The Twilight Saga

What will happen to the vampires, werewolves and half-breeds if the end of the world came??
This is a sad, tragetic story with lots of crying, so, get ready your tissues! I had just watched 2012 last night and it just made me wonder, what will happen to them? Are they going to die? What about Nessie? Will she die, like any human? And that's how I made this happen..

Disclaimer: I don't owe any of the characters. They are Stephenie Meyers'. The plot is mine.

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Sequel: 2012 in Twilight: A new Generation


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i cried when renesmee died.
Yeah, imagine your daughter dying.. LOL.. You better need more tissues.. Lots of natural disasters are coming!!

Amiolet's POV

Yesterday night, lots of people mourned. For both Jacob and Renesmee. It was torture. For me. For all of us. Jasper was suffering from too much feelings and he can't comfort them. I felt bad for Bella and Edward. While they were mourning, at sometimes, Jacob or Renesmee comes to them. Either to hug or kiss them. Edward could see what I could see. At one time, Jacob kissed Bella on the lips. Edward got jealous, but, understood. Jacob had never gotten the time to kiss Bella. And he could only do that after he was dead.

I got a nightmare while sleeping last night. Also, a dream. The nightmare was about us, running for our lives. And there was this old man in a house. He was saying, "Go on, go on. I can't run as fast as any of you. 'sides, I wanna be with my son." It was painful to see him in there, hopeless, not able to survive. A tsunami was coming this way, so we had no choice but to leave him behind.

I woke up after that nightmare. But then, I decided to sleep again. When I slept, I had a dream. The dream was about us, running from the same tsunami. But, the difference was, there was a hand in my waist. I looked at the person beside me and, he was the most handsome person I've ever seen. He was young, and looks a lot like Jacob. And the way his hands was on my waist, it was like, he was.. protecting me. And, all my life, no one had ever protected me.

Then, just as I wanted to kiss him, I woke up. Edward was lying beside my bed. He was humming that new lullaby again, his eyes closed. It really looked like he was sleeping.

"That was a nice dream, wasn't it? If only I could dream.." He sighed. I looked at the window, and started daydreaming about the boy in my dream.

"Yes, it was nice. The best dream I've ever had." I closed my eyes and imagined the boy again. If only he was real...

Amiolet, got to La Push. Save as many as you can.. Resnesmee told me. Edward and I jumped at the sound of her voice. I looked up. Edward did the same.

"Thanks, Renesmee. For helping us. I love you, hun." Edward said. Renesmee giggled.

Both of us exited the hut and called everyone. We told them about Renesmee and what she told us. We agreeded to go. We were running towards La Push when we came across Sam. His face was pained. Depressed. I found out that he was the Alpha of the wolves. And he heard of Jacob's death. All of the Quileute knew.

"Sam. I'm reall sorry about Jacob. But, Renesmee can't live without Jacob. And Jacob can't live without Renesmee. Renesmee told us to come here and save as many people as we can - " Edward said. Sam looked at him, shocked.

"How do you know? She's dead." Sam said.

"I know. That is my gift. To hear, feel, talk and see souls. Dead or Alive. And I asked her to guide us to safety. She told me to come here to La Push to save the Quileute and their imprints. As many as I can." I said.

Tell Sam that we wouldn't leave without all of you. And tell him to tell my dad I love him. Jacob appeared and seemed to pat Sam's shoulder. Sam gasped and looked behind.

I smiled. "Jacob told me that none of us would leave without all of you. And tell his dad that he loves him. He is now behind you, patting your shoulder. Please, call everyone to come here." I started begging.

Amiolet, a tsunami is coming. In an hour's time. Warn them. Jacob whispered. Sam came back in his wolf form. He went towards the forest and we followed him. When we were out of sight of everyone else, he howled loudly.

"Guys, a tsunami is coming in an hours' time. Jacob asked me to warn all of you," I looked at Sam, "Sam, you have one hour to explain everything to the elders and the wolves. And the woves' imprint. And everyone has to meet here. Now!" I turned to the Cullens, "Find as many Quileute members as fast as you can. Meet here in less than an hour. Pair up and go to different directions. Go, now! Esme, stay here."

I went myself. Alice went with Emmet and Rosalie. Jasper went with Edward and Bella. Carlisle went with Sam. Each of us went to different directions. I was running when I saw a boy named Jared. And beside him was his imprint, Kim. Kim had grown up. I told them about how I know Jacob and the Cullens and begged them to come with me. Finally, they agreed. I smiled and thanked them. They followed me.

"Do you know where Quil is?" I asked.

"No. But, I think he is near Billy's house. Trying to comfort him since Jacob.." Jared didn't need to conitnue. I ran towards Billy's house in human speed so Jared and Kim could keep up. When we arrived there, I saw Jasper, Edward and Bella in there too. Billy was in his wheelchair, crying. I cried with him, remembering Jacob's fatal death. A tear dropped. I rearranged my face, then looked at the others in the house. There was two more large boys, each in one side of Billy. I can't see them properly as they were in the shadows.

"Had you told them?" I asked Bella. She nodded. "He said he wants to stay here for little bit longer."

Dad. Jacob appeared, kneeling at the side of Billy's wheelchair. He patted his hand. Billy stared at the hand Jacob was patting.

"Billy, Jacob is patting your hand. I can see him. I can hear him, feel him and talk to him." I said to him. "I am Amiolet. I am half-vampire. And that is my gift." He stared at me.

"Amiolet, this is Quil. And the other one is Seth." Edward said. Jasper was suddenly smiling. I frowned. Quil came up to me and held out his hand. I gladly shook it.

"Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm Quil. Quite disappointing that we have to meet each other during the end of the world, eh?" Quil teased. I laughed. "Yeah, quite disappointing." I chuckled.

Then, another man came up to me. I gasped. It was... the man in my dreams... literally. He gasped too. He smiled a beautiful smile and I can't help but smile back. He held out his hand. "Hi, I'm Seth." He said. I shook his hand and at the very moment our hands touched, electricity flowed through my body. I looked at Edward and, he was chuckling. So was Jasper. Bella looked at him helplessly. You knew, didn't you? I asked. He nodded a bit.

Then, he took back his hand and stared at me. Love in his eyes. My heart skipped a beat. I started breathing quickly. Jared said, "Ehm, um, we need to go, remember?" I looked away from him. I nodded at Jared. The earth started shaking. I heard the water splahing.I looked at Billy. "Go on, go on. I can't run as fast as any of you. 'sides, I wanna be with my son." Wow, deja vu. We ran outside. Seth was beside me and his hand was on my waist. I looked at him.

"I don't need any help, you know." I said casually. He looked at me and smiled, "I know. I just want to hold you." I smiled back. We reached the place and I shouted to them, "Run! Take at least someone with you!" The hand in my waist was gone. I looked beside me and Seth was gone. I panicked. I was about to turn back to find him when Edward pulled me forwards. "He's fine." I ran as fast as I can. Beside me was desert-sand colored wolf, and behind him was Quil's grandfather. Behind Leah's back was her mother. In each wolf was a human. Behind Quil was Claire, behind Sam was Emily and behind Paul was Jacob's sister, who Paul had imprinted on. Everyone was running for their lives. The Jacob incident will not happen again.


The tsunami was over. We were out of Forks and was now on top of a mountain. I could overlook everything in here. Forks had became a mess. And there was nothing we could do but save oursleves. I started crying again. I was sitting on the edge of the mountain and looking at the sky as I used to do.

Seth sat beside me and looked at me. I looked at him and saw worry in his eyes. I wiped away my tears quickly.

"Hey, why are you crying?" Seth asked.

"I was just thinking of the people in Forks.. They weren't ready to face it." I said.

Seth tried to comfort me. And it worked. Now my head was on his shoulder. He wiped away a tear from my eye. He traced along from my cheek, then my chin. "So beautiful." He murmured. I looked at him. He raised up my chin so we were face to face. My heart raced as he bent to get closer and closer. Then, his lips touched mine.

Electricity flowed between the two of us and he kissed me passionately. His hands that were once in my chin lingered down to my neck, touching everything. My hand was suddenly in his hair, running my fingers in it, trying to push him closer. His other hand was on my waist, trying to push me closer and closer, if that was even possible. I've never been kissed like this before. Not even with.. him. This was totally a different sensation.

"Hey, you don't wanna fall down, do you?" Emmet's loud voice made me stop and jump. Seth did too. If I could blush, I would be right now. Emmet's loud booming laugh echoed. Rosalie slapped him in the back of his head. "Stop it, you idiot!" I laughed.

"Finally! Seth found his imprint." Leah teased. Seth blushed. I giggled. His face looks hilarious when he blushes. He stared into my eyes, pure adoration in it. My heart beated quickly again.

"Amiolet, your heart isn't really gonna help, with all these vampires here." Bella said. Everyone started laughing. I laughed along. This is what life should be. Full of laughter. Though there shouldn't be any when the end of the world is coming. I noticed Edward nod a bit. I looked at him and smiled. This is what I mean. There is always light behind the darkness that seemed to invade us.

He smiled, "You're right."

I smiled proudly, "I'm always right."

He laughed again. Even Renesmee and Jacob was with us. Both sitting beside me, laughing. I looked around. Everyone was laughing, but for different reasons. Some laughing because they are safe with their loved ones, some because of Bella's joke, some because they just want to, some because their loved one is laughing. I laugh for all the reasons.
Ohh.. he will come! And miracles will help them cross to safety.. Its getting near the end!!
i agree but awesome fanfic!!
I love it so much

"at one time,jacob kissed bella one the lips" good one

it would have been better if you added she tried to punch him but ended up punching the air and jake said"she cant break her arm this time


It was dawn when I awoke. Seth was beside me, still sleeping soundly. I went out of the tent and saw the vampires crowding around the campfire. I looked around. I must be the first mortal to wake up. Edward chuckled. "Yes you are." Bella looked at me questionly. I shook my head. I sat beside them. "What have all of you been doing the whole time? Telling ghost stories?" I teased.

"Even ghost stories are lame. I wanna do something else. I know!" Emmet's head lift up as he said it. Edward and Alice groaned. The rest of us looked at them questionly.

"Let's play Truth or Dare!" Emmet said. It was then the rest of us groaned. I saw Emmet wink at Jasper and Jasper looked at us slyly. Then, I felt excitement. I nodded. "I'm in!" I said. Edward glared at me like he was saying this was the worst thing I've ever said. I shrugged. Even without Jasper's help, I would still want to join. Besides, I'm bored. And I need to take a rest.

Edward gave up and said, "I'm in too!" Bella sighed. Renesmee chimed in, "Me too!" Bella finally said, "Oh, fine!" Carlisle and Esme nodded. Jasper said, "So would I" Rosalie shook her head, "Nuh-uh! I'm afraid of what all of you will do! No, I'm just goin to be an audience!" We looked at Alice. She smiled. "I need to take a look-out for any more dangers. And if I joined, I would be cheating!"

"Fine then. Okay, I'll start." Emmet turned the bottle that was now in front of us. It landed on...Edward. "Truth or Dare, my bro?"

"Truth" Edward said.

"Was it true that you killed more than 10 humans when you were newborn?"

"No, it wasn't. I didn't kill more than 10. I killed less. And they were all bad ones. Anyway, who's counting?"

Edward spinned the bottle and it landed on.. Carlisle. "Truth or Dare?" Edward asked.

" Truth." Carlisle said.

"How many places had youu gone to?" Edward asked.

"More than 15." Carlisle spinned the bottle and it landed on Emmet.

"Dare." Carlisle smiled. "I dare you to eat human food." I stifled a laugh. Emmet's mouth was wide-opened. "How could you do that to me??" Emmet said, "Anyway, there's no human food - "

"I have. And, if I ran out of any, I'll just hunt." I said. Emmet groaned. Rosalie laughed. I took out one of my bananas. I chose bananas coz it was more.. unbearable. I smiled and gave it to him. "I don't think you will vomit blood from this." I teased. He glared at me. He ate the whole thing without even peeling the skin. I laughed hard. "You should take off the skin first, stupid!" I laughed harder. Emmet spinned the bottle and it landed on.. me! I gasped. Uh Oh. This is gonna be harsh.. I looked at Emmet, panick in my face.

"Truth.. or Dare?" Emmet asked slyly, an evil grin was on his face. Edward, which shall I choose? I looked at Edward. He shrugged, a smile playing on his lips.

I breathed in and said, "Dare." Whatever it is, I'll do it. He smiled harder. It looked as if his face is gonna split into two.

"I dare you.. to break up with Seth." He chuckled. What the *^&(!!!

"Emmet!" I pleaded. "Please! I-I can't do that!" He stopped smiling. He looked at me for a second. Then, he laughed harder.A tear escaped my eyes. "Please!" I begged. He shoook his head.

"You have to do it! It's part of the game!"

I put a brave face and asked, "Until when?"

"Until tonight! But, I don't think he will ever believe you from then. " He guffawed. I sighed and spun the bottle. Edward looked at me curiously.

"You'll do that? But, how? I thought you love him? If Emmet asked me to break up with Bella, I'll quit playing this game! But -but. This is just a stupid game! You could quit whenever you want. You don't have to make such sacrifices." Edward stuttered. Jasper frowned too.

I sighed. " Oh, I will not quit. I was born being a non-quitter. Besides, I can do the same thing to him back. And.. Seth will understand. He will be the one to punch the hell out of Emmet." I said. The bottle landed on... Bella. "Truth or Dare?" I asked.

"Dare." She said. She's such a good-hearted person that I'll never do anything to her. "I dare you to... slap Emmet in the face." I said. She gaped at me. So did Edward. What? I thought. Bella smiled. "That's one thing I could do." Bella turned to a fearful Emmet. "Uh oh." He said.

She slapped Emmet with her backhand. "That is for the dare you've given me."

Bella spun the bottle and it landed on... Jasper. "Uh oh!" Alice said. Bella asked Jasper, "Truth or Dare?"

"Truth" Jasper said calmly.

"Is it true that you had feelings for .. someone else?" Bella asked. Jasper frowned. Then, his eyes widened, panicked.

"No. I love nobody else but Alice." Jasper said firmly. Bella's eyes narrowed.

Then, we heard a yawn and saw Ember awake, stretching his muscles out wide. Renesmee giggled. Edward glared at her. Then, he asked, "Hey, good morning. Can I join?" "Sure." I said. He sat beside me. After a few more hours, more people started to wake up and joined us. Esme quitted to cook for the humans and wolves. Emily helped.

While the wolves and other humans started eating, we started hunting. I saw Seth walking towards me. Jasper and Edward looked at me, worried. I shook my head. I love him. I know that. He loves me back. That was obvious. But, it will only be until tonight. I looked at Seth. I don't know what expression was on my face, but, it made him worried. I asked him to take a walk with me in the forest. Edward was keeping an eye on us.

"Seth" I said, doubting, "Um.. I.. I want to.. be alone.. until tonight. Please. Just.. stay away from me.. until tonight. There- there is just.. too many things to.. handle. " I stuttered out. Seth looked at me, pain in his face.

"You want me to leave?" Seth said. Oh, bother.

"No, just..." I sighed and ran away from him. I can't! I can't say the words!! Tears ran down my cheeks as I thought of it. Edward stopped me from running and hugged me. I stopped crying. I.. I just can't say the words out loud. Edward rubbed my back, comforting me. Edward was the best friend I could ever have. Then, I heard a gasp. I turned to my side to see Seth glaring at me and Edward. My eyes widened. He must have thought that I broke up with him to be with Edward! Oh no, what a misunderstanding.

"Seth, you don't understand!" I shrieked. But, it was too late. He changed into a wolf and growled at Edward. He looked at me and whined. I cried. No. I felt betrayed. Then sadness. Then anger. Stupid Emmet! I'm gonna get him for this! He will pay for messing with my love life!
nice story!!!!!!!!

A tear ran down to my cheeks. Edward wiped it with his hands. I can't take it!!!! I ran away from him. From everyone. Maybe I could suicide. Yeah, there is plenty of rocks here. And earthqueakes. I ran faster. I can hear Edward running after me. "Get away fom me!" I shrieked. More tears ran down to my cheeks. I coudn't do that to Seth. But, I betrayed him. There were two parts of me that were arguing. The part of me that wanted to die, and the other to go back and rip Emmet's head off and apologise to Seth. But, what have I done to him?! I slowed down.

Edward caught up with me. So has Jasper and Bella. Jasper tried to make me feel more comforted while Edward hugged me. Bella tried to comfort me by saying it doesn't matter. I sighed and let the tears and pain invade me. Jasper winced but still tried to comfort me. Alice came over too. "It's okay, Amiolet. You and Seth will be together in no time. I can see it." She said lightly, trying to convince and comfort me at the same time.

"Do you see me ripping Emmet's head off?" I asked. I imgined getting my revenge.

"Oh, you'll get your revenge. But, not by ripping his head.That's no use. I have a better plan, but first, I need Rosalie." Edward and Alice smiled mischeviously. I smiled with them. If it means getting revenge on Emmet, I'm in. And with the devil pixie in charge, I don't think this revenge will fail. We looked at each other mischeviously.

We gathered up and started discussing. After that, we continued hunting and went back to our campsite. We came out of different directions. I looked around and found Seth. I went over to him, unsure of what to say. Luckily, Edward came with me.

"Seth, there had been a misunderstanding." I said. He looked at me, pain in his eyes. I mirrored his pain.

"Seth, we played Truth or Dare and Emmet spun the bottle and it landed on Amiolet. She said dare and Emmet dared her to break up with you until tonight. Amiolet wasn't the kind of girl to quit, so she didn't. When she wanted to say she wanted to break up, she couldn't. She just couldn't bear to see you hurt. She ran and coincidentially, she ran past me. I comforted her but, you mistaken her." Edward said. Seth turned to glare at Emmet, who was whistling and throwing some fire in the pit.

"I'm gonna kill him!" Seth muttered. "I'm so sorry, Seth." I said. He looked at me, "I'm sorry I'd mistaken you. And I forgive you. It's Emmet that I'm not gonna forgive." And he glared at Emmet again.

"Don't worry, all of us aren't going to forgive him that easily. And we have a plan of our own, so, stick around for the show." Edward said so softly that Im sure only two of us can hear. I recalled our discussion earlier and chuckled. Seth looked at us confused.

"You'll see" I said. I spent the rest of the afternoon in Seth's arm, not really doing anything. We just stared at the beautiful scenery around us. Then, at sunset, I whispered to Seth, "It's time for the show." And we looked behind.

Emmet was sitting at the middle of out campsite, beside the campfire. The rest of us sat at the side, as if watching a show. Clearly we were. Emmet still didn't know what was going on. He just whistled and whistled. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" I whispered.

Then, Rosalie came up to him. Emmet stood up. "Oh, hey Rose." He said calmly. Then, Rose slapped his face. There were some comments from the pack like ,"Ouch! Ooh" It was really like a short play!

"Emmet, I'm breaking up with you!" Rosalie said with such emotion that Emmet kneeled down and begged.

"Aww, come on, Rose!! We've been married for, like, more than 50 years!!" Emmet begged. I smiled. This was better than I imagined.

" I don't want to be with you!!" Rosalie said. And then, she left and sat with me. Emmet was standing there, helpless, unsure what to do. Before I knew it, there were applause and I laughed out loud. Rosalie chuckled with me.

"Good acting, Rosalie!" Alice said. "Woo!" I cheered. Rosalie stood up and bowed gracefully as Emmet tried to figure out what was happening. Obviously, he thought that break-up thing was real. I lsughed again. Ahh, revenge is sweet!

After the 'show', Emmet started glaring at me. That was a bad sign. I held Seth tighter. Edward growled at Emmet. Then, Emmet shrugged and walked away. Me and the humans ate our dinner after that. The vampires just looked at us and even though some tried to hide their disgust, it was clear that they did not like it. Ember, however, tried to make it more difficult for them by slurping and making noises while eating. Even some humans thought of it as disgusting.

After dinner, we sat around the campfire, chatting about random things. Suddenly, I saw Renesmee, staring at me. "Amiolet, tell Bella that Charlie wants to talk to her." I gasped, catching everyone's attention. I turned to Bella and squealed, "Charlie wants to talk to you!" Her mouth gaped open.

"Wait, how do we know wether your not just lying? Ask the 'souls' to appear, then, to us." Leah argued. I sighed then looked at the additional souls. Jake, Angela, Renee, Harry Clearwater and - an unexpexted one - Didyme, Marcus' wife. My eyes widened. I did not expect her to be here.

"Umm... can all of you appear? They want to see you." I looked around. They nodded and appeared to them. When they appeared, they gasped and started talking to them. Bella started talking to Angela, Charlie and Renee, saying sorry that she didn;t have time to save them. The pack talked to Jake, asking him how does it feel like to be a ghost. Edward talked with Renesmee and asked her what the 'other world' looks like. Renesmee touched his skin and showed him. He seemed delighted. Seth, Leah and Sue chatted with Harry, thanking him for saving them.

The vampires and I looked at Didyme. "Didyme, why are you here?" I asked. Rosalie, Emmet, Alice, Carlisle and Esme looked shocked to see her.

"Woah! I didn't know vampires have souls!" Emmet said. Didyme smiled at him and turned to look at me, plea in her eyes.

"Please, Amiolet, save Marcus. Go to the Volturi and warn them about a terrible earthquake that's about to arrive in 3 days. I'll appear in front of Marcus to convince him to follow you. Please. " I got confused at her request.

"But, Didyme, Marcus wants to be with you. He'd rather die and be with you than live." I said.

"It's up to him if he wants to live. Just try and save as many Volturi guards as you can." ANd with that, she disappeared. I sighed. Now, we need to go to Italy to save the vampires in there. Edward came to me and said, "Renesmee said to save the Irish, Denali and Amazon covens. Before 3 days." Okay, now, we need to split up.

Leah came towards me and said, "Amiolet, dad and Jake told me to herd as many animals as possible, before 3 days." Okay, Another task.

"But, where do we meet?" Rosalie asked.

"Dad, Renee and Angela said to meet at a special place, where no humans had gone to. Where would that be?" Bella said. We trie to think of a place. Sam came to us and said, "Jake said to build a boat."

"Okay, we need to split up, according to which soul you talked to. Rosalie, Emmet, Jasper, you go with Edward. Alice, Carlisle and Esme goes with me. " I ordered. We nodded. And, we sat around the fire again, rying to think of a place where no human had gone before and perfect place to build a boat. Suddenly, Carlisle and Esme said, "Isle Esme!"

We looked at each other, "What do you say?" I asked. We nodded. We stood up and started forming groups. "Sam, you and the pack get lots and lost of wood, as many as you can carry, and get to a a small boat. Carlisle will lead you to where the Island is. Then, Carlisle, you meet us at Italy. Bella, you take the humans and get to Isle Esme. Come back and get as many human food as you can. Then, get back to Isle Esme and staye there." I said.

"But, what if Bella lost control?" Jasper asked. I grimaced. "Jasper, Bella had more control than any other vampires. She's fine." Edward said confidently.

"Okay, Edward, you go with Emmet, Rosalie and Jasper. All of you must convince the Irish, Denali and Amazon covens and get to Isle Esme. Leah, Seth and Sue, three of you must get as many animals as you can find and get to Isle Esme. Me, Esme, Alice and Carlisle will go to the Volturi and convince them to go with us. Then, we will go to Isle Esme. And, everyone's task must be finished before 3 days. We are all in danger. And everyone has to cooperate like your lives depend on it. Understood?" I said. Everyone nodded and started packing the camps. Alice and Jasper kissed each other goodbye. Seth came to me and hugged me.

"By the way, bring lots of fruits, too." I said. He chuckled. "I'll miss you." He said. Before I could say or do anything, small hands tugged at me.

"Come on, Amiolet. We have to go like our lives depend on it." Alice said. I sighed and ran. Esme came with us. This will be tough.

How can we convince the Volturi? Well, I'll just have to let 'fate do its thing', as always. At some time, I felt Didyme with us and she whispered in my ear, "Thank you."
So, Had I missed anyone out??? I hope not. I'm sorry I forgotten to save Charlie and Renee. But, there was no time! If I had missed anyone out, I apologise! Pls comment!
Can you write MORE pls pls pls????? your story is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!19999999999999999% the best!


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