The Twilight Saga

Edward and Bella have been best friends since kindergarten. They're
both 17 now and Edward has a little sister named Lizzie, who's 6. One
day Lizzie tells Edward to "Man up and ask her out already!" Will
Edward agree with his 6-year-old decision maker? Emmett is Bella's
brother,and Alice is Edward's sister,  Rose and Jasper are Hales.

Chapter 1 Epov

"Liz! I can't believe you dressed the cat up in Mom's favorite scarf! UGH! God,
Lizzie! Alice leaves me in charge of you while she plays dress up with
Bella and you make a sandwich out of mustard and my CD's and ruin mom's
favorite scarf! Now we have to go!" I screamed picking her up in her
pink pancake tutu and overalls then ran to the car. I strapped her into
the front seat of my car and sped off. I know, my Superior parenting
skills are unmatchable, but Bella just got dumped and need me...And
Lizzie.  We skidded into the parking lot of the pizza place and ran
inside, I locked the door to my car. "Edward! Where's Lizzie!?" Alice
screamed running at me, "What? she was right here!" I started looking
around me frantically. I swear that little girl's going to be the death
of me! "hey man!" Jasper said dragging Bella in after him, she was
wearing jean shorts and a sparkly tank top with her ratty converse. I
knew Bella, Alice was not coming in between her and her converse. "hey
Jazz" I greeted, then looked around him to the car, Lizzie was sitting
in the front seat honking the horn. "GOD!" I huffed and ran out the
door, "Hey Edward" Bella greeted as I passed, "Hey Bells looking good"
I took a moment to examine her, she blushed and I continued on my
rescue mission. I grabbed Lizzie and slung her over my shoulder, then
carried her inside, "EDWARD ANTHONY! PUT ME DOWN!" She screamed as I
carried her in, everyone chuckled, "She's serious Edward" Jasper said
patting my back, I scowled at him and set Lizzie in the little booth we
had all crowded in, "BELLA!" She exclaimed when she saw Bella slide in
next to me, "Hey Lizard" she said as cheerfully as possible, Bella had
been dating Mike for a few painful months (for me at least, the kid was
freakishly annoying!) and then BAM! He dumped her, Bella's left
heartbroken, which means, as hard as it I had to tell her that life
would go on without that dork. "Hey, cheer up! He has no idea what he's
missing" I patted her back and dismounted Lizzie from my lap, and onto
the floor under the table. "I'll be bored!" She whined, "here'' I threw
her some crayons and a napkin, Bella laughed, "BELLA! I swear if you
don't stop whining I will shove this down your shirt!" I showed her my
handful of icecubes, She smiled, and matched my handful with her own,
"There's my Bella!" I hugged, she hugged me back. I decided I had
suffered more than her with Mike, so I shoved the Ice cubes down her
shirt anyway, She gasped and threw hers down my shirt, sadly one of
them missed and plopped right on Lizzie's head. She screamed and ran
out from under the table. 'you. got. My. Hair. WET!" She screamed,
"Lizzie! Shhh!" we all said pressing our fingers to our mouths "MY HAIR
IS WET!" Bella jumped out of the booth and clamped her hand over her
mouth, "SHHH!" Bella hissed, I slid out of the booth to and grabbed
Lizzie's kicking feet, "FUN!" Emmett screamed and went to join our
little commotion in the restaurant. Thankfully it wasn't a very classy
restaurant, so the owner didn't care. Emmett began tickling Lizzie, she
screamed with happiness, Alice and Rose just sat there looking
disgusted. Just then the door to the tiny restaurant swung open and,
you guessed it, Mike walked in. His arm was draped over Jessica
Stanley's shoulders, Bella's jaw dropped and she dropped Lizzie's arms
leaving her hanging upside down by me holding her feet, "Sorry to
interrupt the freak show" Mike spit, Bella looked like she was going to
cry. "Look Newton!" I handed Lizzie to Emmett, "What Cullen?!"
"Back off, okay! No body likes seeing you trying to be all tough, I
could kick your butt any day you want!" Bella was practically
hyperventilating, "Really?" Mike challenged, "You bet your girlfriends
live!" That was it, Bella burst into tears and ran out the door,
"Bella!" I called after, "go comfort your girlfriend Cullen!"
"As soon as you comfort yours" I threw the extra ice cubes in my hand
down Jessica's shirt and ran after Bella. she was sitting on the curb
of the sidewalk with her face buried in her hands, "Bells!" I said
sitting down next to her, "Don't listen to him! He's just a jerk" I
said pulling her into my arms, she sobbed quietly into my chest, she
mumbled something I couldn't understand, "what?" she shook her head,
"Nothing" I tightened my grip around her, "It' going to be okay" i
promised, "I loved him" she whispered, "You'll love again, I did" I
told her, "No, I won't, after you broke up with Jessica you tee-peed
her house every week for a month, I can't do that!" She sobbed, "Sure
you can! I'll take you right now! We'll go rob the bathroom it'll be
fun!" I coaxed, she pulled away to look at me, "Edward?" she said,
"Come on! every one will come, we'll wait until it's dark and then
we'll go get him good!" she smiled, "fine!" She grabbed my hand and got
up we walked back into the restaurant to see Alice take the pitcher of
water the waitress had set on the table and dump it all over Mike and
Jessica. Jessica screamed. and Mike stood there like the dumb monkey he
is!Bella inhaled deeply, either trying not to break down crying or trying harder to not break down laughing. Probably both. We gather all our friends and left. We decided to all sleep at my house. When we got there we were debating taking Lizzie with us or not.
"we can't leave her!" Alice shouted
"We can't take her either!" I shouted back,
"She can stay in the car no come on I want to go NOW!" Bella screamed I laughed,
"fine!" I scooped up a tired Lizzie into my arms and positioned Bella, Lizzie, and Alice in the bed of Emmett's truck, we were all dressed in black and armed with roll of toilet paper. Bella was almost vibrating with excitement. I laughed, she smiled. Bella had an amazing smile and beautiful eyes and...Holy crap! What am I thinking! Bella's my best friend and nothing more! I had to convince myself this. That was going to be hard.

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love it and liz is right he has 2 man up a little she she not now cus she just got her heart broken and shes not ready 2 heal
Hey! This is really good! Can't wait for more! ~ Alice
Chapter 4

God Edward was being stupid! So what I said no, I don't wan to go out yet... I like Edward, but... I don't know. Damn Edward for making me all confused! I love you, I hate you, I like, you I dislike you! Grr! Complicated! I was sleeping over again, my dad was out of town so he wouldn't mind.
Edward would have to get up sometime, that sometime was around 2 O' Clock, he moved downstairs, slowly and groggily, it was Saturday which meant Edward being in a bad mood wouldn't be to odd. Alice came skipping downstairs, "It's my birth-month!" she declared, "Alice we decided on a birth-WEEKEND" I told her, she frowned, "Well, anyways we're ALL going shopping you need new dresses and the boys need new clothes for my party!" she was practically vibrating, "it's at that new club in Seattle" she was spinning, Edward sat down and twirled his spoon in his Lucky Charms. Alice left leaving me and Edward alone in the kitchen, "Edward?" I asked, he ignored me, "please talk to me" I whispered, "I miss you" I saw his jaw clench, "Edward, please it's not the same with you being all sad" I was about to cry, "Edward please! I miss hearing your voice! now stop being an idiot!" I screamed, he inhaled and stormed out of the room. Alice skipped in then, "what's up with Edward?" she asked, "I'm an idiot" i answered, "I'm the world biggest freaking IDIOT!" I put my forehead on the counter, "Uh?" she was confused, "okay, just go get on a coat we're leaving in a few minutes" she told me and left, I went to go find Edward. I checked his room, he was sitting on his bed cross-legged strumming his guitar, I sat next to him, "why is this bugging you so much?" I asked leaning my head on his shoulder and embracing his familiar smell, "I don't know" he whispered, "I honestly do not know" he shook his head, "I'm so confused" I nodded, "I know" he sighed, "why'd you say no?" He pulled away so he could look me in the eye, "I thought...I guess, I mean--" he stuttered. His eyes were sad, you could see how beat up he was, "I'm sorry Edward. Mike hurt me and I don't want to go through that again" I apologized, he looked really hurt now, he cupped my chin in his hand, "I would never hurt you" he told me, sincerity ran thick through his voice, I was staring at him with such intensity my heart was pounding a million times faster, he was leaning closer to me, "really?" I asked with disbelief, he nodded moving the hand on my chin to my cheek, "Edward?" I asked, before I could ask the rest of my question Edward's lips were pressed to mine, his hand slid from my cheek all the way down to my waist, I placed my hand on his muscular chest, I grabbed a handful of his shirt and pulled myself closer, he moaned with happiness. Note to self: kissing Edward gets him out of a bad mood. "Edward are you ready?" Alice was banging on the door, Edward pulled away for a second, "One more minute Alice" I pulled him back to me, "Edward! I want my dress!" Alice stomped her foot, Edward frowned under my lips, and pulled away, "will you go out with me yet?" he asked, I shook my head, "keep working you'll get it" I promised, he frowned again, "please!" he whined, "Please! Please PLEASE!" he begged, I smiled, "go get ready or Alice will kill you" I told him getting up, and walking out, Alice was waiting for me, she handed me my bag and walked downstairs, I dug around until I found a sticky note, I scribbled something down and stuck it on Edward's door then walked downstairs to find Alice.

I got out of the shower, dressed myself and walked out side, I was closing my door behind me when I saw it. A tiny Post-it stuck to my door, I looked at it.YES! I knew it was Bella's hand writing. She said yes... SHE SAID YES! I smiled and ran downstairs, she was about to go into the garage, before she could I ran up and hugged her tight, "I love you! I love you so much!" I whispered/screamed, she smiled and followed Alice to the car. I got in Emmett's Jeep and followed them to the mall.
When we got there Alice and Rose started throwing on dresses, Bella lingered behind, "your in a good mood" Emmett nudged me, I nodded and smiled, we were all leaning against the wall next to the dressing rooms, "Why did we get more chocolate milk?!" Emmett loves chocolate milk probably more than Rosalie. Don't tell her! "No,"
"then why are you so happy?" he was obviously disappointed, I was staring at Bella twirl in front of a mirror, she was wearing a blue dress, it was knee length, with a black belt around the middle, "Oooooh" Emmett gaped, following my line of sight, "I think it's time we have a talk baby brother" Emmett put his arm around my shoulders, "I don't" I shrugged of his arm, "don't worry, I just got her to go out with me" he smiled, "I remember when Rose and I went on our first date...The restaurant caught on fire" he smiled at the memory, "okay" I nodded, I also remembered Emmett was grounded for 10 months along with 15 hours community service. "Edward what do you think?" Alice twirled, "ya, ya very pretty Alice' I shooed her off with my hand, "How does Bella look?" Alice asked, "amazing" I sighed, "your like a puppy" she teased. Emmett whistled when Rosalie walked out, Jasper somehow managed to get out of shopping, he is so lucky!
After Alice bought all of their stuff we returned home Alice was preparing everything for tomorrow, she made at least 4 trips to Seattle.

Alice's party: Bpov

It was around 5 and Alice was hurrying around frantically "Hurry up! You guys are already 17 now it's my turn!" she was screaming, "Alice calm down, we'll be there in about 5 minutes nobody's coming until 6!" I told her, she frowned. When we arrived we all set up the decorations, Edward came up behind me on the ladder and put his hands on my hips, "don't fall" he said, I smiled and continued putting up Alice's purple and pink streamers. When we were done, the club was fully decorated, catered and party ready. People started arriving, and dancing, I was sitting at one of Alice's many tables, there were about 300 people crowded in the huge club, I was spooning Mint Chip ice cream into my mouth when Edward came up and offered me his hand, "may I have this dance?" He asked very politely, I smiled and took his hand, he pulled me to the dance floor, the Offspring's Your Gonna Go Far Kid was playing, Edward took my hands and started dancing around, Edward was a good slow dancer but fast songs weren't his thing, I was laughing and he was smiling, Alice danced over with Jasper, "you guys having fun?" she asked we nodded, she smiled and danced away. Then all heck broke loose, Jessica pushed everyone out of the way until she reached us, "hey Edward' she pushed me out of the way, Edward tried to get around her, "hi, uh, can you move?" he asked, "No" she stopped moving in front of him, "I want to dance with you and I get what i want!" she put her hands on her hips "not this time, go back to Mike" Edward was getting impatient, "fine!" she grabbed Edward's hair and pulled his face to hers I gasped and Edward pulled away throwing her back a few feet. I would never hurt you Edward's words circled in my head. I was mad at him and I'd tell him later right now Jessica was my main concern, I stepped in front of her a slapped her hard. She gasped and ran off, I looked at Edward and ran away. I went outside the building to gather myself, It was Alice's birthday I could put on a happy face for her. A couple minutes later Edward came out, "Bella you saw what happened, you can't be upset" he said, "well I am!" I hissed. "I hate her" i whispered, he nodded, "I know" I burst into tears, mascara started dripping down my face. Edward hugged me, "since when did you wear this crud?" he wiped underneath my eyes and showed me his blackened finger, "since I broke up with Mike" I whispered, "why?" he asked, "because Jessica does" I said so quietly it was barely audible but he still heard, "now why do you care what she does?" he asked sternly, "you liked her...A lot, when you didn't like me" I was sobbing now, "I always liked you. I thought Jessica was hot, but I think your beautiful" he touched my cheek and wiped more of the eye makeup that was collecting "don't ruin it." he said shaking his head, I half smiled, "I'm still mad at you! Stop being all sweet" I hit his chest, "Sorry being sweet isn't one of those things I can switch off" he gave me one of his amazing crooked smiles, I shook my head and dragged him back inside, "where were you guys!?" Alice was panicked, "Edward I can't find a knife any where and I have to cut the cake!" Alice yelled, "check the bar' Edward told her, "where's her cake?" I asked when she was out of sight, Edward pointed to the tall 7 tiered purple cake, "I thought that was fake!" I said astounded, "nope" he popped the P, I examined the sparkly cake with the giant 17 on top, Alice was truly a Go big or Go home kinda girl.
After The party we all returned to the Cullens house, Alice walked up to her room and went to sleep, Emmett and Rose went to his room, and Edward and I stayed downstairs and watched T.V, "did you enjoy yourself?" Edward asked, his arm was around my waist holding me close, "most of the time" he added, I nodded. "are you enjoying yourself now?" he asked tightening his grip on me, I nodded, "hmm, what could make this moment better?" I asked, he smiled and leaned in to kiss me, we continued happily until we heard something, "Bye! Thank you!" Lizzie was standing in the doorway, "Child in the room" she said, we pulled away and smiled at each other, "Hey Lizard" I told her, getting up, and dragging Edward along with me, "hi Bella" she smiled, "I'm going to bed now, so you can continue" I blushed when she said that, "that's okay I think we're going to bed to" I smiled at Edward, his eyes widened, I shook my head, he relaxed. "come on kid I'll put you to bed" hey picked up Lizzie and carried her away, asking her how her time at Ella's was (Lizzie's best friend, the incredibly adorable Ella!) I walked up stairs and crept into Alice's room trying not to wake her up, "BELLA!" I was closing the door when she said that, "god, Alice! You scared me! I thought you were asleep!" she frowned, "and miss out on details! never! Now spill, where's he taking you, and more importantly what are you going to wear?!" I frowned, "I think we're just going to have dinner at my house tomorrow..." she perked up, "alone" I added and she slumped again, "I'll probably just wear my jeans and a t-shirt" I shrugged she shook her head, "No, I'll dress you, now go to bed" she motioned to her futon, I went and changed out of my dress and got into my sweats and holey tee, then went to bed.

Thanks guys, comment me!
Yay! First Comment! New Reader by the way.. I love this! Please keep me updated!!

i like it! post more!
greatt updattte ((((:
cant wait for more
Post more soon!!
Love it!!
post more soon!!!
Yeah i can't wait too.
cool... i love it...
WOW that was great! My mouth fell open when she told Edward "NO", but its all good now because she woke up! WRITE MORE SOON!!!!!
i love it *jumping up and down*{kind of hipper}lol
well it was about time they got together and its all thanks to Lizzie
btw post more soon plzzzz :):):)


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