The Twilight Saga

By: Alice Published By: Rose
Making Alice and Rose Inc.
*A Twilight fan fiction
*All characters are property of Stephanie Meyer
*Written by Alice
*Published by Rose
- What if Bella didn’t remember anything when she was attacked by James? In this story Bella Swan is confronted with many secrets she would not have known if not for her amnesia. What secrets will she discover about her family, her friends, and herself? And a corndog? Here is “AIR.”
Chapter one: New Bella (EPOV)
I waited and waited for my Bella to wake up. I know I should let her rest but the wait was agony. I wanted to see the chocolate brown eyes. I was sure her eyes would distract me from her bandaged head and arm. Her broken leg and various tiny cuts on her face and neck made me hate myself.
My beautiful Bella was just recovering from a vampire attack. A coven of vampires arrived near Forks, WA. One was a sadistic vampire who planned to torment her to death. He tricked her into finding him. When I arrived she was almost dead. No let me rephrase, she was almost turned into a vampire. I sucked the venom back out. I don’t know how I did it, but I did. When we brought her to the hospital she was unconscious. It’s been a week now and most of her bandages were removed.
After what seemed like eternity, which was only a week and a half, she finally woke. Her hand moved toward one of the wires connected to her.
“No you don’t” I said as I lightly touched her shoulder. She flinched at my cold touch. Strange. I would think she’d be used to it by now. Then I thought she was mad at me for putting her through all of this. I had expected to see anger, sadness, pain or by some miracle love. But no. There was some sort of confusion.
“What happened?” she asked. How could she not remember? Well she just woke up; I can’t expect to have her back completely.
“I was almost too late. I could have been to late!” I whispered, my voice tormented.
“T-too late? Too late for what? Who are you? What are you doing here? What am I doing here? She asked with no hint of sarcasm or anger. She sounded amusingly curious.
“Bella, Bella don’t you know where you are?” I was worried now. How could she forget this much. I knew she wasn’t lying because she is not a good actress.
“Wait, wait, let me guess,” she said as excited as a child playing games.
“Okay, let’s see… um… ok its white and… uncomfortable. Oh! We’re at an asylum.
“Bella you just recovered from a horrible accident. You almost got killed!” I was seriously panicked now.
“I was? Oh well. You know what they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Isn’t that what they say?” she said confused.
“Bella please say you remember me.”
“I remember you.”
“Really? You do?” hope filling my voice.
“No, not really.” She said with a huge grin on her face. “You said to say it, so I said it.”
“Only if you meant it.”
“You didn’t say that”
“Oh hey what’s this” she reached for the bed adjusting control.
What had happened? My Bella was never this bubbly. Could she have amnesia? But she remembered us when we found her. Maybe all the treatments she got messed up her head.
All the while I was thinking, she was laughing and whooping at the bed’s movements. It wasn’t like Bella to get excited over simple bed movements. Actually it wasn’t like anyone.
When the doctor came in, I told him what had happened so he went to go examine Bella.
“Wait no; we’re not at an asylum are we? We’re at the circus. I mean look at the clown dressed in white.” She said with a huge smile.
“No sweetie I’m Dr. Belter. You’re at the hospital.”
“Now see, what that guy said about me almost getting killed makes a lot more sense.” She said.
“Well it is amnesia. I’ll make out the paper work so she can be transferred to Forks and be treated over there, not so much treated. More like weekly visits to the doctor.”
“If you help her, she will start regaining her memory. Nothing serious. Take her to the doctor if she doesn’t recover in at least six months.”
With that he left the room. When I looked back to Bella she was fast asleep cuddling the remote. She was so deeply asleep she didn’t realize the bed was still moving. I took the control from her hands.
I planned to go get Alice to come and watch her for a bit. As usual she saw my plan and came.
“I know what happened Edward. You go tell them I’ll stay here.” She said glumly. She was sad Bella wouldn’t remember their friendship. I didn’t need to be a mind reader to see that.
I walked to the waiting room. I saw my family sitting there. Well not my entire family Carlisle, and Esme.
“She only has amnesia. She will be able to leave tomorrow morning.” I told them happily. Well somewhat happy. I was happy because I couldn’t leave Bella now, she needed me. And also because she was okay. I wasn’t so happy that she wouldn’t remember that she loved me.
“I talked to Charlie on the phone.” Carlisle told me
“Oh yeah? What did he say?” I asked although I already knew what and was thrilled
“He said he got a job offer from a police station in Boise, Idaho. He wasn’t sure how to deal with the whole Bella situation. Renee doesn’t know what happened to her. I convinced him to let her stay with us. Now when he hears he would have taken Bella into a new environment in her condition he’ll want us with her even more.” He said obviously thrilled about another addition to the family. Esme was thrilled too! Jasper was scared. Her scent around him so much would put Bella in constant danger.
“I trust you Jazz.” I told him quietly. Carlisle looked puzzled by our exchange. Not Esme though. She knew her sons.
I headed back to Bella’s room. When I opened the door I smiled at the sight in front of me. Bella was sitting up with Alice perched on the side of her bed. Alice was showing Bella the various jewelry she had on. Alice may have thought Bella finally had a fashion sense, but if I knew my new Bella correctly she just liked sparkly things.
After two hours of sparkly talk, Alice could tell I was about to crack. She told Bella to rest and be ready for tomorrow. When Alice reached the door, Bella stopped her with a question.
“What’s your name?” she asked curiously. I couldn’t help but laugh. They spent two hours talking and Bella still didn’t know her name.
“Alice, my name is Alice.” She said while glaring at my still laughing figure.
“And his name is Bob.” Alice told Bella. That cut my laugh short.
“Evil little pixie.” I muttered as she walked out.
“You should sleep now Bella.” I told her.
“Bella. Bella? I guess that’s my name since everyone keeps calling me that. I like it. Well goodnight Bob.” She said with a smile.
“I’m not-“ I was interrupted by deep breathing. Great. Now if she dreams of her boyfriend, she’ll be kissing Mr. Bob the Builder.
I gave her a gentle kiss on her lips as soon as I was sure she was sleeping. She smiled in her sleep. Maybe she can still love me. No, Cullen don’t give yourself fake hope. She can also choose someone else. Someone like Mike Newt-. You know what maybe I should give myself hope.
With that, I watched my lovely, beautiful angle Bella sleep. One thing she still didn’t change was sleep talking. And tonight her dreams made me soar…
“Bob. I love you, Bob.” She whispered.

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