The Twilight Saga

Practically the characters are all human... Also Emmett is Bella’s brother as well as Alice being her sister. The hales Jasper and Rosalie are Bother and sister. Last but not very least Edward is a Cullen and is a womanizer! I have gotten inspiration for this story from so many stories, such as Player? Teenage obsessions, Teenage Love affair, Play me, please, see you again and dusk. I’m sorry if I write anything which people may think is a blatant copy of other stories, but I do not intend to. And if I do I will delete it and rewrite, I do not want to offend anyone.

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I arrived in Forks, the cold icy air wrapped round me like a blanket. This was my new home; I was going to live here with my Brother Emmett and Sister Alice, I had moved away a couple of years ago to live in England with my mum and her husband Phil, I don’t know why I left with mum and the other two stayed with dad, but it just seemed natural, and I do not regret it one little bit. I have great friends over in England ones that I will keep for a lifetime. I was brought out of my reverie when Emmett scooped me up into a vice tight hug, god he was huge!
‘Still playing football, ey, Emmett?’ I said sarcastically as he put me down.
‘Yeah, still quarter back of the football team!’ he said enthusiastically as if he was telling me he had won the Nobel Prize. I heard Alice squeal and she came out of the house carrying a huge see-through umbrella.
‘BELLA!!’ she screamed as she launched herself at me, knocking me on to my backside
‘Hey Ali baby!’ I said as I stroked her sticky out hair.
‘I missed you so much! Don’t leave me again!’ she squealed
‘I won’t’ I promised her. I had no intention of going back to England since the timely death of my mother and her husband. I winced as I thought about it, I had cried my tears long ago about the car accident, that had brought me know back to forks. Emmett told me to go inside and get comfy and he would get all my bags.
‘Ohh, Bella, we have friends coming over later, you know, home coming and all that!’ she said, in a fake blasé tone.
‘When you say ‘home coming’ do you mean party?’ I asked her nervous, she knew I hated parties.
‘No! Just six of us including yourself’ she said honestly. I breathed a sigh of relief, the last thing I needed was a party, if you can’t tell I’m not the party type.
‘Okay good!’ she giggled lightly and mused my hair, as she skipped out of the room. At this I decided to ring my friends.
‘Hey Amelia! I’m here!’ I called down the phone
‘So you the plane you were on didn’t lose all engine power and make a death spiral towards the earth’ she giggled
‘No, my plane did not lose all engine power and I didn’t end up dead when it spiraled towards the Earth, but thanks for the optimism!’ I said sarcastically and again she just giggled,
‘OH, sorry honey bee I’ve got to go!!’ Amelia said down the phone
‘Okay, okay Lila, see ya!’ I replied and then the phone went dead. I sat there bored so I decided to get my laptop; I sat on the sofa and went on msn. No one I liked was online; I shoved it aside and turned the TV on as the door bell rang.
‘We have guests!’ Alice sang
‘They’re around here all the time, so this is hardly a surprise’ Emmett chuckled
‘Why are they always around here?’ I asked, didn’t they have homes to go to?
‘Have you seen the size of this house?’ I guess he was right we lived in a huge house. Our father was a surgeon, which meant large bank account but little ‘family time’ I honestly didn’t mind. After I had finished my day dream I heard people coming down the hall way. Alice threw the door open, which hit the wall with a bang, in her excitement. I just waved at the people coming through the door.
‘okay, Bella, this is Rosalie’ she pointed to the gorgeous blond who went to stand by Emmett’s side and kiss him ‘she is Emmett’s girlfriend, this is Jasper, my boyfriend’ she grinned at the lanky blond male standing next to her, he was almost twice her height, which isn’t a hard thing to be, Alice was tiny, with big bubbly brown eyes and short flicky black hair ‘they are brother and sister, by the way’
‘It is very nice to meet you’ I smiled warmly at them, Jasper smiled back timidly and didn’t feel the need to say anything, his sister was another thing completely.
‘I don’t think its going to take very long to get to know you, Alice and Emmett especially’ she said throwing an elbow into Emmett’s ribs, which obviously didn’t hurt one little bit, Emmett was the total opposite of Alice he was muscular, the only thing that you could tell they were related by was their big brown eyes, which I also had ‘have not stopped talking about you, since the day you said you were coming’ at this I just blushed like the moron I am.
‘Where’s Edward?’ Alice asked confused, at this the door bell rang again. Alice hopped off to answer it.
‘Sorry I’m late got caught up in a family thing’ a velvety voice called from the hallway, and then I saw him. Well there was only one word WOW, he had well styled bronze hair and amazing green eyes, which were the colour of the finest emerald, I just sat there marveling at his beauty, before he broke the awkward silence.
‘You must be the famous Bella’ he smirked, while looking me up and down like I was a piece of art.
‘Oh- er- yeah ‘STOP MUMBLING LIKE AN IDIOT! ‘You must be the famous Edward’ I said, and smiled warmly.
‘Well I knew I have made a name for myself but, famous, well!’ He laughed, still staring at me. Awkward I offered if anybody wanted drinks, and got Alice to help me.
‘What’s up with Edward?’ I asked Alice
‘Ha ha, you noticed that did you? Well he is what we call a player’ Alice said in an all knowing Buddha way
‘Player?’ I asked, confused, what did he play?
‘Womanizer, you know, treats women like a piece of meat’ Alice said struggling to explain ‘women are just another notch on his bedpost’ she whispered
‘Oh, ok’ I whispered back amused. But it still didn’t explain why he was looking at me like that. Obviously he didn’t find me attractive! We walked back into the front room to find Emmett putting Guitar Hero on. I took a seat and decided to watch, I wasn’t overly good at it, well to be fair I was rubbish at it.
‘Aren’t you gunna play Bells?’ Emmett asked
‘No, I prefer to watch, I’m not good at it’ I answered honestly
‘But you play the guitar?’ Emmett asked amused how I could play the real thing and not a plastic one
‘I know, but there not the same’ I replied blushing, as always! My phone went off playing ‘Declaration of War’ by Hadouken!, I picked it up and saw the text from my friend Marco

Hey izzie xx
Hope u have made it 2 America alrite, don’t text back snoozing. I’ll talk 2 u l8tr xx

God I missed him, he was my GBF, but you wouldn’t be able to tell unless you knew him, he acted normally, no oh my gosh behavior. He actually got asked out by women all the time. Although he had great fashion taste! I loved the outfits that would turn up on my door step without warning. I was truly spoilt by him.
‘You have an iPhone?’ Emmett asked obviously jealous
‘Yeah, leaving gift from my friends, so that I can call them in style’ I laughed at the memory of when they said that to me.
‘God, your friends are a bit much!’ Emmett shouted surprised this wasn’t a birthday and Christmas rolled into one, dad had a lot of money but mum didn’t, so I never have been really spoilt.
‘They’re the best!’ I smiled contented
‘Who did you get a text from?’ Alice asked, nosing in on my business
‘Marco’ I answered simply
‘Oh, has Bella got a boy-friend’ Emmett said, stressing the last word in a sickly sweet manor. I looked up to see Edward grimace, what did it matter to him if I did have a boyfriend. The fact that I have never had one was beyond the point.
‘No he is just my friend’ I answered honestly
‘Sure!’ Edward laughed
‘What do you mean sure’ I asked irritated
‘Well you may think your just friends, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t, just look at you!’ Edward smirked, looking me up and down.
‘Look at what? Well that’s beyond the point, Marco, lets just say isn’t interested in girls general’ I said trying to get them to understand.
‘Oh how comes everyone’s got a GBF, but me, this is so unfair!’ Alice complained throwing herself onto the couch, I just laughed.
‘So have you got a boyfriend?’ Emmett asked dead serious.
‘No’ I answered awkward
‘Have you ever had one?’ He wasn’t going to make me look like a fool in front of everyone was he? ‘Well?’ he asked annoyed, by hesitancy to answer.
‘No’ I said as I slumped down on the coach. The room went silent.
‘What so you’ve never had a boyfriend?’ Edward asked shocked
‘But… how?’ he asked still over come by shock
‘Because I’m a social reject, and no one was ever really interested in me’ I answered honestly once again, cheeks burning with such an intense blush that I thought my face would go purple.
‘No one was interested in YOU!’ Edward asked laughing ‘I mean you’re gorgeous!’ my eyes popped open in shock and face went straight into another violent blush. I looked over to see Emmett glaring at Edward.
‘Erm brb’ I said and quickly ran upstairs taking two at a time, my life was so embarrassing!

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Chapter 37

My head was throbbing, banging as I could feel blood pulsating out of it. My arms felt like extension cords, without muscles or nerves, but threw the pain and throbbing I heard the sobbing of an angel. I wanted to reach out and comfort them, tell them that I was fine but that would be a lie, I was dead, I had fallen over and cracked my head open, leaving me here with my sobbing angel.
‘Death, that hath suck'd the honey of thy breath. Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty’ The angel whispered, his voice soothing and musical. Familiar, but I couldn’t put a name to it.
My body weight shifted as I was taken out of the angel’s arms, and I could here dragging footsteps back and forth before I was lifted again. The sobs began again and I could tell that I was getting closer to seeing my angel. The thick darkness was starting to lift, I could breathe and feel the warmth of my angel, feel his kisses trail across my head. The I knew who it was, my eyes Fluttered open.
‘E-e-Edward’ I sighed contented, beaming a smile up at him. His eyes widened in shock before his strong arms didn’t feel so strong anymore and his grip loosened as he collapsed to the floor. My mind went into panic mode and I pushed away the high, drugged up feeling that had once washed over me. I was on high alert, shocked and hurt. What was wrong with my angel? Who had caused him harm? ‘EDWARD! WHATS WRONG?!’ I screamed, my eyes scanning the room until it fell on the rat poison which was spilling all over the floor, making the grime coated lino gleam blue. He hadn’t … he had. ‘NO, NO, NO!’ I scream being chocked off with a sob, I was going to watch my only love die in front of me, this couldn’t… shouldn’t be happening. How did he deserve this?
‘Don’t cry my love, I love you’ He whispered, his eyes sparkling, it was then I knew he was too far gone. He leaned up his shaky hand wiping away my tears and I leaned into it knowing I had to make every second last. I leaned down to grab his face kissing him with all my vigor, knowing this was going to be the last time I would fee his silk soft lips warming every inch of my pain induced body. I let him go holding his hand as he stared at me, trying to say something but being chocked off. This was it, more tears washed my cheek as his eyes began to droop fluttering closed as his shoulder shuddered and dropped. He no longer breathed, not longer lived. He was a memory which I would never forget, could never forget. One path way left.
‘I will be with you soon my love’ I whispered to his corpse releasing my hand from his hold walking over to the bar and taking out a knife. Even in the dim light I could see the gleaming of the sharp edge, I almost chuckled in anticipation. Then it occurred to me, I had to leave something anything to my brother and sister, so walking back over to the bar trying not to look at Edward’s note as I did so I scribbled my last words and thoughts in parchment for them to hopefully find. Knowing I had done my duty to them I went to lay in Edward’s arms, pressing my head to his chest wrapping one arms around his waist keeping the other free. Gripping the knife tight in my hand I plunged it into my chest, feeling the knife shred through me fragile skin. Last gasps of breathe came through my lips as I clung to Edward, and for one last time I rested my head on his chest breathing in his scent.


It had been days since I had heard from Bella, but I shrugged this off thinking that she was enjoying her time with Edward, alone… basking in the Italian sun. I had my folder on my lap scanning through wedding dress choices and floral designs with Esme, who it had to be said was ecstatic with the news of the upcoming wedding.
‘Blue or pink tulips?’ Esme fretted, giggling still like a little girl.
‘Blue, Bella’s favorite co-‘ my sentence was cut off by the light raps of the knocker. I sighed shoving the folder off my lap to get to the hall way first everyone trailing behind me. I opened the door to come face to face with two police officers.
‘Ms Swan may enquire whether the Cullen’s are here also’ the Police officer said curtly, Esme shrugged to my side ‘Oh, I see they are. I would ask if we could come in, we have something we wish to tell you’ the officer said, his eyes calm but his hands clenched into perfect fists. My breathe hitched, this was something bad. We lead him into the front room, Esme, Charlie and Carlisle sat on the coach and I sat on Jasper’s lap in the arm chair and Rosalie and Emmett sat on the floor.
‘I think it’s for the best if your children weren’t here to hear this’ the officer began but Charlie cut them off
‘They’re old enough’ Charlie said cuttingly, I could tell he was as nervous as us and wanted to get this over and done with. The Officer sighed clearly uncomfortable before raising his head to meet eye contact with the adults on the coach.
‘We have news from the American Embassy in Italy that your son, Edward Anthony Cullen and your daughter Isabella Marie Esme Swan, were fond deceased together and we have reason to believe that they both took their own lives’ I heard Esme gasp, but I was too frozen to turn around. Bella and Edward… dead?
‘You must have made a mistake’ I gasped, he must have been mistaken!
‘Unfortunately no, we were given these by the family that found them two days ago. They have been buried in Italy by the Volturi family’ The police Officer was cut off by Carlisle
‘They are good family friends, I trust them with my life… they are telling the truth’ Carlisle’s voice broke at the last part, a sob broke through his voice. I turned around to see Charlie, his face frozen in pain as he leant his head in his hands. His baby Izzie was dead.
‘YOU’RE LYING!’ Emmett thundered standing up to raise his fist at the police officer.
‘Emmett’ Rosalie’s voice was calm, but I could hear the pain in the undertone of it ‘I’m sorry…’ sobs broke through ‘they’re not lying’ and she broke down leaning into Emmett who fell to the floor still holding her sobbing. Jasper was shaking around me his tears washing my back. I stood up, in a strange way happy that unlike the rest of the room , I was able to keep composure and took the letters form the Police officer’s hands, reading Edward’s letter first.

Dear family and friends,

I’m sorry this is not longer, but I’m happy with the choice I’m making. Soon I will be with Bella, my beautiful bride, but first I have to say my last good byes. Mum, I love you and have always seen you as a role model that held me up whenever I was upset, that nurtured and cared for me even when I didn’t deserve it. I’m sorry that I was an embarrassment and failure to you. A player is not what I would have wanted from my son, but you never stopped being my mum and I’m sorry for the pain my death will cause you. Dad, thank you for your faith in me. I always wanted to follow in your footsteps but know I will never get the chance. I’m sorry dad, please help mum through this and keep strong like I know you will. Tell Chief Swan, Emmett and Alice that I’m sorry for the pain I have brought upon their lives, but that I loved… love their Bella more then anything in this world. Please help Charlie, this may kill him.
My undying love

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I walked over to Esme, my hand shaking as I handed her the note, she screamed and wailed in pain doubling over sobbing into Carlisle’s shirt as he too sobbed as he read his message. I still had Bella’s letter clutched in my palm, as if it was an omen, something I knew would break me. Jasper came up behind me still sniveling and grabbed my wrist prizing open my palm to take the letter. He held it open in front of me.
‘This is the last message you have from your very own sister, read it!’ Jasper ordered, his voice breaking, I noticed the Police officers had taken a seat next to Emmett and Rosalie trying to calm them. I had Jasper and it’s all I needed as I read the letter.

I don’t know what to write, that is the honest truth. What do you say when you know you are being as selfish as hell, but nothing can stop you? Sorry. Not really. The word isn’t strong enough to apologize for the pain I will cause you. My beautiful sister Alice, I know I may have kicked and screamed when I would come home to a wardrobe full of clothes, but honest to God, I was always internally laughing at your antics, please as my dying wish, I ask that you don’t change one bit. Always be my bubbly over excited pixy sister who is the light in everyone’s life. I love you and I wish you all the luck with Jasper, give him my love and tell him he was my calming force, my pillar of faith. Somebody who I can rely on to always loves me. I hope you will grow old together and have little children who are a calming force along with a hyperactive pixy… is that possible? Emmy... my big bear. What can I say? You were my big over protective brother who will always be my teddy bear, who will sit through tears no matter how uncomfortable he is. I love you and pass my love to Rosalie, the blonde goddess who I have always envied, please make a life with each other. Charlie, daddy. I’m sorry I never spent much time with you, I’m sorry that I’m causing you more pain, I’m sorry for that I ever existed to ruin your life. Please be strong for me, Emmett and Alice need you and I will always be with you no matter if I’m not there in body I will be there in spirit, my last wish is that you keep all my books, I found my true love in reading, the rest you can give away, but I want you to keep the books. Send my love to my friends and tell Amelia that I forgive her; I’m dead so what’s the point on keeping grudges? Tell Marco to keep strong, for me and for Ellie … they need each other.
So I guess that’s it, I love you all and I will be with you all, watching and smiling down with my angel, my Edward.

It was official, Bella was gone.





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