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Why...Oh..Why did I leave her, I know that it was dangerous for both of us but really did she know ,how much love I felt for her and even now, I still fell for her.
I`ve never felt this for anyone before Her!....
And now I left her to protect her....
And I Regreat it......

I`m sorry let me introude myself my name is Edward Anthony Mason Cullen and this is; Our story of OUR LOVE...of....OUR STUGGLES.......OUR LOSS...AND OF COUSE OUR FAMILY..


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Chapter Two

First day of Forks High School

First day at school, YA!!!!!!!!! I thought.
I snorted at my own thought
Alice looked at me like ''He's gone crazy?''
''What?'', I mouthed towards her.
''Nothing'', she replied in her mind.

This year Alice and I are jr's and Rosalie, Jaspor and Emmentt are seniers.
Lucky them.........

We walked into the office.

When we entered I was hit with thoughts about how hot my brothers were and how they wanted ''things'' from us.

I wanted to be sick.

We got out timetables and left, and as we walked out Jazz turned to me 'Edward why do you feel disgusted?'

all my other ''siblings'' turned to both of us confusion in their eyes.

'Nothing' I replied sharply.

and as everyone started to walk I was again bombarded with sick thoughts from our ''fellow'' students.

'Edward are you okay' my future seeing sister asked.

I shock my head.


I like it.  Hope you post more soon.  :)



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