The Twilight Saga

This story is about Edward and Bella, of course, they are enimies. Edward always is picking on Bella it's been going on since first grade. Will fate show them that they are ment to be together?

Swan's~ Bella = 17, Jasper = 17. Bella and Jasper are twins.
Cullen's~ Edward = 17, Emmet = 18.
Hale's~ Rosalie = 18, Alice = 17.

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Chapter 1~Forks BPOV

Today Jazz and I are moving to Forks, this dreary town in Washington. Renee died last week so we’re going to Charlie. But there is a bad side to this, Edward Cullen and his crew. On my side there is Alice Hale, Jazz, and I. He has Emmet Cullen, Rosalie Hale, and him. The jock of the football team. I refer to him as the Royal Idiot. I know, it suits him.
Our flight ended and Charlie came to pick us up. He gave us a weird hug because he just doesn’t show many emotions. Like love for instance. I mean he just needs practice.
At home, I guess that’s what we call it know, Ali called.
“So did you get home alright?” she asked.
“Al if we didn’t then I wouldn’t be talking to you right now.”
“Nice what about Jasper…” she asked.
Well I’d better tell you about how Alice feels about my twin…
ooo love it please keep me updated this is gonna be a great ff
I love it! Can you keep me update PLZ
Well I'm almost finished with capter 2 it's in Edwars's pov.
hey this is awsome post soon ... keep me updated =]
i love it plz keep me updated
this is so awesome please keep me updated i think it is a very awesome twist in all the fan fiction
"Jeez now you're in denial about being in denial, and if you don't love Bella why do you say her name like a caress, a swift gentle movement in which you tone of voice is filled with love and adoration, passion an desire creeping out in every sigh. Like you are in love. Duh you retard!"

I love it :)
post more!!
THANK U and plz tell me when u do


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