The Twilight Saga

Bella is only eight years old. Bella is running away from her two deadbeat parents. She is trying to run as far away from home as she can. Walking on an empty road she meets two people she never expected to find...

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you should continued:)
I need at least two-three comment in order to post the first chapter...
you have 2 write more:) please please pleasee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah you should continue
Alright I will... I should have the first chapter posted by tomorrow.
Yes please continue.. This story is going to be interesting.. please read and comment my fanfic its about nessie and jack 8 years after breaking dawn..
write it
Those of you who want updates please add me as a friend.
Chapter 1: Bella's POV
It was cold. All I knew was that if I went back home I would get beat and sent to my room. I was hungry. the people who had given me a ride before gave me a blueberry muffin. It was dark and I was by myself on an empty road. I knew i could get a ride if I walked with my thumb sticking out. Some people seemed to be like mom and dad. They looked at me carelessly let me in thier car no questions asked and when they were tired of me dumped me on the side of the road. I kept my thumb sticking out hoping for a passing car.
"Hi there."I jumped at the sound and looked behind me. No one was there. I felt my spine crawl. Little puffs of white surrounded me. Then some wind gathered. The cold bit at my cheeks.
"So whats YOUR name." I turned around again. No one. Frozen tears gathered on my cheeks.
"Hmm what do we have here?" I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I turned again.
"Who are you?" I asked fearfully. I stopped in my tracks as the pale man kneeled down to my hieght. He had long hair tied in a ponytail. He smiled at me. His hair was a brownish-red color.
"My name is Tyler... Where are your parents? You should have some."
"I left them.I don't think they know I am gone."
"I'm glad to hear that." He replied smiling. I looked at him. All of the sudden two outstandingly pretty girls where behind him. I felt scared. He looked behind him.
"Go get your own dinner ladies I refuse to share mine."
"Lay another hand on her." The tall blonde suggested. Well more like threatened. The guy chuckled darkly.
"What if I do?"
"I'll turn you into ash." she said darkly. At this he laughed. I began walking away. And as I turned to look back at them I saw his eyes. They were dark red. As he got up and started walking to me the other girl appeared out of no where. All I saw is a blur as she pushed him. They both were after him. i looked around me. All i could see is the dark road and enormous fir trees. I started walking faster. I could feel myself shaking from both fear and cold. Maybe I was dreaming I convinced myself. i walked more slowly when I heard a sharp tearing sound. I screamed and fell to my knees.
"No no no no....." I gasped. I felt my body come off the ground. "Please don't hurt me!" i begged. The girl rubbed my back while the other one wiped my tears away.
"You are both realy pretty......" I sniffled.
"Thank you!" They both laughed. I studied their features.The one holding me was tall and had long wavy golden hair that went to her waist. She smiled at me. Her eyes looked like gold. I smiled shyly back. The one wiping away my tears was short and had a spiky dark hair. Her eyes were the same shade as the other girls. I hugged the blonde girl and she smiled.
"What I don't get a hug?" The fairy-like girl asked. I laughed jumped out of the prettier girls lap and and hugged the other girl.
"What is your name?" the blonde girl asked. Before I coud answer the fairy girl replied.
"Bella." I looked at her. She seemed to notice her mistake and added."Just guessing." She looked at the older girl. They exchanged a glance and started asking me questions. i told them where I was from and that I ran away from home. I told them why and they hugged me. They both held my hand. I liked getting the attention. At least they were nice. The blonde one's name was Rosalie and the short one's name was Alice.
" I love you guys. Can I live with you?" I asked. They giggled.
"Well we have to see with our family." Rosalie answered. Alice rolled her eyes and whispered something to Rosalie.
"Do you guys have a home?" I asked jumping over a small rock.
"Of course we do!" Rosalie exclaimed.
"I'm tired." I whimpered. Alice whispered something like 'you should be' but she said it so low it wasn't meant for me to hear.
"I can carry you if you want?" Rosalie said.
"Realy?" I said sounding hopeful.She laughed.
"Yeah. Here." Then without a word she scooped me up into her arms. I couldn't sleep. After trying to close my eyes I couldn't do it.
"Whats the matter?" Alice asked.
"If I close my eyes then I don't get to see the house." I persisted. They laughed.
"You can see the house in the morning." She said smiling.
" I wanna see it NOW." I demanded. They laughed.
"Your a stubborn child." Rosalie said smiling. I shrugged.
"Oooooo." I murmered. They exchanged a questioning glance and said
"What?" in unision.
"You guys smell pretty too." I whispered.
:) Love it:)
wow love it
really good. keep it coming


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