The Twilight Saga

100 Years of Hunting * The Diary of Edward Cullen CHAPTER ONE, LESSONS IN THE MOONLIGHT.

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“Edward, you are such a beautiful creature.” Tanya cooed in my ear, running her satin fingers down my face.

I looked up into her amber eyes, the beast inside me loved the way the light from the fire reflected in them, setting them a blaze as they smoldered gazing back at me. She looked so dark hovering over me, a truly evil creature with wicked thoughts in her mind. I could never love her the way she loved me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved her, but it was only floating on the surface. The depths of the love I sought I would never find here with Tanya, no matter how pleasurable she felt on my skin or how sweet she tasted in my mouth. I would surly kill any creature who sought to harm her, but I was not her man.

I enjoyed her companionship traveling through Europe these past few years. It was refreshing to see the world in her eyes, so fearless. We lay under the stars on the beaches at night and backpacked through the villages during the day when cover was present in the sky. I made love to her as though she were my mate and I felt alive and powerful colliding with her, but when the dawn broke, the loneliness crept back in to my dark interior and the feelings from the night before dissipate instantly.
The nights Tanya crept off with other men were the worst. I did not mind her promiscuous behavior, she was not mine. I just didn’t know what to do with myself in her absence. I tried a few times, mingling with the locals and even tried taking a woman home once, but I was too fearful of killing her to allow it to escalate into anything of consequence. Tanya might have been able to be intimate with human men, but I was not brave enough to try my luck on some poor unsuspecting soul.

I usually ended up hanging out in one of the local bars, listening to the men’s stories, laughing silently to myself at their version of what a tough guy was. Ha, if they only knew.



Please read! My Edward is not SM's Edward Cullen. Things will be different and not following the Twilight Edward Cullen. If you have issues with that, then this story is not for you. I am just writing what my own personal Sweet Edward tells me to. This is his story. *winks*

Also, the playlist is up there, hit the button and enjoy. I will be adding more to it. The song that (for me) is Edward's anthem for this story (as a vamp later on) is Everlast - I Can't Move. The song that inspired me to write this story however is Everlast feat. Santana - Put Your Lights On.

“Edward! Come on! The rain stopped!”

I sprang from my bed, allowing my book to fall to the floor as I sprinted to my bedroom window. There she stood, waving and hollering for me. Julia.

My sweet, beautiful Julia.

My heart sped at the very sight of her. The fact that she was standing outside of my window, calling for me to come out, looking heartbreakingly beautiful in her yellow sundress was only icing on the cake. A very shaky cake that felt like it was bouncing up and down in my stomach. Like I ate too much. I smiled back at her and ran down the stairs as fast as my skinny legs would take me.

“Where are you going Edward?” My mother peeked her head out of the kitchen as I sat down on the bottom step tying up my laces at warp speed. I don’t even think they were bows, I was tying so fast.

“Just to see Julia. The rain stopped, mother.” I stood up and sprang for the door hoping she would not protest. I paused with my hand around the metal knob and said a silent ‘please’ to God that she would allow me to go.

“Alright, be back in time for supper though. You’re father will punish you for sure if you miss two meals in a row.” She let out a light laugh at the end.


“Yes, mother. I will be back in time. I promise.” I pulled open the door and went to step out.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?”

I spun back around to see my mother putting her hand on her hip as she turned her cheek my way. A small smile playing on her lips. Ugh! As much as I loved her, I was too old for this. I mean, what sixteen year old boy still kisses his mother?

“Sorry mother.” I walked back over and gave her a little peck on her rouged cheek.
“And how do I look today?” She patted her hair and fluttered her lashes. I rolled my eyes at her.
“Mom!” I whined.
“Come on Edward, don’t you love your mother?” She pouted her lip out.

Damn it, my father needed to spend more time at home.

“You look beautiful as always mother.” I turned to walk away, but paused, knowing my mother all to well. “You’re hair looks particularly lovely. I like the curls.” I added with a crooked grin.
“Oh, my baby. You are so sweet.” She hugged me tightly in her arms, planted kisses to my cheek. “Such a good boy.”
“Mom!” I whined, trying to wiggle out of her iron grasp. Damn, for a woman who was all but five feet tall and under a hundred pounds she had quite a grip.

“Sorry, honey. Have fun playing with Julia.” She finally released me. I ran from the house giggling like an idiot at her words. ‘Play with Julia’. Oh, if only! I wanted to say. Yeah, playing with Julia, nothing would make me happier. She stood in street looking like an angel in her yellow dress and white sneakers. Her light brown hair pulled back in a tight ponytail with a matching yellow ribbon, just like always. I loved that ribbon and how she always matched it to her outfits. I loved….everything about her. She was perfect.

“Geez! Took you long enough.” She put her hands on her hips as I walked towards her.
“I know, sorry. My mom wouldn’t let me leave.”
“What did you do this time Edward?” she giggled.
“Nothing. My dad has just been working a lot lately. She’s lonely.” I took Julia’s hand and we started walking down the sidewalk.
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
“It’s alright.” I kissed her hand and she blushed brightly. My heart fluttered and the cake did the flip flop thing again.

“So where are we going?” I asked trying to distract myself from the flipping and flopping.

Julia smiled up at me. Her hazel eyes glittered under the bright sun that was high in the afternoon sky now that the rain had dissipated. I smiled back at her beauty, before she even began answering me. Would I ever get enough of her? No, probably not. I kept staring and her eyes stayed on me as we walked. She bit her little lip and our walking slowed into a stop. Julia turned towards me as I turned towards her, moving closer in to my face.

Yes, this is it! Finally!!

“Ahh! Owe!” Julia screamed as she went flying to the ground, hitting her head hard against the pavement.
“Better luck next time Masen!” Homer, my arch enemy, yelled as he continued up the block quickly on his bicycle.

“Just wait ‘til Monday Homer! I’m going to kick your sorry ass! You hear me?!” I yelled back. The two mothers on the porch across the street cringed and I cursed again, silently this time.

They were sure to call my mother and let her know of my fowl use of the English language. Julia cried out and I knelt down to help her.

“He is such a jerk.” She sniffled as I helped her sit up.
“I know. I’m sorry about him Jules. Man! Look at your hands.” I shook my head as I turned over her scraped palms in mine.
“My knees are not much better.” She sniffled again looking down to the bloody scrapes.
“Hold on.” I took my hands from hers and slid my arms under her knees, hoisting her up into my arms.
“Where are you going?” She looked up surprised at me.
“My house, so my mother can fix you up.”
“It is just a scrape Edward. No need to bother her.”
“It’s no bother.” I smiled at her and backed into the front gate to enter my yard.

Julia blushed bright red as I entered the house carrying her in my arms. My mother was nowhere in sight. The pot of sauce she had on the stove was boiling over and I set Julia down on the counter to tend to it. I gave it a quick blow of air, trying to clam the bubbles and stirred it. Once it stopped overflowing I grabbed my mothers crocheted pot handlers and removed it from the hot burner.

“Mother?!” I yelled out.

No sound.

“Wait here.” I said to Julia, she nodded as I walked passed her and down the hall.

“Mother?!” I called again.

No sound.

I began to worry. She could not have left the house, not with food cooking on the stove. She never burned anything either. Where had she gone? I walked a few more feet down the hall and heard the faint sound of crying. My feet rushed quicker, towards my parents bedroom. I swung the door open and hurried inside. My feet halted once I noticed my mother laying on the bed, crying.

“Mother…” I nervously walked over to her and sat down, placing a hand on her back. “What’s wrong? Are…are you alright?”

Her head shot up and wiped her tears away quickly, placing a fake smile on her face instead.

“Oh, dear, I am fine. Just silly woman stuff. No big deal. Do not worry about me.” She leaned over and placed a kiss to my forehead, standing up from the bed. I knew she was lying, but I did not want to embarrass her by probing, so I left it alone.

“I thought you were with Julia?” She asked as I stood up.
“I was. She got hurt. So I brought her home. I needed your help.”
“Oh, what happened Edward?” She looked scared.
“It’s not that big of a deal. She has scrapes on her hands and knees. That foolish Homer kid ran into her with his bike.”
“Where is she?”
“In the kitchen.” I motioned towards the door and my mother walked quickly in front of me out to Julia.
“Hello Mrs. Masen.” She looked up smiling at my mother, still sitting on the counter.
“Hello dear. Oh my. You have quite the mess going on here, don’t you?” She lifted her little knee up and Julia winced. My stomach twisted, seeing her in pain. Homer was going to die on Monday.

“Edward, bring me the medical bag from the powder room please, love.” My mother instructed and I rushed from the room to retrieve it. I was able to find it quickly and ran back to the room, tossing it on the counter.

“Thank you dear.” My mother dug through the bag gathering up all she needed to fix up Julia’s knees and hands.

I let Julia rest her hand against mine as my mother wiped them clean. Every time Julia’s little angel face scrunched in pain I made a mental note, equaling them up to how many punches to the gut I would give Homer. He was up to fifteen by the time my mother got to Julia’s left knee.

“Well, looks like you’re good as new.” My mother said, applying a bandage to her knee.
“Thank you Mrs. Masen.”
“You’re welcome dear. I’m sorry your afternoon was ruined by that boy. Would you like to stay for dinner Julia?”
“Oh, that would be wonderful, thank you.”
“Of course dear.” My mother turned, taking the bag into her hands and walked out of the room to return it to the powder room.

I was happy that my mom asked her to stay and eat with us. Julia’s mother wasn’t much of a …well, mother and her father died when she was a little girl. I hated that she had no one to take care of her at home. She needed some family and I was more than happy to share mine with her. I leaned my back against the counter, placing my palms on the smooth surface. Julia’s fingers swept gently through my hair and I looked over at her beside me.

“Thank you.” She smiled over at me, still fingering my hair with her delicate fingers.

I swallowed. Hard.

“Yyyour welcome.” I stammered and she giggled lightly.
“You never finished you know.” She whispered, leaning closer to my face.
“Finished what?” I looked up puzzled at her.

She didn’t reply. Her eyes fluttered closed and she leaned her head down closer to mine, pouting her lips out slightly.


“Jules, my mom…..” I whispered looking over at the doorway.

She just huffed and pouted her lips out further. I smiled and shook my head. I guess she wanted a first kiss as much as I did. This wasn’t right though. If my mother walked in and saw me kissing Julia, we would probably be banned from ever seeing each other again. Not to mention it would be highly disrespectful, not only to my mother, but also to Julia. She deserved better than a sneaky kiss in my mother’s kitchen. I cupped her face in my hand and kissed her cheek lightly.

“Jules?” My voice came out smaller than I expected.

Her eyes blinked open and she searched my face with an expectant look until I spoke, which took me a very, very, very long minute.

“Will you go with me to the dance tomorrow night, Please?”

Cake. Lots of cake. Flip flopping. Flip flopping cake.

“Oh, Edward!” She threw her hands around my neck and squeezed hard, bouncing slightly on the counter. I laughed as the cake settled.

“Does that mean yes?” I asked with my head in the crook her sweet neck.

Man, she smelled good. Like sunshine and heaven and extremely girly. Lot’s of girly. I took a deep breathe, trying to memorize it. She released me and pulled back, but kept her hands on my shoulders.

“Yes, I would love to go with you. I thought you weren’t going to ask.” She blushed.
“Who else would I ask Jules?” I looked into her eyes and she looked down, scrunching her face slightly.
“I don’t know. I didn’t think you would ask me.” She mumbled.

“Why not?” I asked softly. She kept her head down, which was really annoying me. I wanted to look at her. Why was she embarrassed anyhow?

“I just thought that maybe….you would want to ask someone who was more…you know….”
“More you know what?”
“Prettier. Older. Not your friend. Take your pick.” She let her hands fall into her lap and fidgeted nervously, biting her little lip. I placed my finger under her chin to raise her eyes back to mine.

“Julia, who is prettier than you?” I made sure my voice was soft and sincere.
“Lot’s of girls.” She rolled her eyes.

I shook my head in disagreement.
She shook hers back at me.

“Olivia is prettier…..and she is older….and she….she has…you know…” She blushed, looking more adorable as she laid out her insecurities before me.

“So do you.” I laughed, glancing down once, trying to not cross the line, but still making sure she realized that she was equal….no no no….not equal, above…that she was above Olivia Johnson.

“Not like hers. She’s still prettier too. And older.”

I cupped both of my hands to her sweet face and pulled her in closer, forcing her to look at me.

“Listen to me alright? I don’t know how pretty, or busty or old Olivia is, or any other girl, nor do I care for that matter. You know why?” I asked softly, stroking her cheeks with my thumbs.

“Why?” She breathed against my face.
“Because there is only one girl that I see. You want to know her name?” I leaned my forehead against hers and she nodded, still looking at me.

“Julia. Julia is the only girl I see. Even in my dreams. All I ever see is yellow ribbons. Yellow Julia Ribbons.”

She smiled looking in my eyes and I gave her a light peck on her nose, before I scooped her off the counter. I could hear my mother coming, so I led her to the table and took a seat beside her.

Julia ended up helping my mother cook and I sat back and watched her as my mom tried to show her how to clean shrimp. Julia’s face scrunched and I swear I heard her gag when she had to pull the black sack from its back out. I couldn’t blame her. It was gross.

Dinner was uneventful as ever. My father sat and read the paper the entire time while my mother wore a scowl on her face staring at him. I made funny faces to Julia in between the few questions that were asked and she did her best to hide her laughter. The shrimp Julia cooked were delicious. I was quite surprised, seeing as how she never cooked shrimp before, but she was usually good at most things she did, so I guess it should not have been that much of a stretch. She helped my mom clean up after dinner and I hung around to my father’s disapproval to dry as she washed. He shook his head at me before he shoved the news paper under his arm and shuffled off to the next room. I just ignore him and allowed myself to get lost in my domesticated moment with her. Not really giving a crap if this was a woman’s duty or not.

“Your shrimp were delicious. You did a really good job.” I said looking over at her. She smiled at me as she passed the plate.
“Thanks. I was a little nervous. I have never cooked them before.” She picked up a pot and began scrubbing.
“I don’t know why you would be nervous, even if they were bad, no one would be upset you know. It’s alright not to be perfect.” I leaned over to her ear as she scrubbed and whispered to her.

“Even though you are.” I planted a small kiss to her temple as I leaned back over to my drying duties.

Julia just giggled, blushing brightly and I smiled back.

I walked her home after the dishes were done and she said her good bye’s. It was dark and the moon was full and glorious in the night sky. You could see every last little twinkle of the tiny stars.

“Edward, I have to tell you something.” She looked up to me with a worried expression on her face.
“What’s wrong?”
“It’s about the dance tomorrow.”

I slowed my steps, coming to a stop, but kept her hand in mine.

“You don’t want to go do you?”

Damn. The cake was flopping again.

“No,no,no. I do, I do. It’s not that. It’s just …..” Her cheeks flushed bright red. “Ugh, this is embarrassing.” She put her free hand to her forehead. “I have never danced before.” She mumbled, looking at the pavement.

“Seriously?” I asked.
“Seriously.” She answered in a low, glum voice.

I let go of her hand and held mine up to her.

“Well, then that’s just it Jules. I mean, the whole you not being as pretty thing I was willing to let slide, but now you can’t dance either?”

I started to walk away. I prayed she would know I was joking.

“Edward! I’m serious.” She whined, making me smile. I spun back around and held my hand out to her.
“Come on little coward.” I wiggled my fingers at her and she walked towards me, taking my hand.

I pulled us into the empty field along the road, the moon shined on us as though it were our own personal spotlight.

“What are we doing?” She looked up curiously at me as I pulled her into me.
“You’re going to put this hand here….” I put her left hand on my right shoulder. “And this hand here.” I put her right hand into mine, and then my left hand on her right hip.

“Now, you move your feet.” I smiled at her but she held perfectly still.
“This works a lot better when you move.” I chuckled, trying to sway her, but she held perfectly still….still.
“I don’t know how.” She said in small voice.
“Alright, fine. Step on my feet.”

She narrowed her eyes at me, misunderstanding my directions. I laughed.

“Not like that, I mean it, seriously, put your feet on mine. I’ll show you how.”

Julia kicked off her sneakers and put her tiny feet on top of my shoes. I swayed us and counted off the steps to her. She rested her head down on my shoulder and I replaced my counting with humming. My arm tightened around her waist and I leaned my head against the top of hers.

“You’re really sweet Edward, you know that?” She whispered into my neck.
“Yeah, just don’t tell anyone okay?” I chuckled back against her head.
“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t dare give any of the girls who are in love with you even more reason to be.” She giggled.
“Why is that Jules?” I whispered against her hair, holding her tighter, hoping it would hold the cake in place. It didn’t.

She pulled her head up from my shoulder and slid her fingers up into my hair, looking at me in the eyes. She stared, searching for a long moment before she spoke.

“I thought you already knew.” She whispered.
“Knew what?” I whispered back.

Say it already, please.

She opened her mouth to speak, but I put my finger over her lips, realizing how incredibly rude I was being for making her put herself out there when I kept all my feelings tucked deep beneath the surface.

“You know that I love you right?” I whispered down to her and I saw the hope swell in her eyes and then die out quickly. No, she didn’t know. Not like that anyhow. She didn’t believe it.

‘Yeah, I know. Best friends right.” Tears welled in her eyes and I shook my head at her.
“No, not just like friends Jules.”
“Like what then?” Her voice shook and a single tear ran down her cheek. I wiped it away and left my hand cupped to her face, staring down into her hazel heaven.

Only one answer would suffice.

I leaned down to Julia’s precious pink little lips and her eyes fluttered closed. She took in a shaky breathe as her lips parted and I cradled her face into my hands, weaving my fingers into her hair. My lips brushed once against hers and then I allowed them to be fully submerged in Julia heaven. Her lips were so sweet and warm and soft. The cake was doing some major flip flopping, as I realized that I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I had never done this. I tried to run through my memory bank of kisses I had seen, but I was coming up blank. Julia’s hand fisted into my hair and her lips fell open. I felt her warm tongue touch the outside of my lips and I let out a small groan at the sensation. She giggled against my lips and pressed her tongue in further, allowing hers to slide gently over mine. I groaned a little louder and she giggled harder. I held her tighter and kissed her back, trying to quiet her giggles. It worked.

“Can we keep dancing?” She whispered in between our kisses.

I started to sway us again, with her still on top of my feet, under the moonlight. I taught her as she taught me and I have to say, I had never been so happy for a lesson in all my life. I laughed silently to myself as we danced and kissed, knowing there was now one more thing I could add to her list of perfection.

Julia was a very good teacher.


So how is it going? Are you enjoying Sweet Edward as a teen in love? Hmm, I am. Still such a swooner. *points to box* Sweet Edward would like to know your thoughts. fill it up please. *smiles*
(and yeah, that is totally Alyssa Milano as Julia, Edwards girl. haha.)


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i like the idea, your writing is very good, but Edward a virgin in twilight
I know, but i am twisting his character in the story. Thank you for commenting! :)
ah, well, then i can deal with that :-D
LOL thanks! :)
Hhmmmm. Interesting. Please continue!

~Sidayah Dawson~
i like it, it´s a good idea.

keep doing the great work and write more very very soon!"
i love it!!!
write more
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keep on the good job....
Hmm. I don't really follow the story of the book's when I write my fan fic's. I think it is more fun to spin them, actually, i think thats whole point. I want to delve into edwards character, his dark side and his suffering moslty with this. it isnt really about him finding bella. It's a mostly how I would picture living if I had been in his shoes. I am trying to imagine what that would be like. If you're a fan of Edward, I think you'll like the new take on him.
Love it! I'd read. (:

Cool beans, thank you!!
Thats awesome!
lol love it!
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