The Twilight Saga

Bella is only eight years old. Bella is running away from her two deadbeat parents. She is trying to run as far away from home as she can. Walking on an empty road she meets two people she never expected to find...

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luv it post more sooon plzzzzzzz
can u keep me posted???? =) =)
Chapter 20: Bella's POV

Edward and I were technically already married. We had gotten the papers signed already. I was happy. We decided to put the honeymoon off until I graduated. I would be changed soon after. It was more school. Today Edward was hunting and Jessica decided to talk to me.
"So Bella where did Edward go?" she started off smiling.
"He is going out hiking with his older brother." I murmured.
"Awww. Do you miss him?" she asked sarcastically. I looked at her.
"Not really. He's gonna be fine." I said. "She ignored my answer and continued on.
"So where are you going when you finish high school?"
"What? Like college?" I asked.
"Yeah. Where's Edward gonna go?"
"We don't know yet."
"Oh. Well I am going to...." and she went on and on about her hopes and dreams and a bunch of stuff I didn't need or want to know. When that class was over she walked over to me in the hall. "I was wondering why you always hold and kiss Edward." I stared at her. Was she an idiot? Why is she prodding to know everything about me.
"We're a couple." I said stating the obvious.
"Because it's a free country and we can be." I sighed already bored with this conversation.
"Has he ever been with another girl?" I shrugged.
"Dont know and don't care, besides if it was that important I'd know." I said closing my locker. "Anyway why would you care? Do you like him or something?" I knew she did but I wanted so badly to hear her say something smart so I could laugh at her and torment her for the rest of the school year for something interesting to do.
"Ye-no! No nothing like that! I was just wondering why- it it's just- and and I- I...." I walked off before she could finish. She stood there looking at me dumbfounded. I went to my next class not paying attention to anything. I walked to my next class then to lunch with my family. Every few seconds jessica's eyes would flicker to our table and then back to her own.
"She's scared. What'd you do?" Jasper asked. I shrugged.
"Told her off."
"Nice." Rosalie murmured her eyes elsewhere.
"You okay?" I asked slowly.
"I'm fine" She replied. She seemed sad. i felt bad. After school we found Edward and Emmett in the back of the car. I was happy but something was still wrong with Rosalie as Emmett held her. She wanted something......

note: People who maDE ME Banners you will get mentioned in a later chapter!
MMMMMMMMmm wants wrong with Rosie??? m I think she wnats a wedding or her not to chnage more ASAP

Okay................ I want to apologize for my lack of Twilight browsing. Turns out there was something wrong w/ the internet cord outside, so it wouldn't work for 2 WEEKS!!! But I'm back! =D Do you know how many Twimails I have? 44! I'm still looking through them, so I luv your story and wish you'd post more!~

love it
update soon please
post more soon
aww what's wrong with rose?
aww love it but poor rose!!
Love it!
Just read this all and I love this! I'll add you, could you keep me updated, please?
Asome chapter I loved it
Whats wrong with rose???
Post more soon PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!
new reader i just read it and its a great story write more plz and plz keep me update


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