The Twilight Saga

Hey guys, So this is my first online fanfiction. Love to know what you guys make of it. Try and spread the word, I'd love as much feedback as possible :D I've begun by posting the first paragraph of chapter one, Ill post more if asked. Well here it is..........


(Beginning of Chapter 1)

“I won’t do it again, I won’t,” I whisper to myself. Even though I say it, I know I don’t believe it. I can’t keep it in. I have to let it out. It’s too much for me. I need these painful, confusing feelings to go away. I pick up the blade and draw it across my skin. As the crimson red beads of blood form and soon clot, I smile realizing how much better I feel. Even so when I look at the angry red line across my arm,  guilt begins to swirl in my chest. I’m such a bad person. What sort of an idiot does this to themselves. I must be mad. Yet looking at the cut I realise that my pain must be real, I can see it and others can see it so therefore it must be real. Why have I done this to myself?  I look up and realise I am late. School. 

I know its short but I want to see what you guys think of it. Although it seems unrelated to the supernatural, it will change................ 

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It's really good. Please post more so I know what's happening. I need to read something that's not so emotional.
Thnx. Can you try and get some other people to read my fanfic :) Get enough feedback and I will put some more up later. Couple of hours or so :)
Its cool!!! I would like to read more!!! Keep me updated???
Sure . Add you in a sec
love it keep me updated pwease
Not saying..... It'd spoil it. XD
It is going to have the supernatural in. And follow Twilight Supernatural sterotypes to a point. But i aint saying if any characters from twilight saga are going to appear. Secret......... XD if u message me i can tell u vaugley. but i dont want to put it on here and spoil it for other peeps
Not bad at all! tht was pretty good. when u do decide to post more, i would luv u to update me. Keep it up. You have potential. ;-D
mmmmmmm wooooow i don't know wat to say here
lol maybe i will say something


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