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I had this posted before, but it was deleted. So I went back and cleaned up some of the language in it. Since it's rated PG-13 I didn't get rid of all it, but I did delete some. You can find the link to my orginal in my blog (I'm not allowed to post it here). I will update them both at the same time. :) Enjoy!

I will be posting 2-3 chapters at a time.

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i think this is one of the funniest fanfics i have ever read!oh...and if my banner that i made for you is sideways...sorry!i dont know what happened!
here...hopefully this is not side ways

Yay! Much better! Lmao! (:
I'll put it up ASAP! Thank you
welcome :) lol
Write more soon!

~Sidayah Dawson~
Stupid question, but how do you get your text to appear colorful? I've seen that writing before, but I never did bother to ask. (:
Plz post more!!!!
you need to hurry up and write more...please!!!

Chapter 21

I had everything ready for Bella when she would arrive home. I hadn’t let Emmett or Jasper help me, for which Emmett was currently upset about. I wanted everything to be perfect, and I was sure Emmett would mess something up somehow. The plan was set. As soon as the girls arrived home, everyone would pack up and head out to Yellowstone where there was an increasing buffalo problem. They would be gone for several days which would leave Bella and myself in absolute peace and quiet.

I had spoken to first Carlisle and Esme, then just Jasper about the awful nervousness I was feeling. Carlisle and Esme had tried to be reassuring, telling me that everything would be just how I had it planned. I had followed Jasper around all day so I could feel soothed and relaxed. That was before he became annoyed and unleashed absolute fury on me. I had avoided Emmett altogether.

I resisted the urge to call Alice again. She had been screening my calls ever since they left. I understood her reasons-well, I understood her-but couldn’t she at least give me a hint as to when they would return home? She knew what I was planning, and I’m sure she knew how anxious I was about it. So couldn’t she help me a little bit?

But of course I knew the answer to that. It wouldn’t do me any good to be angry at Alice. She would probably drag Bella away again, to do some sort of makeover/shopping spree. I must remain patient.

Jasper chuckled form upstairs. I sighed. I forgot about him. If Alice was angry I’m sure she could convince Jasper to manipulate my emotions. I hadn’t decided whether he would actually do it or not, when his cell phone rang.

I dashed upstairs and into his room, where I knew before he started talking, that Alice was on the other end.

“Hello?” Jasper smirked at me as he answered the phone.

“I’m gonna tell you something, but Edward can’t know okay?” Alice’s voice chirped from the end.

Jasper winked at me. “Okay. He’s out hunting with Emmett right now. I think I can handle blocking my thoughts from him for a little while.”

“Jasper Hale! I can see you winking at him!” Alice yelled through the phone. “I’m well aware of him standing five feet away from you.” Emmett’s booming laugh echoed upstairs.

I stifled my own laugh. It was unlike Jasper to over look Alice’s visions, but I was grateful he was at least trying to help me.

“Sorry babe,” Jasper laughed. “He’s leaving right now.” I’ve your back, bro. Just go away, before Alice kills me. I’ll find you later. Okay?

I nodded and backed out of the room making my way downstairs. Emmett was trying to convince Carlisle to arm wrestle him, but he was failing. Instead of laughing at his poor attempt, I sat down opposite him and put my right elbow on the table.

Emmett stared at me for a second, and finally decided this was one game it would be hard to ‘cheat’ at. He slammed his hand into mine.

“On three,” he whispered.

“One,” I started.

“Two,” Emmett muttered.

“Three!” we said together. His fist slammed into mine, but he didn’t exert all his strength. He was waiting to see if I would fight fair.

I needed a laugh, so I decided that I wouldn’t.

“You’re one lucky guy,” I said.

“Huh?” Emmett stared at me, dumbfounded.

“I just wish Bella thought like Rosalie is right not,” I sighed. “I’m sure you’ll find out what I mean when you go upstairs.”

His thoughts were filled images I was sure Rosalie would be very mad if she knew I was also hearing. He was completely distracted, just as I hoped.

I took the opportunity to tighten my grip and slam his fist against the table. There was a loud ‘crack’ and the table snapped in two.

“I gotta go,” he said as he flew upstairs and into his and Rosalie’s bedroom.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, babe,” he said seductively as he opened the door and stepped into the dark room.

“Sorry, dude!” Jasper shouted. “I was just looking. I swear. I was gonna put them back!”

“Ahhh!” Emmett jumped back in surprised. What the hell! Damn mindreader.

I took my opportunity and ran out into the woods. Hopefully, he wouldn’t follow me. I was sure he would wait until I came home to get back at me. I didn’t stop, I just kept running and think about the night I had planned, and worrying that it wouldn’t turn out right.

Sorry it's short, but I promise you'll find out the big surprise next chapter. I promise it will be worth the wait.
Great story cant wait til your next post!
Post more soon
this is fantastic please please can't wait to read more I need more. I am totally and absolutley addicted, u have a great talent for writing, u rock LOL A DEVOTED FAN


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