The Twilight Saga

This story is a bout all the Cullen’s and there all human Edward and Bella are dating but Emmett and Rosalie are not but other than that everything else is the same hope you like it -Sarah and Rachel

Me and Edward have been going out for almost a year now but lately he’s been acting weird and we’ve been fighting a lot. Edward didn’t even come to school today, so I think I’m going to go over to his house and see what’s up.
I get to his house and I go to the door its locked that’s just great
“wait, I wonder if I have the key.” I reached into my pocket at grabbed the key out but great I don’t have my house key to get into my house. Well Edward has one I’ll ask him if he can give it to me so I can get into my house later.
“Edward, Edward you home,” where is he, no ones here, well maybe I’ll go up to his room and see if he’s just sleeping and that’s why he cant hear me. I opened his door and omg I see Edward on top of a girl.
“omg Edward,” I look and I see that the girl is Lauren. I run out of the room when I start hearing Edward scream “ Bella wait,” while he’s chasing after me, crap I don’t have my house key so I cant leave so I’ll just go into this room and lock the door so Edward can’t get in.
“Bella open the door please, I’m sorry,” Edward said, gosh cant he just leave me alone.
“Edward go away,” I screamed, I cant stop crying my heart feels like it was just ripped in half. He finally went away, I just laid on the bed crying my heart out, why would he cheat on me he always said he loved me. Then suddenly I hear the door open.
“oh I’m sorry Bella are you okay,” Emmett said, good its Emmett he probably had a key to get in cause I left the door locked.
“no I’m sorry Emmett,” I said “I didn’t know who’s room this was but can you shut the door please you can stay but shut it so Edward cant get in here,” I never want to see Edwards face again.
He comes and sits on the bed by me and I sit up
“Bella what’s wrong, what did Edward do to you,” what did he do to me he just ripped my heart out of my chest and stepped on it.
“Emmett he cheated on me,” I started to tell him everything that happened since I arrived at his house today.
“Bella I’m so sorry are you okay?” why would I be okay I just caught the love of my life in bed with another girl.
“no, Emmett my heart fells like its been broken in half,”
“do want me to take you home.”
“please if you don’t mind Emmett.”
“no problem let me go get the car ready then I’ll come and get you so you wont have to see Edward.”
“thanks Emmett,” I was so thankful I need to get home but wait I don’t have a key, Charlie should be home so its okay.
“ready Bella, Edwards in his room so you should be safe.”
“thanks Emmett again for this.”
“you can finish thanking me later,” he laughs, “but lets go before Edward comes looking for you,” he smiled at me and it made me feel happy for some reason.
I get home and Charlie’s there thank god
“hey how am I going to get my truck
“I’ll bring it over tomorrow then have Alice pick me up.”
“thanks Emmett again your really sweet.”
“no problem hope you feel better see you tomorrow Bella, bye.”

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Poor Bella, whats wrong with Edward, why would he like Lauren? Please write more!!
I am going to try and write chapter 2 now. It should be up tonight or tomor
IT is okay
P.S. I am the other writer on this story, Rachel.

I walk into the house. Charlie was asleep on the couch. The door just happen to be unlock. I ran up to my room. Ripped every picture of me and Eward in half. Then I came to the one of are first kiss. I held it close to my heart, closed my eyes. I was asleep in second

I woke up the next morning it was a rare sunning day in forks.I walked to my closet look around and my eyes feel on the outfit .It was a black and blue plaid skirt a short one, a black tank and a blue one put over it, and blue flats. It hug I all the rite places. I was going to make Eward miss me.

I walked out side but my turk was not there. Then Alice pulled up in her porsh. I walk pver to car. “Hi Alice where is my car.”

“I broke down last night when we were driving back here. So I get to take you to school.” she said. She was jumping up and down happly. Wow why is she so happy that I just got my heart broken.

“Um ok Alice lets go” I said as I slid nto the front set of my car. The drive was silent until Alice brought up Eward.

“So Bella you know that Emmett all most beat up Eward last night for cheating on you.” she said it like she was talking about shopping.

“No why would he do that” I ask very curos .

“Well it was well I don't know” she said like she was hidding something. Oh well I wonder why Emmett was nice to me last night. He usally just makes fun of me. I must just been because Eward broke my heart.

We pulled into the parking lot. I thanked Alice for the ride and left. I walk to my first class. I sat down in my set. Then Eward came and sat next me with this puppy dog loke on his face. This is going to be a hard day.
please reply good or bad <3
thank you so much me and rachel are going to go back and fourth writing it =)
omg omg! why didnt you let me read THIS part at skool?!?! gosh lol but i love it so!
Chapter 3 part 1 BPOV
Ugh why do I have to sit by Edward.
“Bella I know you don’t wan to talk to me but please just listen I’m so sorry Bella I truly am.” he said
“Edward I don’t care for anything you have to say so just save us more heartbreak and keep your mouth shut,” gosh I hope he listens
“Bella please I made a mistake I’m sorry I don’t know what happened Lauren came over and we started talking at it all just happened.” I started crying
“Edward I told you I didn’t want to know knowing you did it willingly hurts even more, just stop hurting me leave me alone.” why does he have to keep hurting me
“Bella love please don’t cry,” he tries to comfort me but I pushed him away
“don’t ever call me that again and don’t touch me.”
“if you love me like you say you still do Edward you will leave me alone.”
“Bella I will always love you.”
“well Edward I’m done with you goodbye,” I walk out of the room cause the bell rang I get to steps out of the door and my knees give out and I fall but luckily Emmett catches me.
“Bella its okay I’m here I understand god im going to hurt Edward even more for hurting you again,” he said
“okay thank-you,” I smile at him

hope you like it please coment =)
p.s. we wont write more until we know if more people like it so please comment
Well I like thats an understatement I looooovvvveeeee it!!!! so yeah you better write more and plz make it soon type with vampire speed!
thanks i will post tomorow cause my mom says no more computer cause i have homework
lol really?!?! all you were doing was writing! well, at leaste m was whenever she got the time to!


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