The Twilight Saga

What will happen to the vampires, werewolves and half-breeds if the end of the world came??
This is a sad, tragetic story with lots of crying, so, get ready your tissues! I had just watched 2012 last night and it just made me wonder, what will happen to them? Are they going to die? What about Nessie? Will she die, like any human? And that's how I made this happen..

Disclaimer: I don't owe any of the characters. They are Stephenie Meyers'. The plot is mine.

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Sequel: 2012 in Twilight: A new Generation


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Countdown: 2 days 16 hours left....

Bella's POV [3.00am] (Olympia time)

I leaded the humans to where Carlisle ordered to go. He said that we should go to the pier as fast as we could. The pier was about 2 kilometers away. Carlisle ordered a big ship for us to ride, and it was waiting for us now, at the pier. Leading about 30 humans is a difficult job. The wolves will meet us at the pier after they collected the wood. I was thinking of whether I should run each of them one by one to the pier but, I was afraid I will scar Quil senior and he may have a heart attack.

Every 100 meters or so, I will count how many humans are there, to make sure no one got lost. After 4 hours of walking down the mountain, I saw the sun rising. Uh Oh. The sun will make glittering effects in my skin and we will get noticed if I dont hurry. We have to hurry, before the sun rises.

We had walked 1 kilometer and 500 meters, if I am correct. Only about 500 meters more till we reach that pier. We reached the end of the forest trail which was leading to the pier. If I took one more step, we will be out in public. But, I can't. I am too late. The sun has already risen. There is only one way.

The pier is about 10 feet awa from us, and I could see the boat, waiting for us. I'll have to run and carry each human. And I'll have to be fast. If one human sees my glittering skin, we are all doomed. I carried the youngest ones first, Claire on one side and Kim on the other. When I looked around and nobody was here, I ran quickly, opened the door and put them inside.

I did the following routine again and again until all the humans were safely aboard. Then, I looked around for human food. I took as many human food as I can. I noticed that not a lot of people walk by here. I looked up and the cloud was covering the sun. I took my chance and quickly took all of the food which was on the small food stalls nearby and put it in the ship. How much food shall I take to last for all of them? I guess I'll have to take as many food as I can and stop when the wolves arrive. I better take some fruits, too.


Edward's POV [12.00pm] (Alaska time)

We ran to the Denali coven first. When we stepped in without knocking, Kate electrocuted us. Ow, thats gotta hurt. When Kate saw us, she gasped and stopped at once. She called her sisters and they chuckled when they saw our faces, shocked from the electtric current.

"I'm so sorry" Kate gasped while giggling at the same time. We recovered from the shock.

"Sheesh, Kate! We were just coming for a visit." Emmet groaned.

"So, what brings all of you here? Another problem? The Volturi?" Eleazar asked, concerned for Carlisle.

"There is a problem and some news. But, it does not involve the Volturi" Rosalie said. Jasper jumped in and explained from the end of the world, to the house incident, to Amiolet, to my daughter and Jacob's death and, finally, to yesterday's night. He did not miss a single detail. We looked at them, to see how they would react. They seemed shocked, surprised and lots more emotions.

"So, would you come with us? We have at most two days to rescue eveyone." Rosalie pleaded. I could see that they are taking this seriously.

We should go with them, in case an avalanche happens here. They sound innocent. I guess we should trust them but, I've been living my whole 1000 years of existence. I've heard of it more than once but, never taken too seriously. ..Tanya thought.

"We don't have all day, you know.." Emmet murmured. Rosalie nudged him at the stomach.

"Well, okay then. We will follow you. You said that we would need to drink animal blood? Why is that so?" Eleazar asked.

"Like I said, There are wolves and humans, too. If ou feed on human again, the scent of the humans we are meeting may be too much. Those humans are precious to the wolves. And we share the boat and live harmoniously" Alice said firmly. Carmen was thinking of leaving the wolves behind.

"We can't leave the wolves behind. Amiolet was the one who guided us. And the person she loves is a wolf. And the wolf, together, is one. So, we can'y live them. It's either you join us. Or we live you alone. " I said.

Kate sighed. "I'm in" She said and walked to our side.Tanya did too. "I'm going with my sister. No matter what happens." Tanya said and twined their fingers.

Soon, the whole Denali coven was running with us. We splitted up so we could do it more faster. we would all meet in the pier, where the boat was waiting for us. Jasper and Rosalie goes to the Amazon coven. The Denalis will convince the Irish. And Emmet and I will take care of the Egyptian. We would have to hurry. Going across the world, convincing the vampires and going back to the pier in La Push would take a long time.


Amiolet's POV [6.00pm] (Italy time)

It was already twilight in Volterra. Carlisle caught up with us in the airport. I wonder how everyone else is doing. But, this was the hardest job of all. Convincing the ancient rulers of vampires to get out of their thrones and follow us. But, I have to do my best. Like my life depended on it. Alice was keeping tabs. So far, Leah's and Sam's group had finished their mission and already had arrived in Isle Esme. Bella was still taking human food, back at the pier where lots of humans sell food.

We went in the Volturi castle and arrived at the throne room. Aro looked shocked to find me with the Cullens. I had once visited Aro. He asked me to join his group but I declined. I had said to him that I don't belong in any kind of coven, that I am a nomad. He left me but warned me not to do anything that might provoke them. And I obeyed, until now.

"My, What a surprise, Carlisle!! How is my friend? And how is Bella and Renesmee? Why had you decided to come here?" Aro asked with fake sarcasm.

"Aro, Good to see you too. Why don't you see for yourself?" Carlisle reached out for his hand. Aro touched it and held it for a moment then, his eyes turned shocked. An expression I had never seen on Aro.

"Oh, gone" Aro emphatised each word carefully. Then, he glanced at Carlisle and me.

"Amiolet. It's been such a long time." Aro said, thoughtful. I pulled out my hand from my pocket. He reached it willingly. I am sure what he could see. Renesmee and Jake's death, my meeting with the Cullens, my destiny to save everyone..

"Aro, please. We have 2 more das until the end of the world! We have been warned. We have to go. Our purpose here is to save as many vampires as we can. The werewolves are building a boat for all of us. For all of you. If you wish to follow us, step in. If not, wait for the short 2 days to come." I pronounced. The rest of the Volturi guard came in to see what the commmotion was.

"How could you prove that? " Demetri asked.

"Didyme asked me to. I could speak, listen, feel, see souls. And that is why I know. The souls asked me a favour. A favour to save as many as we could. We saved the humans and werewolves. We saved ourselves. Didyme, Marcus' partner and Aro's sister, has asked me to come here and save all of you. In return of all those favours they asked, they will reward us safety." I said, clear and loud.

Marcus' head lifted up, for once in the whole 50 years of ruling. "Didyme?" He asked. I nodded.

"But, how would we know if you are telling the truth?" Jane asked.

"I could prove it twice. 1st, I'll prove it to your master." He touched my hand. And then, he said, "She is not lying"

"Second, I prove it to all of you." I said. I felt Didyme's presence and whispered, "Didyme, they want to see you. "

And, there she was, in the middle of the room. "Marcus, belive in Amiolet. She is saying the truth. An earthquake will come here in 2 days' time. I asked Amiolet a favour to save all of you. It is now your option. Do you want to live?" She asked everyone. Everyone nodded, except Marcus, who wanted to die, with Didyme. Didyme and Marcus chatted while we went out.

Outside of the Volturi castle was a few humans. "Let's get them!" Alec excalimed softly. Carlisle held him back.

"When you arrive in Isle Esme, our meeting point, there will be lots of humans and wolves. From now on, you feed on animals. Does anyone disagree?" Carlisle asked firmly, as if scolding a child.

"Esme is outside with the truck. Everyone needs to run to the truck, fast and quiet, when I give you the signal." Alice said, her eyes far away.

"Wait... go!" Carlisle and Alec ran towards the empty hallway. Alice kept giving the signal and the vampires ran on Alice's command. Soon, it was only Alice and I.

"We go together. Wait for it... Go!!" She exclaimed softly. I ran across the hallway and out to the road. I saw the big truck and opened the door at the back. Everyone was inside. Alice closed the door and we were off to the nearest pier, where our own ship was waiting.
Hey Guyz and Galzz!!! Guess what C. Cerastes Arrian told me!!! 3 more chapters and this fan fic is complete!!! :D!!!!!! So happy!!! Well, I hope u like my version 2012 in Twilight!! I spent all my time today to do it!!! If theres any question, just ask me or C. Cerastes Arrian!!
LOL! Yes, they did get in the truck. And they are now safe!
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Countdown: 1 day, 12 hours left [36 hours]

Amiolet's POV [12.00 pm]

We arrived at Isle Esme just a while ago. Today, we have very little time till we could set sail. The wolves had done a good job with the ship. Alice, of course, helped with the inside of the boat. It was almost finished. At night, the wolves will take a rest and the vampires will continue the work. Bella kept bringing more foods and drinks. I helped by asking the souls when and what will happen.

The wolves and humans were eating their lunch while Alice took me to a tour around the ship. It was three stories high. On the first floor was where we eat. On the left side was the animals, where the vampires drink. On the right was the human kitchen. Both sides were stuffed with supplies. On the middle was what Alice called the living room. There were three sofas and a table.

"Alice, where did you get the sofas? And the table?" I asked curiously.

"We didn't buy it. We built it. Actually, the wolves built it while we made the designs." Alice said.

I just nodded. "What is upstairs?" I asked. The ladder was just on the left side of the kitchen. We climed up and there were lots and lots of doors in any direction you ould think of.

"Alice, you didn't overdo anything, did you?" I asked sceptically. I know Alice. She would never stop being a fashionista, even if it were saving our lives.

"Of course I didn't! Hadn't you looked around? There are lots and lots of us! Now, on the second floor is for werewolves and humans. Left is for the humans and wolves who doesn't have partners or imprints. The right for those who have. On the third is for vampires. Your room is with Seth, here in the second floor. I wrote labels on top of each door so no one would get confused." Alice quickly skipped towards the third door on the right. It was labeled, 'Amiolet and Seth'. All the labels were simple. It was made out of wood and the letters were scratch by hand. It was perfect.

I went inside the room and everything was perfect. On the right was a bed and on the left was a study desk. Beside the study desk was a bookshelf. And on the left of the bed was the toilet. "Alice, what about at night? We don't have power supplies or light bulbs." We don't have any power supplies so, how are we going to see at night? I know vampire have no problem seeing at night but, what about the humans and wolves?\

"Don't worry. Every room and every croner has a candle and one of us will light them up before dark." Alice squealed. We went out of the room and wandered along the corridor.

"You know, I'm surprised that the ship hadn't turned out to become a fashion show. I thought that you were going to design things overboard. You always do." I said teasingly.

She shrugged, "Edward said that I have to design everything simply nad perfectly. Besides, It's our room that looks like a fashion show. I was actually thinking of doing it overboard. You know, Fashion room, Dressing room, Dining room, but, Edward said I wasn't allowed to do so and I obeyed him because I had a vision that some of the wolves will accidently go "She chuckled. I giggled along with her.

"So, what else is there that needs to be done?" I asked.

"Not much left. Only a few things here and there. Bella kept coming to the pier to take more food. More than enough, actually. Leah's herding more and more animals. The rest of the vampires that Edward convinced are coming. We would be ready before sunset. When is the tsunami coming?" She asked, while her eyes were far away.

"For now, it would be coming tomorrow, midnight. But, it keeps changing. It keeps coming faster and faster by the minute. It was actually supposed to be tommorrow noon. " I said. Alice snapped out of it and nodded.

"It's coming faster. We better hurry. Oh, and, don't worry about the clothes. Esme is sewing some. And I'm going to pack some of different sizes." And with that, she ran towards the house.

I helped some of the humans arrange their clothings and stuff that they want to carry and helped them load it in their rooms. By sunset, everything was ready. Some of them was already in their rooms in the ship. Some were still hanging around for a while. I sat on the beach, watching the sunset and the seagulls fly. It was twilight, the clouds in different colours. It was peaceful today. And all we have to do now was to wait for the tsunami to come.

I was watching the sun set when Seth came and sat beside me. I rested my head in his warm shoulder. We stayed like that for a few minutes, watching the sun say goodbye to us. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" I said. He looked at me.

"You're more beautiful than the sun."Seth whispered. And, for the rest of the day, we sat there, staring at the change of time. Renesmee drifted beside me, her smile so beautiful. She seemed to appear to everyone else as they stared at where Renesmee sat.

Amiolet, as a reward for saving everyone here, I give every woman that has a partner a baby.. She whispered. The vampires heard it, of course. I turned to their direction to see their faces. Rosalie was glad, happy, excited. Alice, her eyes far away, was smiling so widely that it looks as if her gentle face will break. Edward looked at Bella with so much awe. Esme was smiling with her eyes wide with surprise. Edward announced what Renesmee said to the rest and everyone gasped. I could imagine their faces. Happy, excited.

But, there was one woman I was sad about. Leah. She hadn't met her imprint and, may never will. I was sad for her. But, instead of her having a permanent frown on her face, I looked at her and she looked at us, a smile on her face. She sat beside Seth and looked at me.

"Congratulations, Amiolet and Seth." She said. I've never been close to her. Nor talked to her. Her voice now was soft and warm. I looked at her questioningly. Seth mirrored my expression.

She sighed."I know that I looked grumpy every time and that I've never talked to anyone before but, I thank you, Amiolet. For letting me talk to my father that night and for being here for Seth. I'm just happy that Seth has someone now. I may not have met my imprint, but, I have a feeling that he would come, one day." Leah stood up and walked towards the ship.

I glanced at the dark sky that had erased the beautfiul clouds and sun. It was now about 8 in the evening. I thought about what Leah said. Maybe her imprint would come. One day. And she would live happily with him. I'll just hope that he comes faster. I can't bear to see her sad like this.

I thought about another thing. Am I included in the women with a partner? Am I going to have a baby? Maybe. Maybe not. I sighed and stood up. I walked towards the ship. Seth followed me. All questions have answers. We just don't know it. Yet. But, the answer is near. I could feel it.

Countdown: 2 hours left

Amiolet's POV [10.00pm]

There were 2 hours left till the tsunami comes in. Alice told us to come inside the ship, just in case the tsunami comes in early. The humans can't see anythinf in the dark and some like Kim and Claire were already asleep. I helped some of the humans board inside the ship. At last, there were only me, Seth, Aro, and the wolves. I was about to go inside when Aro stopped me.

"Where do you think you're going, Amiolet?" Aro said, menace inn her tone. I looked at him confusingly.

"I'm going inside the ship." I said simply. He smiled viciously. A smile that tells you that he is planning on something. Jane, Alec, Caius and Chelsea were at the door of the ship. I gasped. He was blocking us from entering the ship. Me and wolves. Edward suddenly appeared, but Jane blocked him.

"Aro, what are you planning to do?" I asked, unsure what to do next.

Aro smiled. "I thank you, Amiolet, for building this ship. But, you know how I am, always hungry for power. And we will survive. Also, without you and the wolves, nothing can stop us from drinking human blood. Let's take one of them for example. Jane?" Aro said. Suddenly, there were screamings inside the boat.

"No!!" Edward shouted out. He tried to get out, but couldn't. Jane arrived beside Aro, Kim in her hands. She was still sleeping, very innocent and not sure what was going on. I hissed and a growl escaped my throat. The wolves were still inside the house, double-checking whether we had left something.

"Hmm... she looks tasty." Aro laid her in his arms and he was about to sink his teeth in Kim's throat when suddenly, everything happened at once.

First, I noticed that the wolves arrived and Jared ripped Aro's head off. Seth, who was human form, carried Kim towards the ship. The wolves were about to tear him piece by piece when another unexpected thing happened. The tsunami came 2 hours early. It was coming this way. The huge wave was about to invade us. The wolves left Aro's body and quickly went inside the ship.

I was about to go inside when the waves carried me off. I struggled to breathe. I stuck my head out of the water and tried to find the ship. I noticed it and tried to swim towards it. When I did, I knocked hard at the door. Seth noticed me and quickly opened it. I went inside.

I gasped loudly, trying to get some air. My lungs felt as if it were on fire. Water splurted out of my mouth and nose, causing it hard for me to breathe. Seth laid me on the sofa. I couldn't hear. And my eyes began to feel heavy. I closed my eyes and blackness took over me.

I woke up in a garden. The garden has a waterfall beside it. It was magnificent. Then, I saw someone. I walked over to her and realised it was Renesmee. And she was playing with a boy. He has green eyes and bronze hair. He looked a lot like Edward. When Renesmee noticed me, she said, "Oh, hi, Amiolet."

"Umm.. Hi. Who is he? Where am I?" I asked. The bronze haired boy stood up and held his hand out.

"Hi, Amiolet. My name is EJ, Bella and Edward's future son." I gaped at him. Really? "But-but-" I stuttered.

"Amiolet, you are in the world where... the dead goes, like me. And where the future people live, until they are allowed to go to the human world." Renesmee said. Oh no. Am I dead?

As if reading my mind, Renesmee shook her head, her ponytails bouncing. "No, you're not dead. You're only here because you were unconcious. Don't worry, you'll go back."

I walked around the place. It looks so.. unreal. I realised that Renesmee and EJ weren't the only ones here. In one corner was children playing. There were about 10 to 20 of them. They were playing tag. Renesmee followed my gaze.

"They are the future children. You'll notice them sooner or later." Renesmee said. At all of those children, two caught my attention. One girl and one boy. They seemed familiar. As I looked closer, I realised that the girl has blue eyes and brown hair while the boy has purple eyes and black hair.

The girl looks so much like someone I know. The way she plays with her friends, I could see that she was a very bright person. She has flawless pale skin and perfect features. Her dark brown hair reached until her waist, flowing smoothly with the wind. Most of all, her eyes. Her sapphire blue eyes that were shining in the sun. She was a very beautiful child.

The boy was a very hyper-active child. He has purple violet eyes that were always shining bright. A smile of someone I knew. Like the girl, he has perfect flawless features. His skin was tan. His jet black hair was waving in all directions, smooth like the girl's. He was handsome and he would make a good child to anyone.

Then, I realised that these were my future children. I cried tears of joy. I was about to run towards my children when, suddenly, they started to disappear.

"No!" I whispered.My eyes flew open and I was brought back to reality. I searched for Edward and Seth. I need to tell them. I sat up and large, strong hands held me. I looked beside me and saw Seth. I hugged him close. He hugged me back. When I sat up straight, I looked for Edward.

Edward was suddenly in front of me. "Edward, did you know?!" I exclaimed. I was too excited. He nodded, his eyes bright. "What is it, Amiolet?" Seth asked. Everyone was gathered around me.

"I saw Edward and Bella's child, EJ. And- and... our child." I looked at Seth. His eyes went wide. He looked at me, as if he thought I was joking. Bella's hand held mine. "EJ?" Bella asked. I nodded.

"How about mine, Amiolet?" Rosalie exclaimed. I remembered the other children playing with my own. I remembered some. There were two - a girl and a boy - who looked like Alice because the girl's hair was spiky, like Alice's, only, it was blonde. And I remembered a boy who had blonde hair Rosalie, but has features like Emmet. Playful, protective and funny.

"There was a lot of children playing together. About 10 to 20 of them." I said. There were some gasps and exclaims.

I felt the floor move. I gasped. Are we safe? What about Aro? Am I safe from Aro? I started questioning. Edward went to my other side and began explaining, "Aro didn't survive. We are safe. From him and from the tsunami. We are now in the ship. It is now around... 2.00 am. You were dreaming for, about, 2 hours. I saw your dream. And, I finally got to see EJ. You have a beautiful child. What are you going to name them?" Edward asked. I thought about it.

I shrugged, "I'll think about it later. At least, I have something to do at that time. What are the others going to do?" I asked. I'm curious.

"Jasper and Emmet are going to play video games. Rosalie and Alice - well, with the news you brought - they are going to do lots of talking about their babies like what their names are like. The wolves, particularly, they have nothing to do. Just sleep or play with their imprint. The humans, they brought their own thing to do. Puzzles, books and drawings. Bella is with Rosaie and Alice. Me, I listen to everyone's thoughts. Kate will be going around to shock everyone so, be careful with her-"

"I heard that, Edward!" Kate shouted out from upstairs, cutting what Edward was saying.

Edward sighed. "Now, whenever I'm alone, she'll electrocute me. I'll have to be careful. Anyway, Tanya, she has various things in her mind. Emily and Esme would be at the kitchen."

I nodded, taking in everything. Suddenly, there was a loud bang that stopped everone from doing their things. Everyone's head turned to the door, which was banging loudly. Could it be Aro? If it was, what will happen to me? To us? To Seth?! I looked at Edward. He was frowning. "I can't hear their thoughts."

Open it Renesmee's voice echoed in my head. I stepped forward and opened the door. Whatever happens, I'll trust the souls.

I was expecting Aro, or the tsunami coming in but neither did. I opened my eyes. "Block it!" One man said. "I'm trying. Now, go inside!!" I saw the commotion. A girl was blocking the tsunami waves from coming using her shield and five other people tried to squeeze inside the door. I pulled the first one in and the rest came tumbling in. The girl who was blocking the waves closed the door.

There were 3 boys and 3 girls. The one who blocked the waves held out her hand to me while the other stood up. "Hello, my name's Jadeasius, but, it seemed hard to pronounce so, just call me Jade." I shook her hands. "My name's Amiolet."
"This is my coven, sort of. This is my twin brother, Jaredeasius - but, call him Jared. His best friend, Emmanuel and Erick. My best friend, Kathlyn. And Erick's twin sister, Erichanimum - call her Ericha. How many are you here?" She asked.

"Around 40 to 50." I said. Jade has black hair and pale skin. Her hair was waist-length. Jared has jet black hair and pale, like Jade. Both of them has emerald green eyes. I stared at Jared and he winked at me. I rolled my eyes. Emmanuel has tan brown skin and onyx black eyes. Erick has blonde hair and pale skin. His eyes were hypnotising dark blue. Kathlyn has blackish-brown hair that reaches until the bottom of her shoulders. She has tan skin and black eyes. Ericha has black eyes and black wavy hair that reached her toe.

"Wow. Anyway, I know all of you are dying to know what we are. Well, here you go." She said. And then, she looked at each and one of us. As her eyes met mine, I suddenly knew everything about them. All in less than a second.

Jade and Jared could take someone's power, without actually hurting them. And stil, the owner of that power still has it. It was like, they just took the duplicate of the power. Kathlyn could see permanent visions. Erick and Ericha changes their features but, in a different way. Erick could change his human features like nose, mouth, eye color .etc. Ericha could change features from human to werewolf to vampire. To anything that she could see. Emmanuel could manipulate minds. He could make you do anything you want, like hypnotising. Kathlyn and Ericka are together. The others weren't.

I knew all of it, in a split of a second. I shook my head, "Wow!" I exclaimed. Everyone did the same. "So,how many powers do you have?" Edward asked Jade.

"Everyone's power here and my coven's and many many more. About 9 million plus." Jade said proudly. "And, the power I used just now, it's a mixture of Aro and your daughter, Renesmee's, power." Bella gasped.

"You know her?" Bella asked.

"Yes. I met her once." Jade said.

Leah, who was sleeping just now, climbed down the ladder and when she found our visitors, her gaze was locked into Jared's. Oh!

"Leah, found your imprint, huh?" Seth teased. Leah blushed. The first time I saw her do so. She quickly climbed up the stairs again. Jared followed her.

"I'm sorry, Jade. But, it seems as though we don't have any extra rooms. You are welcome to share with anyone." Alice said, her smile wide. I noticed that Emmanuel kept staring at me. I stared back. Butterflies started fluttering in m stomach.

"Can I share rooms with you?" Jared asked me. I swear I know that voice. And that look. I know I've seen him before. My mind suddenly thought about how fit he was, how good it will be if he would share rooms with me. I shook my head and grimaced at him.

"Very funny, Jared. But I won't follow you. So, no. You can't share rooms with me. I'm sharing with Seth. My partner." When I said that, Seth's arm which was in my waist tightened. His gaze dropped to my waist. He looked at Seth and Seth suddenly dropped his arm which was on my waist.

"Emmanuel, stop being childish. If she doesn't love you back, don't force her to." Jade snapped to Emmanuel. Kathlyn and Jared snickered at him.

"Can you show me some of you powers? The ones that we hadn't seen before?" Emmet asked eagerly. Jasper nodded in agreement. Jade nodded.

She walked toward Rosalie, who was frozen in place. She touched her hand and Rosalie started changing. Her pale skin was suddenly becoming less pale. Her eyes were suddenly blue in colour. And, before we knew it, she was.. different.

"Rosalie, talk." Jade ordered.

"Emmet?" Rosalie's bell chime voice was suddenly more husky.

"As you can see, I've changed Rosalie from vampire.. to human" Jade announced. Wow.

"I'm human?!" Rosalie exclaimed.

"For a short while." Jade said. Everyone stared at her. Wha-? How could someone change a vampire to human. Well, maybe it was possible.. to her. Erick grinned as he walked towards Rosalie.

"Now, don't freak out. I don't just change features. I could also change gender, voice, thumbrint and many more. More like a disguise. When I was human, I was good at disguises." Erick suddenly changed. And, before I knew it, the place where Erick should have been, was occupied by the vampire Rosalie. So now, there was the fake and real Rosalie. The vampire and human. Rosalie screamed and Erick changed to his normal self.

"Erick and Ericha are immortals, not vampires." Jade explained. Ohh. That explains a lot. Before we could do anything else, Bella was suddenly screaming. And so was Alice. Almost all the vampire women were screaming. Oh no.

The babies are coming! "The babies are coming!" Renesmee and Jade's voice echoed in my head. I gasped. Suddenly pain was all over me. And the last thing I felt was my head, crashing to the floor, Then, blackness invaded me. Again.
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