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I would not let him win.
I would never give into the monster inside of me. Whether or not I have a soul, it does not matter to me. I would not harm this innocent girl. She wasn't a threat or even an enemy. Vincent would not be proven right nor would he interfere with her life either.

For the past three months Forks High, the once mundane gathering place of local average teenagers, had become hell on Earth. A hell I knew I deserved. I could not believe how long it had taken me to act civilized once again in her presence. Bella Swan, that name was constant in my mind with every needless breath I took. I remember that day with absolute clarity. The day that changed me, more than the loss of my own humanity. She pulled up into the parking lot in an old beat up,red pick up truck and I thought nothing of her. She nearly fell out of the truck as she opened the door and my family and I ignored this. But what I could not ignore was what happened next.

There, about ten feet away from me stood the most unfathomably beautiful creature I had ever laid my eyes upon. She was small in her size, rather pale and soft. She had the deepest brown eyes that seemed to have no ending. A wave of sock went through my body that I had never before experienced. At that moment she met my gaze and she looked, frightened. Then she smiled a smile that went right through me. I tried to gather my composure and smiled back then turned to face Alice.

In that instance the wind blew a heavenly fragrance in my direction. I winced and started to open my mouth wide as i turned back around to see where the tempting scent had come from. It was her. That defenseless,impeccable beauty had won me over in more than one way that morning. Before I knew it Emmet was at my side shoving me into the driver's side of my Volvo.

"Edward! What in the hell was that about? Do you know what you were doing?" he said.
Alice slammed the back door of my car shut and practically shrieked, " Start the car Edward! We need to go home, right now!" I glanced around and made sure my family was all here. Without thinking I started my car and sped out of the parking lot onto the main road.I caught one last glimpse of the girl I'd been entranced by and saw that she looked very worried. I wanted to ask her what was wrong.

When we arrived home Emmet was the first to hit me,punching me on the arm."Edward, stop looking half dead and say something damn it!" Funny I thought we were as dead as we'd ever be." He will have to go away, I am not picking up and moving because of his nonsense. If he's going to act like an animal then let's send him to live with some." Oh no,Rosalie would surely have her say. She gave me a rather hard slap on the face . I growled in response. Edward,you looked so wild. You looked like a Vampire! You even started to growl when you crouched.... were you about to spring? What am I saying?! Of course you were..You almost killed her! Thank heavens no one else was around.Of all people I thought my Jasper would loose it one day. I should have been focused on you more this morning. Carlisle will be..

What was she saying? What had I done? Had the monster come out of me? "Alice, what are you talking about?" I said."You looked like a crazed newborn Edward. You caught her scent and almost..." She didn't need to finish. " Who is she Alice?" "Her name is Isabella Swan, Chief Swan's daughter. She just moved here from Phoenix." Of course, what an idiot I had been! I had heard her name in all of the students minds this morning. The new girl, Isabella. I suppose after tuning out all of their fantasies I had forgotten all about her arrival.

"Edward, maybe we should take some time off and go out on our own. Just you and me." said Jasper. "You know Carlisle will want to make sure your doing the safest thing for yourself. Being here is too risky. Let's just take a few weeks and go hunting, maybe go to Alaska. I know how you feel right now and I don't want you to loose everything you've worked so hard for because of one human."

Rosalie chimed in "Let's not forget we've got enemies here as well that would love nothing more than to see us fail. If Vincent had been there, he'd have made this a lot harder on you Edward."
She was right. We weren't the only civilized "vegetarian vampires" living in Forks. A friend of Carlisle's named Fredrick lived on the other side of town with his makeshift "family", much like our own. Anna, his wife, was a loving woman, and Fredrick was much like my father Carlisle. But their children were not the same. Dalia, Vincent, and Peter were absolute scum.

After returning from my "trip" with Jasper, I went back to school. Luckily I had no classes with Isabella, whom I always heard of now as "Bella". But in the lunchroom and out on the parking lot I still struggled with her fragrance. What a nightmare it was to make it through the day in peace. She often stood next to me in the lunch line and I swear I almost had her instead of my prop of a lunch. There was always rain in Forks, which I'd never minded until now. It wet my mouth with her scent. Still ,after all of this chaos I couldn't forget the way I felt when I first saw her. I went home every day wishing I could sleep so I could dream about more than trying not to kill her.

I pulled myself out of my reverie and started walking into the lunchroom. After months of training myself to be able to handle this, I decided it was time. I was going to talk to her today.

Chapter One: The Cullens

It seemed that the entire world revolved around Forks High.
At least it seemed that way to me. The past three months had been the most confusing, agonizing, and lovely that I've ever experienced. When I moved here from Phoenix, I was settled in the fact that this rainy little town would hold nothing of importance. It wouldn't be like my life back home at all. I was so sure of that. But I was only correct about one of those things. It had been nothing like my life back home.

My first day of school, I was ready and dressed slightly early. Not because I was excited or anything, just very anxious to get my class schedule and find my classrooms. I would at least try not to draw the whole "new girl" kind of attention to myself as much as possible. The ride to school wasn't so bad except for the drizzle of rain on the windshield. I guess I'd have to get used to that. When I arrived I found a spot fairly close to the guidance office to park in, and was relieved there there was hardly anyone there yet.

There were about five other cars on the lot. One of which was a nice looking silver Volvo. Standing all around the car were five students looking very pale, and very apathetic. I stared at them for a moment trying to make out there features. But as I was staring I accidentally opened the door of my truck and stumbled right out. Great, I thought to myself. What a lovely first impression. I didn't want to make eye contact but I couldn't help myself.

I glanced around at the group of students by the Volvo and they didn't seem to take any interest in my clumsiness But I took interest in them. They were more than just pale,apathetic teenagers. They all possessed a beauty that didn't even seem real. Every one of their face's were so inhumanly gorgeous, I began to wonder if I was dreaming. Their skin was so faint with color that it seemed to glow and light up everything in their surroundings.I stood there in awe, taking in their face's one at a time. On one side of the car stood a tall,slim, goddess like blond girl with a look of confidence all about her. She was standing slightly behind a muscular,rugged, brown haired boy who's size was kind of frightening. By the trunk of the car stood a tall, blond boy with rather wavy hair who was looking into the eyes of the tiny girl beside him. She had dark hair that was wild around her angelic face. She was staring back into his eyes with such intensity it was as if she didn't know anyone else was around. That's when I saw him. He was leaning against the car with their driver's door still open.

He had noticed me to. He was staring at me with a confused expression upon his gorgeous face. More than gorgeous, he was exquisite. His hair was what seemed to be a medium brown color and was what some would call messy. That is, if his hair had been on anyone other than him. It highlighted his marvelous face and complemented his skin. He had perfect symmetry and his body was no less stunning. He was lean and tall but not the tallest of the boys. He was dressed in a tight fitting gray shirt that allowed me to see he had a muscular physic that was not over done, but just right. As I was looking at him, I noticed my heart had been beating far too fast and had no particular rhythm. My body had been frozen and an electric feeling was coursing through my veins. Then my heart stopped beating all together.

I smiled at him, trying not to seem like some sort of freak. He smiled back at me and I felt my knees begin to shake and my checks fill with blood.The next few moments happened so fast I wasn't sure at first if they'd even really happened. The boy who I'd been admiring was on the ground, staring at me like I had threatened him somehow . His teeth were showing and I thought I even heard him snarling. What had I done to him? How had I repulsed him so? I was about to walk over and ask him what I had done,but the largest boy shoved him into the car while the others got into the back seat. The large boy got into the passenger's seat, and they sped away so fast that the Volvo had left tire marks all the way out onto the main road.

I was trembling. What the hell did I do? What if it wasn't even something that I did? What if it was just me? I looked around and saw that no one was looking. I jumped back into my truck's cab and just sat there, horrified. I replayed the scene over and over and nothing made any sense. I sat in my truck until the parking lot was full and made my way to my first class. The rest of the day I tried to concentrate on my school work and forget about what had happened before class.

The next day at school I saw the Volvo again. The blond girl was there and talking with the muscular boy whom looked angry. The tiny girl was there as well but she was standing alone not seeming to focus on anything.Where were the other two boys? Had i really driven two people insane now? I wanted to go talk to them but I was abruptly interrupted in my thoughts by my classmate,Peter.

"Hey Bella! How are you this morning? You look kind of tired" he said worriedly." I'm fine Peter, I just have a lot on my mind." He threw a glance over at the Volvo and it's owners."You interested in one of the Cullens?" he said smugly. Oh so that was them, the Cullens. Not a very common name."Actually Peter, I was just wondering what they are. I mean! Who they are. They're all so..different." "Haha.Someone who actually doesn't know about them. They live jut outside of town with their father Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme. The two blonds Rosalie, and Jasper are brother and sister. The other three Alice, Emmet, and Edward are related. Dr.Cullen adopted them when they were all young so they're very close. They've even paired off,well, except for Edward."

So that was his name,Edward. Just hearing his name kept me longing to know more about him. I needed to see him, to ask him what I had done. I wanted to be near him, I just wanted to know him. But, three weeks went by and he never showed. I was beginning to give up hope that Edward and Jasper would ever come to back Forks High. I looked for them every day in the parking lot and in the lunchroom hoping they'd just reappear.

Chapter Two: Breathe

One morning as I parked my truck in my usual spot, not far from the Volvo there they were. All of the Cullens were there that morning. I was so shocked I just hopped out of my truck and ran into the building. I couldn't face him. After all of the anticipation of seeing him again, I was too afraid. Eventually I stopped running into school every morning but not much else changed. He never made eye contact with me, even when I had stood next to him in the lunch line. I thought that maybe he'd want to say something, or maybe I'd scare him off again. But, he just breezed through the line as fast as he could and went to sit with his family.

Two months happened just like that. I was growing sick and tired of the waiting. In calculus one morning I made up my mind. I would rush to the cafeteria as I always had, and I would say "Hello Edward. Just what the hell happened three months ago and why don't you ever look at me?" I would demand an answer and I would even invite myself to his lunch table. We would be friends whether he liked it or not. Not a very calm approach but I would go through with it anyway. I had to, for the sake of my sanity.

When the lunch bell rang I was out of the classroom in a flash. I walked so fast I actually fell down a few times, much to my embarrassment. But I decided to freak out about that later, I was on a mission. the cafeteria was empty except for the presence of the Cullens. Edward was in line as usual right behind little Alice, picking up an apple. I walked up slowly behind him. I moved my lips but no sound came out. I felt so weak. No! You can not let another day go by like this Bella. I thought to myself. Before I could take another breath the sound of his voice filled the quiet room. "Hello Bella.I,um, I was wondering if you would like to do something with me after school? I can pick you up at your house around three, if that is okay." I noticed Alice looking at me wide eyed and curious. Oh my! I hadn't counted on him talking to me! "Sure,that sounds fine, three o clock is fine."I said rather quietly as I stared down at my hands."Great,I'll see you at three then.Enjoy your lunch Bella." "Yeah, you too..Edward."

Then he payed for his food and walked away. I stood there looking after him in shock until someone bumped me from behind. "Bella! What are you doing? Your holding up the line!" said an irritated Amy, my friend from English class. "Sorry Amy, I'm just, uh, I am trying to count my money."I lied rather horribly." Well come on and hurry up so we can eat please." I paid for my food and went to my table with Amy, Peter, Cindy, Julie, and Tim. The motley crew of friends I had made here in Forks. I didn't touch my tray of food, and I didn't concentrate for the remainder of the school day either.

The final bell rang and I headed to the parking lot. Edward and his family were already driving away in the Volvo by the time I reached my truck. I smiled to myself and started to open the door until I heard a deep voice call my name.

"Bella. That's your name right? May I talk with you for a moment?" the stranger said. Was he a student? I had never seen him before. He was just as pale and beautiful as the Cullens except that he was very different. His hair was black and long, and a little untidy. He was dressed in all black and seemed to be rather tall and thin. He had a red lip ring and was wearing some sort of make up it seemed. But that isn’t what made him different. The difference was that the sound of his voice sent chills down my spine and made me feel like running. He looked at me as if he were going to murder me. I felt a veil of heat begin to fall upon me as he closed in the distance between us, and I started to panic. What was happening? It felt wrong, whatever it was. I shut my truck's door and said" Yeah, I'm Bella. And who are you?"

"I am Vincent Mascio. I am a student here. But I am somewhat of an outcast ,so you may not have known that I even exist. I live not too far from here and my brother and sister attend Forks High as well. I know you already know of the Cullens, they're distant relatives of mine you could say. I just wanted to introduce myself, Bella, because I think we will be seeing a lot more of each other." After saying that he began to stroke my face and run his fingers through my hair. Something was wrong, my body was reacting. Why on Earth would I allow a stranger to touch me? I wanted to get closer to him, to be pressed against his body. My mind was telling me not to move, that something was not right. How could I be so physically responsive to this strange boy? He ran a finger down from my collarbone all the way to my navel and I shivered in response." You see Bella, you interest me, and that doesn't happen very often. Truthfully it never happens." He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his hands on my hips. Then he whispered into my ear." What a lovely girl you are Bella, you've no idea. Your driving me absolutely mad."

All I could do was be still. My body was trying to react to him, and my mind wanted to flee from him. I felt my eyes fill with tears as I mentally panicked. He let go of me abruptly and started walking away, but he turned around and said very slowly ,"I'll be watching out for you. Don't you ever forget that." Then he walked across the parking lot, into the woods and vanished.

All around me people were staring, looking shocked and afraid. I opened the door of my truck again, climbed in and began to burst into tears.

An Interlude

Days are all endless, no matter how you look at them. Not just for freaks like me who never died. No, not just for us immortals. So many things can happen within one day that can erase the importance of the rising sun. Things that will haunt you for all of your life.

"Vincent!" I heard her shout. Oh my,what have we here. Dalia could not live her existence in peace for one moment without bothering me. "Yes my dear sister. How may I help you?" I sighed with much hesitation. Dalia actually made me tired.Something that I am not ever supposed to be. She was a loyal and loving sister, but very paranoid. I somehow bore the brunt of all her anxieties. "Vince, you did it right? That Swan girl, you've got her in your loop? Right?!" said Dalia impatiently. "Yes. Not to worry,I did what I said I would. Maybe even a little more, she's very irresistible you know?" I winked at Dalia to give the illusion of a joke. She would not like it if she knew that I was serious."Shut up Vince.You know why we must do this. The Cullens are a threat to us now, they're no longer just a clan that we despise. Why aren't you showing any little bit of fear? You don't even seem angry?You've always loathed Edward, and now he could really have you incinerated.Don't even you care?! You look so...calm!" Dalia had been yelling so loudly that now my whole family was surrounding me.

"Damn you! I know what I am doing. Just because I am not walking around this place in a constant fuss does not mean I do not care. Our lives are at risk, I know this! Do not think that I am just slacking off. I secured my position with Isabella, of that I am sure. And I am all too aware of our dear Eddie boy and his family of fools. You do not have to remind me every five seconds!" I shouted.

"Son,she is just concerned for us is all. You haven't seemed like yourself lately. Is something wrong?"Said my father,Fredrick. Yes father, I do not want to have a part in your plan to overthrow them anymore. I don't even want to go back there period! I want to go off alone, but that girl is keeping me here with her mere existence. I chuckled then grit my teeth and said "No father, I am fine. I just really appreciate my privacy and time alone. Dalia will not let me rest,not even in my own room. It is overwhelming me and I would like for it to stop immediately and without fuss. I would hate to have to use my abilities on someone like her." At that moment my usually quiet brother,Franco, burst into laughter, and slapped his large hands on knees."Superb Vince, superb!" he exclaimed.

With that, Dalia left the room and shot me a look of hatred. I smiled in response.She knew I meant what I said and that thought disgusted her."Vincent, I would just like you to know that we are here for you. We are all in this together as a family. Your father and I love you very much. We accepted you as you were years ago, and we still accept you for who you are today." It figures my mother would find a way to make the moment sentimental ."Thank you. I know that mother.Now if you all don't mind, I' would like to be alone."

My family sat up from their Indian style positions they had been sitting in on my floor, and left the room. Finally.I thought to myself. I sat up from the chair I had been sitting in and went to lay upon my pointless bed. I stretched myself out along the length of the bed,and even covered myself with a blanket.My bed was on the left side of the room, with two large bay windows.On the other side of the room were my desk,dresser,stereo,and full length mirror. The middle space wasn't very large but my Persian rug made it look quite nice. It was a very quaint room, but I loved it. I began to hum a tune I had not hummed in a very long time, and glanced around my tiny room. My eyes stopped upon the large mirror.I quickly looked away. Golden eyes.Golden eyes.I hated them. Despised them in fact. I missed the shimmer of the red that my eyes once were.Crimson and fierce. Fierce like me. I may not have missed the lifestyle that they came along with so much anymore.But I missed those eyes. I hated anything that made me similar to Edward, and that meant I hated a lot of things. Even my existence.

I felt a smile stretch across my face and I twisted a piece of my hair with my finger.Edward, Edward,Edward. What a fool that boy was. Thinking he could be..happy?! What nonsense! I quickly changed my thoughts to something less bothersome to avoid becoming angry. I needed to relax now. I searched for something calm to think on, and there she was again, that girl. Floating all about in my head bringing these odd feelings along with her. One of those feelings was peace. I welcomed that particular emotion and closed my eyes,thinking of what tomorrow would bring. Thinking of her.
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As soon as I arrived home I started the water for the shower and stripped myself of my clothes. I felt as if I'd been invaded. Mentally and emotionally. All I could take care of now was my physical self, so I tried to focus on that. I let the hot water fall down my back and ease some of the tense feeling in my shoulders. I squeezed my eyes shut and tried so hard not to think of that face. Every couple of minutes my body would shudder without my permission and h is face was so clear in my mind. His voice,his scent,his...NO! I am not going to think about all of that right now. I am finally getting a chance to talk to Edward I will not let what happened stop that from happening.

I turned off the water to the shower,got out and dried myself of. I avoided looking into the mirror until I was sure of my own nerves. I found a light blue top with a neck line that wasn't my usual style and a good pair of jeans, and hurried into them. I walked,hesitantly over to my mirror and night stand with all of my hair and make up products and found that I really didn't look as insane as I felt. I let out a little sigh and glanced at the clock. 2:45.

"Fifteen minutes! Ahh I've got to hurry!" I blew dry my hair in record time,flat ironed a few pieces so that it didn't look to fluffy and put it into a neat looking ponytail. I looked through my make up which I hadn't worm much of since I'd been living in Forks and decided that lip gloss and a little eyeliner liner would do.

My heart was pounding. Since the incident had happened just an hour ago, I hadn't once though of Edward. Even though it was extremely odd that he had asked me to do something with him,even though I'd been waiting all of this time to talk to him. Just what had happened with Vincent? I winced as I thought his name. I felt tears well up in my eyes and snapped out of my silent panic. I breathed two long breaths and hurried down the stairs just in time to hear knocking at the front door.

I opened the door with shaky hands and there he was. The person who had haunted my thoughts and dreams for these these past three months was finally right here within reach.
Edward was staring at me with a questioning look in his eyes and I realized I had probably been starring at him for far too long without speaking."Hi,um, come in", I said in a voice that was somewhat crackly. "Thank you" he said closing the door behind him.

The silence could have truly been cut with a knife. We stood in the hallway just looking at each other for quite a long moment and a new realization hit me. Why hadn't I noticed before? How couldn't I have was the better question. For the first time I was able to really see his eyes. They were a golden color that was so obviously not common I felt stupid for not ever noticing them. I tried thinking of all of the other times I had seen him. What color had his eyes been then? As I thought back to lunch today I realized the were the same then,but the fact that he was even talking to me kept from wondering about them,and everything that happened after school kept from wondering about him at all. Then,other times I remember making eyes contact with him,his eyes were so dark they looked black. But this color was so opposite...Hazel eyes? I suppose I hadn't actually made enough eyes contact with him these past three months to be able to say for certain if something was actually really different about his eyes.

"Is there a place where we can sit and talk Bella?" Edward's voice interrupted my thoughts and I felt my heart skip a few beats. How rude must he think I am? Not even offering him a place to sit, and looking at him as if he were an alien. "Of course! I'm sorry. It's just that, I'm a little tried. Maybe even delirious. Follow me."

I led him into the living room and he sat down on the edge of the sofa,not completely relaxed but he smiled a warm smile an me and I sat down beside him. I was just about to offer him some kind of beverage but he cut me off. " Bella, I just wanted to apologize. That day in the parking lot was so uncalled for. I was so rude to have behaved that way, I can hardly believe that I did. Please, allow me to explain what happened. You see, from time to time, I become overwhelmed with school and I just leave. I had some trouble with a few students and I wanted to get away for a while,you know clear my mind. So i just visited some relatives. I know it seemed like you triggered my outburst but it was simply coincidence. I was so ashamed of myself when I came back, that I just tried forgetting about it and tried avoiding you. But I see now that I owe you a proper apology. Please Bella,forgive me? I'd like a chance to start over."

I couldn't speak. I couldn't pinpoint it, but something about that confession felt wrong. No, it felt like a lie. Another part of it was so genuine that I felt myself get teary eyed and my heart beat was racing. I believed that he was sorry, but I knew that I had been the reason for what happened. I couldn't shake that nagging feeling that there was something,something big he left out of that apology.

"Edward, I forgive you. I was never angry with you or begrudging you or anything. But I know that I was the reason for you freaking out and I want to know why. You can trust me,just tell me the truth." I said, and I inched toward him unconsciously. He seemed to notice and inched away from me slightly.

"Bella, what I am telling you is all that I can tell you. Please,accept this,otherwise there's is nothing left for me to say. Please..."

He looked so fragile and so vulnerable. A complete contradiction to how I'd normally seen him. What could I do? I wanted to push him to answer me. To tell me everything that he was hiding,bit I knew that if I did he would surely leave. And something inside of me ached at that thought and I decided,for now, I'd accept his answer.

"Okay." Was all I managed to say before his phone rang. He gave me a quick smile and said "Thank you Bella. I don't deserve your forgiveness,but thank you." Then he pulled out a slick black phone from his pocket and flipped it open. "Yes,Alice. What? That's strange. Tonight will be my turn then. Yes,see you then." Edward snapped his phone closed then turned his full gaze completely upon me.

I felt my insides flutter and all I wanted was to be close to him. It was an urge,so natural,and so instantaneous, that I had to bite my lip and grasp my hand on the sofa to keep from going insane. What was wrong with me? What was I feeling anyway? I had never liked a guy before, but I didn't like Edward did I? That word seemed so,minuscule.

"Can I offer you something to drink?"
"Thank you, but no thank you. I'm not at all thirsty Bella."
The way he said my name made me smile and without seeing my face, I knew that I looked,stupid. For lack of a better word.

"I was thinking that maybe would could go for a walk,if you'd like."
"Um, I could use some fresh air and we'd better take advantage of the fact that it isn't raining today. So that sounds great to me."

I walked to the hallways closet and grabbed my black jacket and noticed that Edward wasn't wearing one. "Hey I know it isn't raining but it is still kind of cold, it is October." I said, waving my finger up and down in the direction of his upper body.

He chuckled." Oh,I did forget my jacket. But I'm sure I'll be fine. Ready to go?"

"Whatever you say,and yeah I'm ready." He walked over to me and followed me out of the house. I locked the front door and when I turned around Edward was so close to me that I stumbled back upon the door and felt my face get hot.

He instantly looked apologetic and held my arm as if I were falling and said "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to frighten you. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine,I'm just clumsy and uncoordinated. No harm done" I said with my voice,yet again cracking and I held up my hand to keep him from worrying further.

"Would it be alright if I held your hand so that you don't stumble? I'd like to walk into the woods a little and I wouldn't want you getting hurt."

I smiled widely, and instantly said "Yes.That would be great!" He smiled a crooked smile back at me and took my hand for about a split second.
I winced at his touch and at the removal of it. His hand felt like it was freezing.

He looked at me with panicked eyes. Somehow I knew that if I reacted negatively things would not go well. I needed to play this cool and not ask much from him until he was ready to open up to me. I got myself together and said in the most casual tone I could muster up " And you think you'll be fine without a jacket." Then I winked at him took his hand and we made our way off the porch and into the woods across the road from my house.

I tried not to tremble from his ice cold touch,or to stare at the look of horror on his face.

Chapter Four: Reaction

Why hadn't she ran off screaming? What was wrong with this girl? If she were normal,or sane, or at least had any common sense she would have ran back inside her house and hid in a closet at the touch of my skin. She would never have even accepted my offer for a walk. The bigger question was what was wrong with me?

Everything that happened was so out of my character not to mention so completely foolish! I would never touch a human if I could avoid it and here I was offering up my hand to this girl and feeling as if ti were completely normal. That was the problem. I was beginning to feel things, things I couldn't understand let alone ignore. I would have to talk to Carlisle later but for now I needed to act like everything wasnormal. And be thankful that this girl,was obviously not completely sane.

She had been leading me around through the forest for a about ten minutes as I panicked mentally and then collected myself. I needed to be verbal.

" I am sorry, I know I'm a little,cold. I went home today and forgot my jacket before leaving and throwing a ball around with my bothers. I didn't want to be late to see you and I decided that my body temperature wasn't of much importance." I lied smoothly. Not that the jacket would have changed anything. But she didn't know that.Truth was, I was so nervous about seeing her that I forgot not only my jacket but my good sense as well.

"No problem. It's not bothering me. So where do you want to go in here anyway?" She said much too casually.

"Just a little bit further,there's a nice area where the Willow trees make a kind of canopy, though we'll have to sit on the ground. I hope that's okay."

She laughed, and my ever still heart felt a little more alive.

"I'm not usually a nature girl,but I'll make an exception for today."

Then I laughed and we proceeded to walk in silence until we came to the Willows. She let go of my hand with a smile and I was all to thankful. We sat down just underneath the canopy of the trees in the cool mist of the silent forest. Bella tilted her head back with closed eyes and sighed deeply, seeming to forget that she wasn't alone. She opened her eyes and then turned to face me. Her cheeks warmed and I ignored the fact that her blood was sizzling all throughout her veins. I knew her heartbeat was rapid and in this isolated forest her scent was calling my name.

NO! I will not loose control! She does not deserve to die, and I don't want her to!
I repeated that over and over until I thought I could speak without an edge of frustration on the tone of my voice. She was staring at me curiously without a hint of fear in her expression. Though I could tell that she was intuitive enough to know something was wrong with me. She wasn't stupid, but certainly not sane.

"Bella I'd like us to be friends. I, don't usually do this sort of thing. You know, hanging out,making friends. But I want to be you friend. I can't tell you why I just do. If you'd rather me leave you alone I will understand,but I wanted you to know that I would like to get to know you."

"No! I mean, I don't want you to leave me alone. I would like to be friends. I mean that Edward."

I wasn't shocked at her answer but I was shocked,and happy to hear the honest passion of her tone.

"I must admit, I haven't a clue at how to begin getting to know someone." I said sheepishly.

"Well I suppose, it's a natural kind of thing. You spend time with the person and in time you will get to know enough about them that everything just feels natural. Asking questions doesn't hurt.
For instance, what are your hobbies?"

"Well,I read often. In fact my room looks sort of like a library . I play piano and write my own music. I suppose I have a lot of hobbies,but those would be my favorite."

"That's amazing! I can't play a single instrument. I have always wanted to learn but yeah, the uncoordinated thing doesn't help."

We laughed together, and it felt so good. We continued talking until sundown about ourselves,our interests,our backgrounds(for me that was a put together story) about the future,and anything and everything that we could think to say.

"It's dark Bella, should I be getting you home?" I asked,hesitantly. I didn't want to leave her, but I knew I had to meet Alice in an hour.

" Your right, Char- er my dad will be home soon and I should be getting dinner ready,like I told you I like to take care of him." She said.

I took her hand and we walked back to civilization,away from the comfort of the forest, and I tried not to think of the way she trembled from my touch every so often.

When we reached her doorstep I didn't know what to say. Thankfully,she saved me from agonizing over my words.

"I had a great time Edward. I guess I'll see you in school,and maybe we can do this again tomorrow." I saw that she had to work up a little nerve to ask this and if I could I would have been blushing.

"Certainly Bella. I had a wonderful time today. I'd love to hang out again tomorrow." I said nervously. We exchanged smiles and said goodbye.

I turned to walk away, and stopped dead in my tracks when I heard her gasp aloud and fall to the ground. Almost simultaneously, my phone rang and something told me it was Alice.

I ran over to Bella and found her unconscious. I picked her up and cradled her in my arms. Then I ran with inhuman speed in the direction of my home.

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omg that is so good, please write more
this story is interresting i cant wait for more :D

love ya
Thanks =]
More to come soon. I had trouble actually finding where I posted this so now that I have, I will update more frequently:p
update =]
amazing plz plz plz plz plz keep me updated and write more soon thanks
Thank you =]
Ill be updating tonight or tomorrow and I'll send you messages when I do =]
Chapter five: Danger?

"Carlisle! Something has happened I don't know what happened but she was on her way inside and she fainted! No one else was around, I have no idea what triggered it, Carlisle I don't know..."

"Edward,remain calm son. I will examine her, but I suggest you leave the room until I am finished. All will be well son,please do not panic." He had concern,and confusion thick in his voice.

I lied her upon the exam table in Carlisle's office and went into the hall just outside the door. I sat there with my head in my hands trying to come up with possibilities for what might have caused this.

What was happening? One minute I'm saying goodbye, the next I'm carrying her unconscious body to my home. What would the others think? Alice was the only one supportive of my interest in Bella. Rosalie was the one that was vehemently against it,and everyone else just didn't say anything. Except Carlisle and Esme,they just wanted me to follow my heart. As if I had one to follow.

None of them had even been around when I entered the house with her. Where were they? Alice must have seen this coming,she did call me at the exact moment that Bella fainted. But she didn't have any other visions about Bella. Maybe she was focusing on us while she knew we were together. I would find out soon enough.

But right now what mattered was letting Carlisle examine her and make sure that she was okay,and safe. She NEEDS to be okay,I thought to myself. She HAS to be.

The opening of the office door pulled me from my reverie and I stood to my feet immediately.
Carlisle came out and closed the door softly behind him, frowning just slightly.

"Edward, the girl will be okay. There is no obvious damage to her body, except for a knot on her head. I can not find any internal or external reasons for what happened. It is possible that she may have been under stress, I do not know as I do not know her. But it is hard to make assumptions without any sign or a trigger. She was awake, about five minutes after you left the room, and I told her who I am. She nodded and when I asked her questions about what happened she said she couldn't remember. I completed my examination and she fell asleep towards to end of it. But.."

"But what father?"

"There was something definitely off about her. She looked like she wanted to say something,but she didn't. It's just a feeling that I get...we will need to talk about her Edward. Especially if she is going to be a part of your life."

"I know, I know. Where is the rest of the family?"

"In the basement. Alice had a vision and when she told us,Jasper,Emmett and Rosalie all started yelling at once. . Alice told me that you would be needing my help and that herself and the others should get out of the way because things would go..well badly with everyone being around her.. It was an awful sight here for a few moments. I agreed and told them all to wait for me in the basement."

"Of course,they would be so selfish. They will never accept her. We are only friends, but I feel so much more about this girl. What if in the future things change between us and we take things a step further? How will it ever work?"

"You will make it work. If she is what you desire then I have no doubt in my mind that everything will work out somehow. I am here for you son, this won't be easy, but know that you have your mother and I. We love you."

I smiled at Carlisle who was truly, my father even without genetics and decided at that moment that I would protect Bella for as long as would be possible. Carlisle walked away and went down the stairs then headed to the basement. "I hope they have calmed down some" I heard him think. Then he opened the basement door. Rosalie's shouting was the loudest of them all.

I decided to go see Bella and get my mind off of my family. Bella looked so peaceful while she slept. Her eyelids were closed so tight that I wondered if maybe she was really awake. But the sound of her deep breathing made me think that I was just imagining things. She seemed to be completely fine,minus the knot on the side of her head, just like Carlisle had said.

I suddenly felt foolish. How was it possible to feel such a strong pull to this girl? I barely knew her. Today had been our first time spending time together and well, it ended badly. But before that things were going so smoothly. She even held my hand. Could she accept me if she knew what I really was? I shuddered at the thought and took her hand in mine. She didn't wake up which surprised me and her body didn't shiver.

I leaned in towards her face,closed my eyes and kissed her gently on her cheek.
I breathed a sigh of relief when she still didn't wake up and decided to let her rest. I walked from the room and closed the door gently behind me.

Chapter six: Realization

His kiss was as sweet as his words. I felt his lips on my cheek long after he left the room and decided that I may never want to leave this room. If only I could have been closer to him.

I don't know why I pretended to be asleep. Maybe because my head was spinning with the memory of what had happened not long ago, or maybe because I was terrified. I decided that both were probably true.

I needed to figure out what had just happened to me. How was he still doing this to me? Vincent,what was he?! What did he want from me? It all happened so fast...

Deep down I thought I knew what he was. He was something like the Cullens,but the complete opposite.

I was saying goodbye to Edward and all of a sudden, Vincent's face was before me like a hologram and he was doing it again. The same thing he did to me in the parking lot and had done to me even after I arrived home. He made me want him. To want to run to his side,lock myself in his embrace and do whatever he asked. To give myself to him. He made me forget about feelings, and become filled with impulses that weren't my own. He made me lifeless in those moments that he had me, surrendering to him without choice. And as quickly as he invaded my mind,and my body, that's as quickly as he left. Leaving me feeling hopeless and having to struggle to remember who I am. The worst part was that I couldn't tell anyone. I could sob,and scream,and panic. But if I even attempted moved my lips to speak his name aloud I was silenced,my mind would shut off and for a moment I would forget that he even existed. I am sure the same would be true in any scenario of me talking about him.

I wept silently to myself and decided to go find Edward. I would forget Vincent,for now.

As soon as I opened the door there he was,looking worried and happy all at the same time.

"Bella, I'm so glad your okay. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine. I guess I was just exhausted." I lied,trying to answer the question is his eyes before he could ask it.

"Well let's make sure you don't become exhausted again any time soon. Deal?"


"If your sure your okay I think I should get you home. Carlisle called your father and told him what happened. He is waiting for you to get home,impatiently might I add."

"Oh,Charlie! I'm sure he is freaking out. I hope he didn't call my mother. Let's get going then, I don't want to worry him any longer."

Edward nodded and led me down the staircase into the living room. Edward's father,the man who examined me,a woman with lovely eyes and a welcoming smile, and the pixie girl Alice were waiting just outside the front door.

"Bella,My name is Dr.Carlisle Cullen. I don't know if you remember me telling you that when I examined you. This is my wife Esme, and my daughter Alice. The other members of the house are preoccupied at the moment and I hope you will meet them sometime in the future."He was almost as breathtakingly beautiful as Edward,almost.

"I hope you feel better Bella. Just so you know you can call me anytime,maybe I can even start hanging out with you and Edward!"Mused little Alice.

"And you are always welcome in our home." Esme said, in a voice so sweet that it was unreal.

"Yes I remember Dr.Cullen, Thank you so much for examining me. And for calling my father. I really appreciate it. It would be nice getting to know you too Alice,and thanks so much Esme."
Then Esme and Alice hugged me, Carlisle shook my hand and they disappeared into the house.

"Nice family you have Edward. I've never met such polite people!"

Edward chuckled and gave me a quick " Yeah they're pretty nice."

With that he led me out of the house and into a sleek looking black car. Probably the most expensive car in Forks.

It was only when we pulled up to my house that I wondered why we hadn't taken Edward's Volvo.

"Edward,where's your Volvo? I mean, is this your car too?"

"No this is my father's car. My Volvo is at home,I decided to use this car instead. It runs much smoother."

Maybe I was over analyzing this, but I thought I saw him flinch at my question just a little. It wasn't a big deal, it just gave me another one of those nagging feelings. Obviously I knew something was up with the Cullens.I wasn't afraid,but I wasn't sure of what they were either. I wasn't much of a sci-fi or mythology fan ,but I already had a few ideas in my mind. As impossible as it all sounded, when I looked into Edward's eyes, the mythological and fictional worlds seemed to materialize right in front of me. A shiver went up my spine and I shuddered just slightly.

Why was I suddenly freaking out? I knew that something was going on with them long before tonight, didn't I?
I suppose that I suppressed my shock,curiosity and theories because of all that happened since I first laid eyes on the Cullens. I knew they weren't,well,normal. So I guess now with me actually talking to Edward, I would finally allow myself to wonder.

"Bella..ARE YOU OKAY?!"

"Yes,sorry, I,um zoned out. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry. I'm just tired." I said quickly realizing that I was lost in my thoughts and Edward had been calling my name for a few minutes.

"You sure your okay, I can always call Carlisle..."

"No! Thank you but I'm fine, no need to bother him."

Edward paused for a moment then said "Should I walk you inside?"

"Just to the door. I'd rather you meet Charlie when the circumstances aren't so,well,serious ya know?"

"Yes,I understand" He let out a soft laugh and walked around to my side of the car. He held the door open for me and offered me his hand. I gladly took his hand as he walked me to my door and watched me go inside, not wanting to take any chances of me falling again I'm sure.

Inside Charlie was asleep with the phone in his hand,curled up in his recliner. I smiled at him and woke him up to tell him I was home and safe. He gave me a little look over and sent me to bed.

I decided that maybe It was time to call my best friend for some advice. I couldn't tell him about Vincent. But I needed some help,and reassurance. Someone to tell me that I wasn't crazy. Who better than the person I trusted most. It didn't matter to me if my theory was correct,I wasn't going to run away screaming,or tell the whole town. But I still needed to know and I wasn't sure that Edward would just volunteer the answers. When I was sure that I was right, I would ask Edward about it. I wanted there to be no secrets between us and for him to know that I accepted him,whether he was human, or something else.

I grabbed my cell phone from my nightstand and dialed my best friend's number.

He picked up on the first ring.

"Bella! Bella! Why haven't you called me?! I've been calling, texting you ,emailing, and everything. Are you okay?! I'm going to hate you forever if you've replaced me!"

"Oh, Jacob! I've been so busy and a lot has happened. Don't worry though. It was wrong for me to treat you like that, and I know this may not be the best time, but I need to ask you a huge favor."

"What is it Bell?"

"I need you to come to Forks."
will do and thanks!
Chapter Seven:Jacob Black

"Bella,you know I can't go back there. You know I can't tell you why either. Why should I come anyway,you got yourself into trouble? "He sounded so angry,why?

"Jake,I wish you would tell me. I'll still be your friend, no matter what. No, I'm not in trouble. It's just that....I need to talk to someone about something that's pretty private and your the only one I trust. I'd tell you over the phone but there are reasons why I need you to come here. Please trust me Jake."

" At least give me some kind of clue as to what this has to do with Bell."

I hesitated. How do I tell him without telling him?

"I made a new friend, I think there's something up with him. Nothing bad, and nothing that would make me stop being his friend. But, I still want some facts."

"Ooooookay. That's not vague!" He said sarcastically. "What's the dude's name?"

Should I tell him? It's not like he knows him so I guess it's okay.

"Edward,Edward Cullen."

Jake was silent for so long that I thought the line went dead. I looked at my phone and it still said "connected".

"Uhm,Jake? You there?"

"Bella. Why? Why him? Crap! What the hell am I gonna do.What is my dad gonna think?" He breathed,sounding almost frightened. He continued to ramble on some horrible profanities.
But what he said struck a cord with me. He knew who he Edward was, and probably by the sound of it, what he was. And he freaked out,why?!

"Jake shut up with all the swearing and tell me why your freaking out! You know him don't you?" I yelled into the receiver of the phone.

"Bella,this isn't going to be good. I know him,okay. I know about him,things I'm sure you've only guessed at. Him and his family of freaks are partly the reason for me leaving La Push and coming here to Phoneix." The way he said the word freaks made me shudder.

"Your coming Jacob. I know you know things,and you've been hiding them from me. Get your but down here asap." I shouted angrily.

"I have no choice but to come,and not because you told me to either woman. Got that? It's time for me to go back home. If your hanging with Cullen, who knows what the hell is going in La Push. I'll be there tomorrow evening sometime.Later."

And with that he hung up the phone.
Well that wasn't the conversation I was expecting but at least he'd be coming. Even better to know he wants to go back home. Jacob moved to phoenix last year because he said La Push was too much for him to handle,too much drama. Was that the word he used? He moved to Phoenix because we had been long time friends since I was little, even when I moved there years ago.

We met here in Forks thought Jake lived in La push, a reservation. Our dads had always been best friends. But when my parents split I moved to Phoenix with my mom. Jake and I kept up out friendship through email and phone calls. And when he moved there to live with his friend Jason ,we hung out, pretty much every day. Little did we know I'd be coming back to Forks after my mom remarried and things got too weird for me. I wish the circumstances were better, but I was truly excited that I'd be seeing him again.

That night I kept processing things over and over in my mind. Like short films. Edward, The Cullens, my fall,Vincent, the conversation with Jacob. All of it was still spinning around in my mind when I drifted into a deep sleep and then had one and only thought which became a dream, Edward. We was holding my hand leading me through the forests and saying something,really,really fast. I couldn't hear him and he seemed irritated. We arrived at the same place we went to with the Willow trees and then everything went black. I couldn't remember anything about the dream after that.

At school the next day Edward and I sat together at lunch and afterward he and Alice rode me home. He asked me if I'd like to do something but I told him I had to meet a friend at the airport. He seemed a little confused but said he understood and that since tomorrow was Saturday maybe we would do something early in the day and spend the day together. I quickly agreed,we hugged awkwardly and said goodbye.

I wanted to be with him,yes, but I needed some time with Jacob alone. I had a feeling he was going to be a little more than grumpy. And he had better be willing to fess up to what he knew.

Outside of the airport it was raining, of course,and there weren't as many people as you would expect to see at an airport. But, this was Forks so I suppose this was the norm. I saw him soon after arriving and my jaw dropped, and my mouth hung open. Jake...was huge. In comparison to how I'd last seen him, he looked more like a man than a 16 year old boy.His hair was shorter,shoulder length and he was at least 10 inches taller. Did guys grow this quickly?

Obviously seeing my reaction Jake tapped my chin and said " Yeah, it's starting already. It was more gradual in Phoenix but since I've been here, it's been more rapid. Most mean that the other are changing too. Come on Bell give me a hug!"

He gave me a huge bear hug and when he finally let me go I could hardly breathe.

The car ride was silent,eerily so. When I dropped Jake off at his house he said he needed to talk to his father and friends and set things straight and that he'd be over to see me in a few hours. So I drove home and made Charlie's dinner,I wasn't hungry.I quickly told him about Jake and then went straight to room to be alone for a while.

Funny how none of the people who had been gawking at Vincent and I yesterday acted like anything had happen. It was as if they had already forgotten. But how? Even Peter one of my new "friends" who had witnessed the whole thing went the whole day without bringing it up. He acted completely normal, which is not the reaction he should have had.

A knock on the door of my bedroom snapped me out of my trance.

"Come in."

There stood Jacob,looking even taller then he had a few hours ago. I tried to keep from gawking and then noticed Charlie was right behind him. He looked worried and shocked. He was staring at Jacob like he was some kind of a freak and his mouth was curled up into a little pout.

"Uhm, Bells. Jake's here obviously. Just thought I'd come up here to tell you to keep your door open with him in here. I don't think he should bei n here at all but I know he's your best friend so...."

"Uhm,dad. Yeah he is my best friend which is why you've got nothing to worry about. But yeah the door will be open."

"Yeah Chief, she's safe around me. Trust me." Jacob said with a little hint of cockyness and gave my dad a little wink.

"Uh-huh" Was all Charlie said then he stomped down the stairs.

Jake sat in the rocking chair in the corner of my room and I sat on my bed.

We looked at each other thoughtfully for a few minutes until he finally said,

"Bella there are a few things you need to know. Looks like I'm gonna be the one to tell you since the leech can't be honest. First things first. I'm not who you think I am. I'm not just me anymore. I've got more in common with the Cullen freaks then you'd ever have guessed on your own."


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