAS my man" Emmett bellowed.
Silas turned and grinned in pleasure. "Emmett" he called back, "it's been too long".
There was a whosh and Emmett and Silas were clasping hands, and banging each others backs.
"You've met" I said breezily, stating rather than questioning.
"Once" chuckled Emmett. I raised an eyebrow.
"They got on immediately" said Carlisle, a hint of a smile in his voice.
I had to laugh at that. "I can tell" I laughed, and was about to go on to ask Silas if he was stronger than Emmett when there was a gasp from the top of the staircase. Alice was standing there clutching a vase tightly and staring at me.
"What was that Alice?" Edward hissed. Alice just shook her head.
"What was it!" I had never seen Edward so worked up. "TELL ME ALICE!" he roared.
"Edward!" I exclaimed shocked. I was staring so intently at his face, I barely noticed that Alice had disappeared.
Edward looked at me. "I don't know what she saw, it was so blurred." A pained look crept onto his face. "But it..."
"But what?" He looked down. "But what!"
"Nothing" he sighed, then he grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs. I was going to protest but he looked so worried, I din't want him to snap.

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continue!!!!! it's really good :)
read mine???
its called Superheroes and set after BD too...
thank you! lol ok I will =)
i really love this story continue plz and write fast
Okay. New chapter. You're probably no longer interested. Lol. But thanks for being nice about it anyway :D
w-o-w what did alice saw?
Ha! I can't remember this at all.
Okay. I'll make a quickie up. Keep checking back :)
Thanks for reading!
I have another one: Bella's Death. There's a bit more to it that this one. If you're bored at any time you can read it :D
Write More! And plz keep me updated!
Ha! I'd totally forgotten about this!
Okay. One more chapter, for the couple of people who commented.
Lol. Just have actually. Not sure if you've read it yet :) Thanks for the nice comment. I really appreciate it xD

After we reached Edward's room – it had been so long since we’d been here, months –he strode to the window and stood there like a statue. With the sunbeams shattering off his skin and throwing twinkling sparkles along the dark yellow walls and oreo-coloured beams, I found it hard to believe I had thought Silas so beautiful; more beautiful than Edward. His shoulders were tense, and every now and then little spasms of anger rippled along his back. I had to convince him that I loved him - he still doubted it. I took a deep breath and gathered my shield around me. Breath out. I closed my eyes and pulled at the elastic band. Breath in. Lift it up, slowly. Breath out. Now up and... Over. Edward gasped and spun round. Keeping my eyes closed, I searched my memory for that day I said 'I do'. I found it - it was dim - but at least it was there.

And then he was there, in front of me, his marble hands cool and soft on my own marble skin.
He crushed his lips against mine; my shield wavered and held, but the burning force of his passion brought it shattering over my head again.
Edward was breathing hard, his brow furrowed into set lines of stone.
I brought a hand up to his face.
“What?” I breathed, “What could possibly be wrong?”
He gave a dry, broken sob.
“Edward?” I snapped. And froze. I was entirely still, but completely comfortable. I could have stayed like that for weeks.
Edwards eyes were wide, unblinking; unseeing. He stared at the golden chain around my neck; the present from him for our 50th anniversary. He was looking right through the chain. Through me.
“Oh my god,” I whispered. “My god, Edward, I- I…” I didn’t know what to say.
I didn’t know how to describe the loathing that surged in me when he acted so weak.
“I’m sorry…” I sighed at last.
It was a hollow sentence. I couldn’t put feeling into it.
Edwards hadn’t moved.
He was faster than me, by a long shot, but my eyes still focused on every inch of dust that swirled away from us as his hands shot up to slam me against his chest.
He was shaking with pure, unadulterated rage. Resentment and claustrophobia choked my throat, before I forced them back down again with bewilderment.
“It’s him,” he snarled, the words emerging from his throat barely audible.
He sounded like a rabid beast. Disgust clogged my pores, and I had to give my head a little shake to clear it.
He thought I was disagreeing. His look of outrage was marred only by a despair that went into me deeper than a knife.
“No,” I breathed, “I wasn’t…what makes you think that?”
“He knows, “ he explained, his voice hollow and dull, “that I can read minds, so he cleared his pretty quickly. But I saw what I needed to see.
“His powers,” Edward went on, “are a mix of Jasper’s and Chelsea’s, the female who changes relationships in the Volturi. He wants you. But he has an added bonus.”
I shook my head slowly, not understanding.
Edwards desperate look was getting a bit wild.
“He has the power to make people love him and-“
“But, wait,” I interjected, “I keep everyone out. No one can get in my head. No one!” I added, outraged.
“He also,” Edward was grinding his teeth a little manically, “ has the power to steal other people’s powers. In the vicinity.” He tacked on as an afterthought.
“But- What? How? Oh.” Realisation hit me.
“Renesmee,” we said together.

Revulsion hit me in a wave. I cringed away from Edward. Befouling my daughter’s name on his tongue!
The cheek!
His arms were still loosely around me, and we stayed that way for a while; me leaning away from him, yet unable to tear myself from his grip. I kept feeling as if something were wrong.
Something was wrong. I straightened out, and nuzzled into Edward’s neck.
“I’m sorry,” I murmured into his skin. “I don’t know why I did that.”
“I do.” His voice was steely.
“Oh Edward,” I sighed into his silent pulse. “I love you.”
He relaxed, microscopically.
“And I you, Bella, and I you.”
LOL. Thanks so much for reading it! I love positive comments. Hmm. Maybe I will keep on at it. I'll keep you posted :D
(I'll see if I can wangle a happy ending ;] )
Got two new. Was going to email, but I was on here anyway, and I don't have enough people to email :)


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