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Why...Oh..Why did I leave her, I know that it was dangerous for both of us but really did she know ,how much love I felt for her and even now, I still fell for her.
I`ve never felt this for anyone before Her!....
And now I left her to protect her....
And I Regreat it......

I`m sorry let me introude myself my name is Edward Anthony Mason Cullen and this is; Our story of OUR LOVE...of....OUR STUGGLES.......OUR LOSS...AND OF COUSE OUR FAMILY..


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CHAPTER ONE!!! the beggining

EDPOV (Edwards point of view)!

We moved back to Forks after 55 years from Alaska.
We loved being in Forks it was our favourte place to live.
And we were moving back.
After all this time.

I was listening to the thoughts of my loving family.

Yes we`re home, my mother Esme thought.

Home at last well better start getting our things in order or Alice will!!!. My father Carlise thought

I chuckled at his thought.

But that made me think were was Alice and what in gods name was she doing.
Speak of the devil and the devil shall come.
Edward were`d you put my shoes? Alice demanded.
I don`t have your beloved shoes but i know who does ''looking towards a certen person {Emmentt}''.
I think she caught my drift cause as Ilooked over towards Emmett, Alice went running and scearming bloody murder and Emmett looked like he was going to murder someone and i like it was me!.

By the time Alice was scearming bloody murder and Emmett running away with Alice`s shoes laughing the rest of the family came in first looked at me, then outside where they looking at the funnest sight i`ve ever seen in my 150 years of living this life.
And everyone was looking at me like ''they`ve gone mad'' and well they`ve got it right this time!.
But you could`nt blame us if your`ve lived as long as we have you need to do something Fun every once in a while
and for Emmett Cullen that was every single day ,but you could'nt hate him for his pranks or his lame jokes you couldnt resist loving him he was a big teddy bear

Tell me what you think i need some help so if you got any ideas plz plz tell me

vicky mcpherson
haha i love this storry(:

keep me updatedd

wait did he meet bella yett i'm sonfused a little? but i still loove your storyy Emmett is fuunny
more please keep me updted
i like it. wright more!
sorry i like saying that!
um.... thxs
Chapter Two

First day of Forks High School

First day at school, YA!!!!!!!!! I thought.
I snorted at my own thought
Alice looked at me like ''He's gone crazy?''
What?, I mouthed towards her.
Nothing, she replied in her mind.

This year Alice and I are jr's and Rosalie, Jaspor and Emmentt are seniers.
Lucky them.........

We walked into the office
I like it. Why do you need so many comments in order to write more? Anyway, I do like your story and hope that you will write more soon. :)
i like it! i wonder whats going to happen! =P
I love it ummm I would like to help, but I cant think of anything. Sometimes I'll pretend like I'm, the charcter adn do what I would, but like add the characters own little twist to it. That usually gives me ideas.
I hate those!!
luv it post more soon plzzzzzzzz
can u keep me posted? =)


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