The Twilight Saga

What will happen to the vampires, werewolves and half-breeds if the end of the world came??
This is a sad, tragetic story with lots of crying, so, get ready your tissues! I had just watched 2012 last night and it just made me wonder, what will happen to them? Are they going to die? What about Nessie? Will she die, like any human? And that's how I made this happen..

Disclaimer: I don't owe any of the characters. They are Stephenie Meyers'. The plot is mine.

If you think this is good, please comment..

Than you so much Nala for the banner!

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Okay, heres the Reader's List as promised. I took the liberty into writing each and every one who commented!!

Reader's List

Best Readers

1. Nala
2. Tammy's Pack
3. ♥::.Amelie StarDust.::♥
4. Alice
5. anonymous


- Emma Cullen!
- Fozzie
- ♥aLiCeCrAzIe♥
- Bella Cullen
- Rhia
- Mrs. Kelsey Cullen
- Isabella Marie Swan
- kAsS
- WolfGirl [Kasey]
- ☆Alice Cullen☆
- ♥ツAnna Night™ツ♥
- Alice Cullen
- rose jean
- Jenn Jean
- dominique
- S.R.K
- emily
- gangsta hug
- Ms. Tonima Cullen
- lena

Once again, I thank everyone who read and commented this story!!! All of you mean a lot to me!!

Sequel: 2012 in Twilight: A new Generation


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From what I heard, it began with rumors and stories. Ya know, like ghost stories.. People were bored at that time and the only entertainment they have is story telling. So, where did the stories come from?? In this story, it comes from Jade! LOL!
LOL!! Try wikipedia.. But, of course, Wikipedia goes on and on and on.....
love it
Hey guyz, I made an index so it wont be complicated! It's on A New Beggining, A new World, A new Life. The link's on top.

The index is to help you find what's the names of the babies, their powers, how many ppl is still alive ect... So, I hope this index will help!!

C. Cerastes Arrian

P.S. You could help make the index by making suggestions ect. !
WOW!! 2012 and Twilight together is Awesome!!!=)
cant wait to read*reading now*
Nice Nice!!!!!!!
A/N: Okay, pay attention readers!! Since I had lots of new readers and new comments, Im going to continue writing!! Thats the good news but, there are some bad news... I am still missing some informations and no one is helping me! I cant continue writing without your help! So, if you have any ideas, please help me and suggest the names and missing informations!
wow great

Wonderful story can't wait for the sequel


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