The Twilight Saga

Sorry I frgot to mention:


Bella is 19 and Edward is 20











Edward POV



        Another day.Great. I got out of bed and slowly made my way over to the calendar. Wait, Maybe today won't be so bad after all. It is only a Monday. What could go wrong? * Note sarcasm*

Mybe if I just crawl back  under theh covers the world will leave e alone. Jeez, I sound like such a Hermit.


No, I have to go. I can't skip the first day of college.


I'm Edward Cullen. I'm nothing special. I am about 6"2". I have wierd brownish goldish copperish red----Okay, It is the color of a freaking shiny penny. To complete my unusual look, I have Green eyes.

I go to the university of Seattle.


I have had a few girl freinds in the past. But I never let it go farther than hugging. I decided to get up and get cleaned up.


When I was dressed, I started up my volvo and raced down the strreets leaving my apartment complex.


I was running late, but whatever.


I finalyy pulled up to campus and parked. I headed to the my first class. They mailed us our schedules and list of books in the middle of summer.


As  I turned a corner, I ran into someone. They fell on their butt stunned.


"I am so sorry!" I helped the mystery person pick up their books and bag.


When I looked at the person, I had stopped breathing. She was the most beautiful hum--No, The most beautiful Godess. She had a petite frame and an elegant heart shaped face. She had Mahogany hair and deep brown eyes. It felt like I was looking into her soul. She had soft pink pouty lips. She was without a doubt beautiful.


I helped her off the ground.


"I really am sorry." I told her again.


She gave me a look that said it was okay and started to walk past me. I stood there trying to make sense of what happened.


The thought " Love at first sight" came to mind.












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dat was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pls post more soon nd keep me updated!!
Please update far its awesome
love it!!!
please post more soon!
pretty please a cherry on top! :)
love it
keep me updated
Adopt My storrryyyy! with cheer leading and projects and tests i dont have any time to write.
2 word love it
good start
plz post more
Love this please post more soon!!
Jodie xx

I'm late! shoot!

I run through thge doors of the daycare.

I give Mrs.Pimk an apologetic look and pay my fees $50 dollars a week for daycare.

My Name is Bella Swan. This is the story of my life.I am 18. I have boring brown hair and eyes, I'm not too tall, not too short. Today is my first day of college.I go to the University of Seattle.

Last year I was rapped by my ex boyfriend Mike Newton. He is in jail now. But I still have a reminder of that horrible night. My duaghter Payton Elizabeth Swan. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade her for anything in the entire world and i would give up my own life before hers. I love her to death, but it is hard to look into baby blue eyes everyday. that is the only trait she got from him.

I give her to Mrs.Pimk, and kiss her button nose. I then run to the university, It wouldnt be good to be late.

suddenly I run into a wall, I land on my butt, I look up and It takes me a second to realize he is apologizing. He is the most beautiful creature I have ever had the privalage to lay eyes on. I give him a look that says it is ok, and I walk away trying to make sense of what happened.

I began to realize that I shoudnt dwell on it. He deserves someone better. Someone who isn't broken.

But I couldn't help the thought of love at first sight came to mind.
oh my gosh so good continue
what will happen
this is good!!!!!
please post more soon!!!!


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